Force Unbridled

Jodo (Data record 35.216)

Shebs end of the galaxy

Turns out we won the war. Even with the sub-standard Fett clones. Saving my clones for grand assignments that cannot be made public.
The Jedi have been wiped out and commander Aesa says some may still be out there. In a temple on Spintyr, Freighter and I are surrounded by Padawans, a Basilisk, holocrons and a Bearsloth for some reason. The Padawan Tomo is referred to as Lady Mandalore by the Basilisk, which the bounty hunter Kryze and I seem to shutter at. There hasn’t been a Mandalore in a very long time. I must ask her how she attained such a title at a relative young age.
Reviewing the recorded data I find this place underfunded for even basic life. Security is lax would be an understatement. Securing funds is our top priority. We depart for Hutt space.
I look forward to showing these Padawans how a real Mandalorian fights.


azelana azelana

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