Dice Rolls and the Narrative System

Star Wars is awesome in the fact that we create the story together through the narrative system, and I wanted to extend that to you guys through allowing you to narrate your previous adventures in the Character Bios and Adventure Logs as well.

The way the game is designed to work is via the rules for Improv Theatre. So when you roll your dice and get your successes, advantages and triumphs, you narrate how those affect your character. Once you’re done, I will then think of a way to say “yes, and then …” and narrate how the negative effects like failures, threats, and despair symbols affect your character.

When I roll, I narrate how the NPCs successes, advantages and triumphs benefit him (or them). Once I’m done, then you say “yes, and then … “ and you get to narrate how my failures, threats and despair affect me.

So it really is all of us telling the story together.

That’s the kind of thing I want to impart to you guys with making you authors of your characters. I’ll always endeavor to say “yes, and then …” to anything you guys write – though of course, if you go too far, the “and then…” will be followed by “you wake up from the dream and realize that …”

So, examples of how rolls would look are below

Example of Skill Rolls
Example of Combat Rolls

Dice Rolls and the Narrative System

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