Lillandria "Lil"

Human Mystic and stock light freighter captain


Lillandria was raised by smugglers in the Corellian Sector since she was 4. Orphaned when a passenger liner accident claimed her parents, she learned the fast and loose lifestyle of a tramp freighter captain, a life to which she adapted well.

As she grew though, she was haunted by visions, and laden with feelings that ran deeper than those around her. Her reactions were quicker, her mind more inquisitive, and she possessed an intuition that set her apart from her adopted family. When the opportunity came to head out into the universe on her own, she took it, hoping to the track down answers to what made her different.

She managed to swindle a beat up freighter in a game of sabaac, but the ship was a credit-pit, and worse, she was a terrible pilot. Barely keeping her head above water, she found a source of credits ferrying a scholar named Hethan Romund on her many trips to explore ruins and search for old Jedi lore. After traveling for a while, Hethan began to suspect Lil’s latent force potential, and began to guide her with what knowledge she had.

Hethan sent Lil to a small Outer Rim world after getting a tip that a black market dealer there had a pilot droid he wanted to get rid of, something Lil desperately needed. Lil negotiated what she believed to be “the best deal of her career” – – – until the Imperials cought up to her and impounded her ship. Apparently, the “pilot droid” was wanted for the murder of basically an entire town, though the droid explained that it merely executed the enemies of it’s former master, a Mandalorian named Prossk. A few slick maneuvers (thanks to Lil) and dead stormtroopers later (thanks to HK) and the two of them caught a shuttle off world and headed as far from Imperial controlled space as possible to lay low for a bit.

The planet they ran to was an Outer Rim nobody’s world named Spintir. Lil said she had a contact there by the name of Hethan Romund, a scholar who has been helping her with “the Force.” However, upon arriving, a message waited for Lil asking for her help.

Lillandria "Lil"

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