Galactic Republic Organisational Structure

For over a thousand years, the Galactic Republic has stood firm as a democratic union that governed the galaxy. The Republic is governed by the Galactic Senate, consisting of elected officials from each system and world, and Jedi Knights who serve as peacekeepers.

While the Jedi serve as the military leadership of the Republic, they are restricted to serving as a police force, not a mobilized army. With a thousand years of peace, there is no standing army or navy in the Republic, only volunteer civilians who serve the Republic as conscripts.

The Galactic Judiciary, more commonly referred to as the “Galactic Court System,” is comprised of the magistrates and legislators of legal review. Tasked with sentencing those that are found to have broken the laws put in place by the Senate, the Judiciary works closely with the Jedi Order to take custody of those that the Jedi bring to justice. The Judiciary however, only operates when an interplanetary law has been violated, local systems and individual worlds are still responsible for the arraignment and trial of those responsible for violating local laws.

Navigating between these various wings of government come the Galactic Chancellery, comprised of Chancellors and Councilors that oversee smooth interdepartmental activity. The Councilor of Defense, for instance, operates as attache to the Jedi Order, ensuring that the Jedi Order and Galactic Senate act in harmony to ensure the defense of the Republic. The Supreme Chancellor operates as chief legislator between the Courts and the Senate, and ensures that all actions passed in one arena are validated and upheld in the other. Finally, the High Marshall coordinates the Jedi Orders execution of the Courts Justice as well as heading up the Antarian Rangers who serve as the Republic’s constabulary, jailers, and senatorial security forces.

Galactic Republic Organisational Structure

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