Bail Whill

Falleen Diplomat and roguish swindler


Just over six feet tall, and possessing an irresistible charm, Bail was a student at the Phelar University on Eraidu prior to joining the crew of the Corusca Gem. With a smooth tongue and an easy demeanor, Bail is always able to find a niche in any situation, despite his alien nature and rumors of his familial ties to the infamous Black Sun crime syndicate.

Bail was born into relative poverty, but he quickly found that his natural wit coupled with his species ability to produce mood altering pheromones could get him just about anywhere he wanted to be. When he met a young human noble named Hilliam, he insinuated himself into her life, riding the powerful Imperials connection to the Phelar University, where he proceeded to seduce his way to perfect grades.

When Hilliam became tired of his lecherous and philandering ways, it was already too late – he had insinuated himself so deeply into the university that her threats to have him expelled were far from reasonable. Worse, he reminded her that she herself was in the middle of a rather scandalous problem due to holonet recordings of her offering to buy the answers to tests in order to get ahead. Bail suggested that instead of causing even more ruckus, it was in both their interests to quietly go their separate ways but maintain the appearance of continued collaboration. He would contact a friend of his named V’brel to eliminate any incriminating holorecordings, and she would turn a blind eye to his … adventures.

Bail Whill

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