The Great Hyperspace War

The great hyperspace war began at a time when the Republic had enjoyed a millennia of peace, growth, and consolidation. In contrast, the Sith Empire was ending its centuries-long adolescent period. Undiscovered by the Republic, the Sith had conquered all the star systems near their homeworld of Korriban, and were now seeking new opportunities for expansion, however the Sith ruler of the time had perished, and a brutal power struggle had broken out with his passing. Among the contenders was the Dark Lord, Naga Sadow.

Whether by chance or by destiny, it was at this time that two Republic explorers stumbled upon Korriban. Naga Sadow, seeing an opportunity to gain political advantage, arranged for the explorers to be imprisoned as spies. Once incarcerated, Naga Sadow then staged an attack to liberate the explorers, at the same time leaving evidence suggesting that the attack was a Republic Military operation. Once the explorers were safely back in Republic space, unable to reveal his participation in their escape, he turned to his own people. Leveraging the widespread fear of an impending Republic invasion, Naga Sadow rallied the Sith to unite behind his cause – a pre-emptive strike against their newly discovered enemies.

Eager for war, the people embraced Naga Sadow as their new ruler, and his first act was to launch a vicious assault against the Republic. The Sith armies attacked on several fronts, including an assault on Coruscant itself with Naga Sadow commanding all his forces from a meditation chamber suspended over a giant star. The initial onslaught overwhelmed the Republic’s unprepared defenses.

The Sith Empire’s Victory was almost assured, but as happens so often, the Dark Side turned upon itself, when Naga Sadow’s apprentice turned upon him. Though the apprentice was defeated, the attack succeeded in breaking Naga Sadow’s battle meditation, and the tide of the war turned. The Sith were lost without their leaders direction and Republic forces soon chased the invader back to the very doorstep of Naga Sadow’s meditation sphere. Recognizing his imminent defeat, the Sith Lord abandoned his forces and started a chain of events to destroy the nearby star and everything in its vicinity.

Naga Sadow himself fled back to Korriban, only to discover renewed opposition to his rule had arisen during his absence. Civil war broke out, whittling away what was left of the Sith Empire’s already weakened armies. Though Naga Sadow defeated the upstarts, the Sith were defenseless when the Republic fleet attacked shortly thereafter. As the Republic fleet wiped up what remained of the Sith military, Naga Sadow fled again, this time into permanent exile on Yavin 4.

The Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, unsatisfied with the dismantlement of the Sith fleet and the exile of their leader, sent Republic forces and their Jedi allies to the other planets within the Sith Empire to ensure no remnants of the Empire would remain. It was an action which drove the surviving Sith to flee into deep space or face extinction, and forever drove a wedge in between the two bodies that would prevent a peaceful coexistence in the future.

The Great Hyperspace War

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