Salial Devrays

Human Imperial Lieutenant


Coming from a family of career Imperials, Devrays has the regal bearing of the Core Worlds in her appearance and posture. Dark brown hair and eyes frame the finely sculpted features of noble breeding that extends back to the Old Republic. While attractive in appearance, her demeanor is cold and business-like, a loyal Imperial officer adept in the power-games of Empire’s upper echelons.


Being an Imperial officer takes a special kind of ruthlessness. From the first moment at the academy, you are pitted against your peers in power plays and games of intrigue. Those that are the most adept (and ruthless) rise to the top of the class and those that aren’t wash out in spectacular failures that serve to highlight the skills of their superiors. If you are ice cold, and vigilant enough to graduate, then you are lucky enough to serve at a duty station filled with the alpha predators of classes before you. The higher in this shark-pool you climb, the more dangerous the game you play.

For Salial Devrays, the game proved too much. Making a miscalculation against one of her superiors, she was outmaneuvered and disgraced. The punishment for such a misstep was to be sent to the backwater world of Arbooine with a small detachment of stormtroopers, looking for a Rebel base whose existence very likely was made up by the same officer she crossed. Not one to take a challenge sitting down, however, Lieutenant Devrays seeks to turn the situation to her advantage and get back into the game.

Salial Devrays

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