Combat Rolls

Kendrick Drall has been cornered by an Inquisitor and a lightsaber battle is about to ensue. With no options left, Mark takes Kendrick’s initiative actions. He first uses his one Maneuver per round to draw his double-bladed lightsaber, which deals 7 damage, has a critical rating of 3, and has the special abilities of Breach 1, Linked 1, Unwieldy 2, and Vicious 1 and ignite it. Unwieldy 2 means that unless Kendrick has a Agility of 2, he must roll a black Obstacle die for every point of Agility he is short. He then chooses to use his one Action per round to attack the Inquisitor with his ignited lightsaber. Because he has the Soresu Technique, he is able to take his Intellect of 2 instead of his Brawn when using his Lightsaber skill, giving him an Intellect of 2 and a Lightsaber skill of 3. Since his Lightsaber skill is the higher dice pool in this case, he adds 3 green Ability dice to his dice pool, and upgrades 2 of them to yellow Proficiency dice thanks to his Intelligence of 2 (the lower pool). This gives him a dice pool of 1 green Ability die and 2 yellow Proficiency dice. He narrates Kendrick’s actions.

“Kendrick solemnly regards the Inquisitor and draw his lightsaber, igniting the twin, emerald blades before launching himself at his nemesis.”

The base difficulty to attack a foe is determined by the distance to the target if using a ranged weapon, but is considered to be Average if engaging in melee combat. Since the lightsaber is a melee weapon, this means the base difficulty for Kendrick to hit the Inquisitor is 2 purple Difficulty dice. The Inquisitor has a special ability called Adversary 1, which upgrades the Difficulty Dice of attacks against him by the rating (in this case 1). That turns one of the purple Difficulty dice into a red Challenge die, making the dice pool 1 green Ability die, 2 yellow Proficiency dice, 1 purple Difficulty die, and 1 red Challenge die. The Inquisitor also has an energy shield that grants him a Melee Defense of 1. Defense can be broken into either Melee Defense or Ranged Defense, but sometimes grants just Defense. In these cases, the Defense protects against both Melee and Ranged attacks. Since the Energy Shield the Inquisitor is holding grants Melee Defense, if he were being shot it would not help, but in the case of Kendrick’s lightsaber being a melee weapon, he may use it to defend himself. Each point of Defense forces anyone attacking him to add 1 black Obstacle die to their dice pool. meaning that Mark’s dice pool is now 1 green Ability die, 2 yellow Proficiency dice, 1 purple Difficulty dice, 1 red Challenge die and 1 black Obstacle die. I then narrate the following.

“Seeing his prey move in for a strike, the Inquisitor smiles, the snap hiss of his own lightsaber joined by the energetic hum of a personal shield generator, which creates a brilliant blue circle of energy onto his parrying arm.”

Mark then rolls, getting 3 successes, 2 advantages, and 1 failure. After canceling dice, this leaves the final tally as 2 successes and 2 advantages, a great roll! Since he got a success, Kendrick inflicts his weapon damage of 7 to the Inquisitor, and since he got a second success, he adds that success to his the damage, bringing the total damage to 8! With his advantages, he does not have enough to inflict a critical hit, as his lightsaber’s critical rating is 3, he would need 3 advantages to activate it. His lightsaber does, however, have the Linked 1 quality. The Linked quality allows Kendrick to spend 2 advantages to gain an additional hit on his target, exactly as the first hit. He can continue to spend 2 advantages up to the total Linked quality (which in this case is only 1). He chooses to do this, which inflicts a second hit for 8 damage on the Inquisitor, and narrates the exchange.

“Kendrick spins and strikes, using the twin blades of his lightsaber to overwhelm the Inquisitors defense before leaping high into the air and striking with an overwhelming downward slash. The first blade connects and with a quick flip of his wrist, the second blade strikes after.”

Because Kendrick’s lightsaber has the Breach 1 quality, he ignores the armor of his target up to the value of the Breach rating. Since 1 point of armor is equal to 10 points of soak, that means Kendrick’s lightsaber ignores 10 points of the Inquisitor’s Soak. The Inquisitor is a straight up brute, with a Brawn of 5 and Armored Robes that provide a Soak of 2, giving him a base soak of 7, though after Kendrick’s Breach is applied, his final soak is 0. This means out of the first attack of 8 damage, all the damage remains and is applied to the Inquisitors Wound Threshold, and of the second attack of 8 damage, another 8 is applied to his Wound Threshold. With the Inquisitor’s starting Wound Threshold of 20, Kendricks attacks reduce his Current Wound Threshold to only 4!

I continue the narration at this point saying, “sparks fly from the shoulder pouldron of the Inquisitors dark armored robes, and a grimace of pain wrinkles across his face, a burned scar down his check matching a second on the pouldron of his armor. ‘The pain you inflict only makes me stronger!’ the Inquisitor hisses as he prepares to launch an assault of his own.”

Combat would then continue to the next initiative in line.

Combat Rolls

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