Mandalorians are a group of warriors from several species, in most cases they were humans. Originally, the Mandalorian clans were led by the mysterious “Mand’alor the First” and were ranked among the best fighters in the galaxy, thriving on battle. They were known for their cutting-edge weaponry and strict code of honor. These Mandalorians wore crusader armor that differs from one soldier to the next.

Mandalore itself was a temperate, albeit desolate, world located in a rather overlooked and inconspicuous area at the edge of the Outer Rim Territories. Making a living on its surface required one to constantly battle for survival, and thus the Mandalorians knew no other way of success. Most importantly, however, was the rare metal that is only found on this planet to date. It is called Mandalorian Iron, or beskar in the Mandalorian language. It is one of the few known substances that can resist the focused energy output of a weapon such as a lightsaber.

The Mandalorians played a large role in the Great Sith War when Mandalore and its forces attacked and raided the Empress Teta system, drawing the attention of Ulic Qel-Droma. After being defeated in single combat by Ulic, the Mandalore pledged complete loyalty to the Sith apprentice. He and his warriors participated in many devastating raids and attacks on the Republic, including an attempted invasion of Coruscant. However, Mandalore was finally defeated at Onderon by local military forces and Republic reinforcements. With his mighty army defeated and shattered, Mandalore fled to Dxun but was killed by one of the many monsters that inhabit Onderon’s moon. A Mandalorian warrior found his fallen mask and inherited the position of Mandalore. The new Mandalore was then manipulated by an unknown Sith faction into attacking the Republic, triggering the Mandalorian Wars.

After their defeat in the Mandalorian Wars at the hands of the Jedi Revan and Malak, the Mandalorians as a united culture was ended, their weapons and armor taken and destroyed. Their dissolution was completed when Revan hid the mask of Mandalore, preventing a new leader from rising. They gradually evolved and changed into a culture of wandering mercenaries, rather than conquerors. They would remain this way for many millennia, their homeworld in ruins and their people scattered to the stars.

During the time of the Clone Wars, Mandalore had become a peaceful world under the leadership of Duchess Satine Kryze, who looked to forget the warrior past of Mandalore. This however made her certain enemies, members of her own royal staff who would betray her (even Satine’s own sister Bo Katan chose violence over tranquility). A Mandalorian terrorist group named Death Watch was formed, which coordinated planned attacks on Mandalore, and the Republic. Their leader was the governor of Mandalore’s moon Concordia, Pre Vizsla of Clan Vizsla who betrayed Satine for her tarnishing of the Mandalorian name and his ancestors. Satine was eventually assassinated by the Death Watch, and the peace movement lost many supporters.

The Death Watch were later driven away, and went to the snow planet Carlac, where they started to form the Shadow Collective, a crime organization with troops from the Black Sun, Pikes, and support from the Hutt Clans. Together they were able to overrun Mandalore with the criminals, while the Death Watch arrested them to look like heroes, garnering Vizsla the title of new prime minister of Mandalore. Vizsla’s first lieutenant Bo Katan (Satine’s sister) left Death Watch and rebelled, starting a war against the new Death Watch. Another of Vizla’s aides betrayed him and assassinated him, taking command of the Death Watch and again losing control of Mandalore.

The Death Watch was opposed by an ancient group called the Protectors. These Mandalorians committed themselves to the ruler of Mandalore, and after the Death Watch’s betrayal and assassination of Satine Kryze, took up arms against the Death Watch. With the recent Imperial occupation of Mandalore, the Protectors have left their homeworld and taken residence on the third moon of the Concord Dawn system.



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