D'Jrem Purt

Sakiyan Pathfinder and Treasure Hunter


D’Jrem Purt really means well. It’s just that, well, there’s this thing. It’s called fame, and it’s been just out of D’Jrem’s grasp ever since he was small. His father was the single most accomplished archaeologist of the Outer Rim collegiate circles, personally recovering over a thousand artifacts of the Ratakan Empire before his untimely death at the hands of the pygmy rancor tribes on Hrakdhul IV. His mother was a sage and advisor for Kings and Queens before meeting his father and bearing D’Jrem.

Ever since he was old enough to walk, he accompanied his father, trained in the wilderness and taught how to survive on long excursions for missing treasures. It was on one of these excursions that he was introduced to his fathers obsession … the Kyber Crystal of Darth Plagueis. A Sith Lord of ancient legend who supposedly had been able to transcend death and live many lifespans, it was said that Darth Plagueis used ancient and forbidden Sith magics to create a crystal of unsurpassed perfection, that could grant immortality to the possessor. It was this crystal that D’Jrem and his father chased for over a decade, his father having chased it for many decades more before D’Jrem came along. Every treasure hunter from Tatooine to Coruscant chased the gem, but no one ever found it.

After his father’s passing, the lure of the gem didn’t go away, but got worse, especially after finding his father’s research journal and, while pouring through the notes, he discovered that his father had actually been able to determine what the crystal looked like! Included in his notes was a holo of the gem, which was apparently the Kyber Crystal from the Sith Lord’s lightsaber. Armed with this knowledge, his father had sought out a historian and expert on the old Jedi Order, Hethan Romund, and got the rough dimensions of a cut lightsaber crystal. Armed with this knowledge, D’Jrem created a likely appearance for the gem, now knowing it’s color, shape and size from his many investigations.

With his father dead, D’Jrem now picks up where his father left off, getting in contact Romund, he attempts to get more information about what his father asked and where she might have pointed him. After some cursory conversations, however, Hethan sent D’Jrem a disturbing missive, asking him to meet her on the planet Spintr. After securing a passenger liner to the Outer Rim planet, D’Jrem met with other allies and colleagues of Hethan, and began his assent alongside them up Mount Tellec.

D'Jrem Purt

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