Tomo Go-Zenn

Human Shii-Cho Knight and noble warrior


Tomo Go-Zenn comes from a long line of warriors from the planet Cairanax. A barbaric, low-technology world bordering Wild Space, a long tradition of martial prowess developed among the colonies which allowed them to survive in the lawlessness so far from the seat of galactic government. Amongst her people, those that were naturally sensitive to the Force were called “Sword Saints” and were trained in combat to serve as vanguards and protectors of the towns and villages that made up each of the five colonies on Cairanax.

Tomo served successfully as her villages Sword Saint until Hethan Romund arrived on the world searching for a long lost artifact of the Jedi Order that might be on the planet. Quickly identifying the Force in Tomo, Hethan asked if the Sword Saint would accompany her on the expedition. During the trip, the two became good friends, and, upon receiving word that Hethan was in trouble, Tomo immediately arranged passage on a transport to Spintir.

Tomo Go-Zenn

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