Lightsaber Construction

Few things in the galaxy are as iconic of the Jedi as their primary badge of office, the lightsaber!

Unique to the Sith and Jedi Orders, few outside these two groups have the skill or knowledge to build the archaic weapons. This is primarily due to the knowledge of their creation being a tightly guarded secret, given only to those adepts that have completed their basic skills training in the Force.

Both the Sith and the Jedi understood that there were three fundamental aspects to manipulation of the energies of the Force. While many superstitions and shamanic traditions create detailed and ornate rituals to produce effects through the Force, Jedi and Sith are unique in their ability to shape the Force to their wills in whatever manner they choose. This ability to eshew materials and rituals is centered around a tri-fold idea of the Force, and these three tenets formed the three tiers of training that an Adept must pass in order to be ready to face the final Trials of their Order.

The first tenet demands a student be able to Sense the presence of the Force around her

The second tenet demands a student be able to Control the power of the Force within her

The third tenet demands a student be able to Alter the world around her with this Power

These principles are represented by the core powers of a Jedi or Sith; Sense representing the first tenet, Enhance representing the second, and Move representing the third. Inherently, all three of these disciplines must be learned and embraced in order to be successful in the construction of a true lightsaber. While the components could otherwise be put together by a non-Force User, it is the kyber crystal, the core of the lightsaber, that acts as keystone to the power of the ancient weapon. Only those trained in the ways of the Jedi and Sith have the mastery over the basic powers of Control, Sense, and Alter that enable them to make this important component properly. Additionally, it is widely believed that followers of the Dark Side, even Sith, cannot find their own kyber crystals, as their connection to the Force is what causes a kyber crystal to call to its Jedi. While this is a belief amongst the Jedi, and allowed to foster by the Sith, it isn’t very true. The fact is that any Force User, Light or Dark, who lacks the Force power of Sense, cannot feel their surroundings clearly enough to find the kyber crystals resonance needed for constructing a lightsaber. This elegant power of Sense often doesn’t appeal to Dark Side Force Users, who value martial powers and those that show their preeminence. Even still, the process of hardening and refining a crystal sufficiently to become focus crystal can be approximated by using the Move Force power. This act of domination over the crystal causes the crystal to harden into the crimson color common of Dark Side users in every case, and if the Dark Side Force User isn’t powerful enough to form it properly, causes the blade to be highly unstable, their blades crackling with barely contained power, and often are as great a threat to their wielder as they are their opponent. Only the skill and knowledge of the Force through Sith and Jedi method affords them enables a Jedi or Sith to construct the elegant weapon known as a lightsaber. The idea of no Dark Side Force User being able to identify kyber crystals enabled the Sith a far greater amount of stealth in hiding amongst the galaxy of Force Users after the Rule of Two by allowing the identification of their own blades to be obscure, and so fostered this belief amongst the Jedi, eventually fooling the Order into it as fact.

The first step is to prepare the crystal. This is the step where you take a raw crystal and reduce it, polish it, and empower it with the Force. To accomplish this, you must either make a Sense power check, or crush the crystal, bending it to your will through the use of Move.

If using Move, you must have at least 2 Strength upgrades to achieve the pressure necessary as well as have purchased the Control upgrade allowing for fine manipulation in order to perform this feat of power. If using this method, one must merely successfully activate the Force power. However, if the check failed to generate enough Force Points to activate the power (1), activate the Control upgrade (2) and activate the strength upgrades (1), then the lightsaber will have the Unstable quality. The Unstable quality allows an opponent to spend 4 Threats or a Despair to have the lightsaber deal the weapons base damage to the user.

