Grand Army of the Republic

The Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) was the name given the military forces of the Republic at the open of the Clone Wars. The GAR consisted mostly of Clones that were genetically bred for the battle, but also included their Jedi Generals and numerous volunteers in the form of starship Captains and naval tacticians.

The total size of the GAR at it’s largest numbered approximately 3,943,330 clones, 1,355 naval commanders and 650 Jedi. In addition to these combat troops, there are countless naval volunteer crew members. The remaining Jedi of the Order were utilized in diplomatic capacities not directly associated with the military.

The structure of the GAR was broken down as follows;

Grand Army— 10 Systems Armies (2,949,120 clone troopers, 50,877 clone home defense troopers, 730,768 clone sergeants, 5,653 clone home defense sergeants, 184,320 clone lieutenants, 1,413 clone home defense lieutenants, 15,360 clone captains, 471 clone home defense captains, 3,840 clone majors, 157 clone home defense majors, 960 clone commanders, 52 clone home defense commanders, 1,260 naval regimental fleet commanders, 64 naval home fleet commanders, 320 Padawan commanders, 240 clone senior commanders, 17 clone home defense senior commanders, 240 Jedi generals, 80 clone marshal commanders, 2 clone home defense marshal commanders, 60 senior Jedi generals, 20 naval sector fleet admirals, 1 naval home fleet admiral, 20 Jedi Masters, 10 Grand Admirals, 10 Jedi Council Members, with Supreme Chancellor Palpatine as commander-in-chief)

Systems Army—2 Sector Armies (294,912 clone troopers, 73,768 clone sergeants, 18,432 clone lieutenants, 1,536 clone captains, 384 clone majors, 96 clone commanders, 126 naval regimental fleet commanders, 32 Padawan commanders, 24 clone senior commanders, 24 Jedi generals, 8 clone marshal commanders, 6 senior Jedi generals, 2 naval sector fleet admirals, 2 Jedi Masters, led by a Grand Admiral and Jedi Council Member)

Sector Army—4 corps (147,456 clone troopers, 36,864 clone sergeants, 9,216 clone lieutenants, 768 clone captains, 192 clone majors, 48 clone commanders, 63 naval regimental fleet commanders, 16 Padawan commanders, 12 clone senior commanders, 12 Jedi generals, 4 clone marshal commanders, 3 senior Jedi generals, led by a naval sector fleet admiral, and a Jedi Master)

Corps—4 legions (36,864 clone troopers, 9,216 clone sergeants, 768 clone lieutenants, 192 clone captains, 48 clone majors, 12 clone commanders, 16 naval regimental fleet commanders, 4 Padawan commanders, 3 clone senior commanders, 3 Jedi generals, led by a clone marshal commander and a senior Jedi general)

Legion/Brigade—4 regiments (9,216 clone troopers, 768 clone sergeants, 192 clone lieutenants, 48 clone captains, 12 clone majors, 3 clone commanders, 4 naval regimental fleet commanders, a Padawan commander, led by a clone senior commander and Jedi general)

Regiment—4 battalions (2,304 clone troopers, 192 clone sergeants, 48 clone lieutenants, 12 clone captains, 3 clone majors, led by a clone commander, a naval regimental fleet commander, and a Padawan commander)

Battalion—4 companies (576 clone troopers, 48 clone sergeants, 12 clone lieutenants, 3 clone captains, led by a clone major)

Company—4 platoons (144 clone troopers, 12 clone sergeants, 3 clone lieutenants, led by a clone captain)

Platoon—4 squads (36 clone troopers, 3 sergeants, led by a clone lieutenant)

Squad—9 clone troopers led by a clone sergeant

The most common method of identifying an individual Clone is through the System Army they operate in, and they are defined via color. There are two Systems Army per Primary or Secondary color, one being a Pastel of the color, the other being a Matte or Royal of the color. The home defense army has the color of the Office of the Supreme Chancellor. The pattern of color is next, as each is Legion specific. Finally, the specific armor and gear identify the Battalion and purpose of the Clone. When defining Legion, they are three digit numbers, broken down as follows;

Hundred’s digit: System Army association 1 (0-5 Pastel, 6-9 Royal)
0 – Home Defense – Red
1,6 – System Army – Purple
2,7 – System Army – Orange
3,8 – System Army – Yellow
4,9 – System Army – Green
5 – System Army – Blue

Ten’s digit: Specialization
0 – Special Operations – Stripes/Banding
1 – Special Operations – Stripes/Banding
2 – Infantry – Stripes/Banding
3 – Infantry – Stripes/Banding
4 – Siege Warfare – Stripes/Banding
5 – Special Operations – Full Plates
6 – Special Operations – Full Plates
7 – Infantry – Full Plates
8 – Infantry – Full Plates
9 – Siege Warfare – Full Plates

One’s Digit: Sector Army Designation (0-8)

Grand Army of the Republic

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