Droid Pilot and slayer of "Meatbags"


Little is known about HK-1040 prior to being activated by an Imperial research team 9 standard months ago.What is known is that at some point in the distant past, a ship carrying a large number of the droids was lost in deep space around the same time as the outbreak of the Mandalorian Wars. The ship lost most of its power, and all aboard were lost. The team was tasked with the express purpose of recovering Jedi lore for containment in Imperial Center, while also recovering any ancient technologies for study and R&D.

The team chose to activate one of the droids (after it was saddled with a restraining bolt) once back at the main research base. However, once activated , HK was still in combat protocols from the fighting that originally crippled the ship and killed the crew. This programming, which included (once activated) resourcing an auxiliary processing bank, allowed HK to ignore the restraining bolt they researchers had placed on him. HK, seeing the research team as crew members, and concluded that the research facility must be an auxiliary part of the ship (which he was instructed by his Mandalorian creators to eliminate) then proceeded to execute the Meatbags per his combat programming, and proceeded to exit the research facility – which is when the problem kicked in.

Having deleted the organics, his combat processor switched off – this in turn meant that he was now again subject to the restraining bolt, which immediately took effect and pretty much crippled him. There he sat, basically waiting for anyone to come by and pick him up, which is exactly what happened when a opportunistic trader happened upon the battle site seeking salvage.

A few days later, the trader caught a holonews broadcast showcasing the “slaughter of an peaceful scientific community at the hands of a mad droid.” The newscast posted an Imperial bounty at 20,000 credits – something the trader realized he couldn’t cash in on because he wasn’t a licensed bounty hunter, well, that and being a black market dealer who was also alien, he most likely was going to get implicated in the attack and thus killed, tortured or worse. So he decided to get as many credits as he could and get HK out of his life.

Enter Lil, a freighter captain who is great with the negotiation part – terrible with the flying part. The trader offered her a droid that pilots, she negotiates “the best deal of her career” and the rest is history – - – until the Imperials catch up and impound her ship. A few slick maneuvers (thanks to her) and dead stormtroopers later (thanks to HK) and the two caught a shuttle off world and head as far from Imperial controlled space as possible to lay low for a bit.

The planet they ran to was an Outer Rim nobody’s world named Spintir. Lil says she has a contact here by the name of Hethan Romund, a scholar who has been helping her with skills that the meatbags call “the Force.” However, upon arriving, a message waits for Lil asking for her help. Now, HK finds himself once again hunting meatbags, but without permission to kill.


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