If using Sense to attune the crystal, then at least 1 Force Point must be generated in order to attune the crystal correctly. In addition, you’ll have a series of visions through the Force, your behavior in these visions will determine the color of your lightsaber when it is constructed, as they represent the subconscious directions of your mind when preparing the crystal. A list of these visions follows;

1) You receive a holonet message from an old friend that states he is in trouble and needs to speak with you immediately. In response, you:
A) Gather a traveling pack and inform your allies you will away for a while before rushing off to help him
B) Establish contact with him to see what the problem is
C) Contact your network of allies to gather intelligence on the matter so you may know the situation before attempting to contact your friend

2) While exploring lost Jedi ruins on Chakdoor IV, you are confronted by a Force apparition. Faced with such ancient wisdom, you:
A) Converse with the apparition and attempt to recover lost Jedi Lore
B) Attempt to determine what has bound the apparition here and why it appears now
C) Complete your exploration and return with your findings, allowing the Council to determine the next course of action

3) You are tasked with returning a lost holocron to the Jedi Temple. Upon reaching the location you were informed the holocron was located at, you find 20 armed guards surrounding the building. You have little option but to:
A) Confront the guards and retrieve the holocron at all costs
B) Sneak in under cover of darkness and steal the holocron from under their noses
C) Talk your way in and out, relying on your wit and charm to see you through

4) You are reunited with your birth parents during your mission and they ask you have dinner with them, the mission is not time-sensitive. You:
A) Thank them for their offer and accept only after your mission is complete
B) Refuse, as the Temple forbids such sentimentality
C) Accept their offer immediately, and see what they know that can help you on your mission

5) You have vital intelligence for the Temple, however your Starfighter has been damaged by pirates, and you have only enough power to do one things prior to being dead in space. You:
A) Transmit a final message to the Temple relaying the intelligence
B) Turn your weapons on the pirates, then trust in your hibernation trance and telepathy to alert allow the Jedi to rescue you
C) Switch all power to life support and send a telepathic distress call as far as you can to keep the intelligence from being potentially intercepted

6) Cresting a hill, you see a man holding a blaster on a little girl. You:
A) Leap into action to defend the helpless girl
B) Allow the scene to play out a little longer prior to taking action
C) Cautiously intervene and ask what is going on

7) Peace has been achieved when:
A) The innocent are protected
B) The guilty are punished
C) The universe is allowed to unfold uninterrupted

8) The Dark Side is most powerful when:
A) It isn’t defeated
B) It isn’t seen
C) It is embraced

9) As Jedi it is most important to:
A) Defeat evil and injustice
B) Balance the Dark Side and serve the Light
C) Create an environment wherein Peace is a possibility

The second step is to build the basic hilt. These are the simple components that form the mechanical parts of the lightsaber (sans crystal). Getting the pieces necessary requires a Streetwise check unless you have received the components already through in game actions. Once the pieces are gathered, you may make your choice of either a Mechanics or Knowledge (Lore) check. This check takes three days of solid work to complete. If you someone to instruct you (such as a mentor or holocron), this test is Average (two purple). If you do so without instruction, then you increase the difficulty to Daunting (four purple). In addition, you may make an Enhance Force Power check, adding your choice of Successes or Advantages to the roll for each Force Point generated (you must successfully generate at least one Force Point). You can spend successes, advantages, and triumphs on this roll to customize and improve your lightsaber hilt (as well reducing the time it takes to build). While it might stand to reason that you could do the above at any time, until you have completed the crystal, you don’t know what size or shape to create the crystal housing in, and thus, you won’t know how to properly fit the components until the crystal is ready. This is also the reason why existing lightsabers must be broken down into their component pieces and re-built; as each crystal has its own structure that is generated by the Jedi at the time of construction. Success on this roll means that you will not need to make a Mechanics check to install the first modification you make (usually the installation of your Kyber crystal – though you may choose to install something else instead) as it will automatically be successful.

The final step is to install the Kyber crystal you have fashioned into the housing and complete the lightsaber’s construction. This final step requires you to lift the crystal using the Move Force Power (as touching the polished crystal in any way will produce imperfections causing the lightsaber to malfunction) and insert it into the crystal housing. Only a single Force Point needs to be generated on this roll, however if you opted to use the free modification success on another component in the above step, you’ll now need to make an Average Mechanics check to successfully install the crystal in the housing.

Once a Jedi or Sith has constructed their lightsaber, they are deemed worthy to complete their training in advance Force techniques and face their final trials before attaining the title of Jedi Knight or Sith Lord.

Lightsaber Construction

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