The Explorer

Holographic Gatekeeper of the Dawn Temple


Appearing as a Twi’Lek Jedi Master from the days of the Old Republic named Val Isa, the Explorer is infused with the amethyst light of the holocron recovered aboard the Sanctuary.


The Explorer is one of the Gatekeepers that was not native to the Dawn Temple. Foudn aboard Val Isa’s Hammerhead-class capital ship, the Sanctuary, the holocron was added to the Dawn Temple very recently. Upon integration, the holocron of Val Isa was able to add the prodigious amount of astrogational data that the ancient Jedi Master had amassed upon her explorations to the Temple’s archives. Additionally, the Explorer was updated to the Temple logs as an instructor and headmaster of the student logs of the Temple.

In the aspect of training the Explorer acts as headmaster of the Temple’s students. She is able to instruct students in the Force powers of Battlemind, Enhance, Foresee, Influence, Move, and Sense as well the skills Astrogation, Discipline, Piloting (Planetary) and Piloting (Space).

The Explorer

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