Skill Rolls

Castis Trell is trying to Jump across a chasm whose bridge has fallen through. Her Brawn is 3, and her Athletics is 2, so she takes the higher score of the two and adds her Brawn’s 3 green Ability dice. She then takes the lower score (her Athletics of 2) and upgrades that many of her green Ability dice to the yellow Proficiency dice. She now has a dice pool of 2 yellow Proficiency dice, and 1 green Ability die.

Cassy explains, “Castis stares at the gap she has to jump, and backs up a few steps staring at her landing spot on the far side of the chasm. Her legs are strong, and she’s been trained in athletics all her life, she’s ready.”

The difficulty to Jump across the chasm to the remains of the bridge is Hard, which means that 3 purple Difficulty dice will be rolled. Worse still, after climbing high into the mountains, a light snow has landed, making the run up to the chasm treacherous and slippery, this adds 2 black Obstacle dice to the roll. Her dice pool is now 2 yellow Proficiency dice, 1 green Ability die, 3 purple Difficulty dice, and 2 black Obstacle dice.

I continue the narration, “Yes, and as Castis runs over the mental picture of the Hard jump in her head, she notices the shine of the morning sun glinting off of the snow now stamped to ice at the chasm edge. The Obstacle will make her jump more dangerous.”

Castis decides that she is going to use her Force power of Enhance to increase her chances of success, which adds white Force dice equal to her Force Rating of 1 to her dice pool, so now she has a dice pool of 2 yellow Proficiency dice, 1 green Ability die, 1 white Force die, 3 purple Difficulty dice, and 2 black Obstacle dice.

Cassy continues the narration by saying, “Steeling her nerves and calming her mind, Castis remembers the instruction of her Master and summons the Force to aid her.”

She then rolls her dice, scoring 3 successes (explosions), 2 advantages (republic symbols), 2 Dark Side force points (black dots), 2 failures (triangles), and 3 threats (imperial symbols). She then cancels her successes with failures, and advantages with threats, leaving her a net total of 1 success, 1 threat, and 2 Dark Side force points. She could (if she desired to) convert the Dark Side force points to either successes or advantages at a rate of 1 Dark Side point per success or advantage, but as she is a Light Side for user, that would result in 1 strain and 1 conflict point, so she decides to accept her roll as it stands.

Cassy now narrates her success, advantages, and triumphs stating, “Castis sets her feet and begins sprinting towards the chasm edge, leaping high as she flips through the air. Tumbling head over foot she extends herself as she reaches the far side, twisting at the last instant to land perfectly on the bridge facing the rest of you on the far side.”

In this case, her success allowed her to land safely on the other side, if she had gotten an advantage, she could narrate something indicating that she found a solid landing point, or a goof launching point, this would then add a blue Boost die to the next person jumping across, but since she only got a success, she ends her narration here.

That leaves the single threat that was generated in the dice pool. I in turn, use that threat to cause Castis to suffer a single Strain, bringing her Current Strain Threshold down to 10 from 11. Should she reach 0, then she would be rendered unconscious from the exertion.

I then narrate the negative effects of the roll, saying “Yes, but as she lands, a small bead of sweat forms on her brow, and behind the smile of her success is a flicker of worry. The strain of reaching out to the Force wears on her, for something dark and sinister within her reached back.”

Skill Rolls

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