Zikracicx T'rimmok

Devaronian Explorer and first of a new breed of Jedi


“Zik” had always been driven to seek out the next treasure, the next bit of lore. From an early age, he had the feeling that he was meant for something more than the street hustles and simple cons his species was known for. He learned to fly and pilot the first vehicles he could get his hands on, and as soon as he was confident he wouldn’t get himself killed, he fled the streets and took to the stars, seeking lore and fables that would help him explain the feelings he had.

His searching led him to the mountains of Spintir, but when he got there, he wasn’t greeted with ancient ruins and stone tablets, but instead he found Master Tam, and the Gatekeepers of the Dawn Temple.

Zikracicx T'rimmok

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