Force Unbridled

Episode 1 Finale

The Phantom Menace Finale

DARTH MAUL has retreated, ALDERAANIAN FORCES watch over QUEEN AMIDALA and guard the VICEROY while the PADAWANS and OBI-WAN rush over to QUI-GON, who is dying

OBI-WAN : Master! Master!

QUI-GON : It is too late…It’s…


QUI-GON : Obi-Wan promise…promise me you’ll train the boy…

OBI-WAN : Yes, Master…

QUI-GON : He is the one…he will…defeat the Sith once and for all…I have foreseen it…train him!

QUI-GON dies. OBI-WAN cradles his Master, quietly weeping, knowing that he was responsible for his death by leaving his masters side

The large, grand cruiser of the JEDI COUNCIL lands in the courtyard of the main hanger. CAPTAIN PANAKA and twenty GUARDS surround NUTE GUNRAY and RUNE HAAKO. OBI-WAN, the QUEEN, and her HANDMAIDENS stand before the NEIMOIDIANS

PADME : Now, Viceroy, you are going to have to go back to the Senate and explain all this.

CAPT. PANAKA : I think you can kiss your Trade franchise goodbye.

The main ramp of the cruiser is lowered as OBI-WAN, THE PADAWANS and CAPTAIN PANAKA lead the VICEROY and HIS ASSISTANT toward the ship. MACE WINDU and several other JEDI MASTERS descend and watch as SECTOR RANGERS take custody of the NEIMOIDIANS. OBI-WAN and the PADAWANS greet MACE and the OTHER JEDI as ANTARIAN RANGERS take the NEIMODIANS onto the cruiser. CASTIS hands the sundered hilt of the assassin to MACE WINDU

MACE WINDU : The Council confers on you all the level of Jedi Knight. There is no doubt, now. The mysterious warrior was a Sith. taking the weapon and handing it CASTIS This is powerful weapon, my former Padawan, I grant it to you, that it may serve the cause of Light instead of darkness.

KI-ADI : Always two Sith there are….no more…no less. A master and an apprentice.

MACE WINDU : But which one was destroyed, the master or the apprentice? They give each other a concerned look

OBI-WAN : Masters, I wish to take Anakin Skywalker as my Padawan Learner.

MACE WINDU : Surprised You’ve not been a Knight for more than a few minutes, and already you’re seeking to take a student?

OBI-WAN : Master Windu, I gave Qui-Gon my word. I will train Anakin. Without the approval of the Council if I must.

MACE WINDU : Qui-Gon’s defiance you learned as well, I see. Looking to the others Fine, the council agrees. Young Skywalker will be your apprentice, but I must warn you, the Council sees grave danger in his training.

OBI-WAN : Thank you, my masters.

DARTH SIDIOUS and DARTH MAUL look out over the vast city

DARTH MAUL : I apologize, my Master, for not holding Alderaan from the Jedi.

DARTH SIDIOUS : Do not concern yourself with that, my apprentice. You acquitted yourself well against the Jedi, seven Jedi Knights it took to drive you from the field, and one of the most powerful Masters of the Order fell to your blade in the process. It is delightful news for your first challenge.

DARTH MAUL : Thank you, my Master.

DARTH SIDIOUS : Besides, the plan was never to give Alderaan to the Trade Federation, we merely needed the Jedi to act without authorization from the Senate, which they now have.

DARTH MAUL : Realization dawning on his face You mean to pit the Jedi against the Senate?

DARTH SIDIOUS : Smiling That is why I shall be Emperor, my Apprentice, because all are pawns for me to move as I see fit. Camera pulls away as DARTH SIDIOUS laughs ominously into the night

CHILDEREN SING and throw flowers on the passing SOLDIERS. The CROWDS CHEER. It is a grand parade. QUEEN AMIDALA stands next to the PADAWANS, ANAKIN, OBI-WAN, SIO BIBBLE, and the JEDI COUNCIL. ARTOO stands in front of the QUEEN’S HANDMAIDENS and whistles at the parade. QUEEN AMIDALA smiles to OBI- WAN but he avoids her gaze as ANAKIN thinks she smiling to him and smiles back. The SOLDIERS stop before the QUEEN and CAPTAIN PANAKA walks up the steps give her the Globe of Peace. QUEEN AMIDALA holds up the Globe of Peace. EVERYONE CHEERS. The parade marches on


End titles


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