Covered in rugged land masses and small seas, Eriadu is a perfect microcosm of the Empire under Tarkin’s “Rule of Fear,” having all the beauty that the riches of Imperial Center can bestow, yet hiding all the ugliness that a military industrial complex can produce.

The jewel of world is by far the Phelar University, a sprawling center of education for the entire Empire, it is only outdone by the centers for learning on Imperial Center itself. The entirety of all security forces on the planet have been replaced by Imperial Military, the planet is completely under the rule of Tarkin and his forces.

In many lost and forgotten sectors of the world, however, lie cities broken and fallow from the decay and destruction of industrialization. These sections, however, are rarely highlighted, as entrance to them is strictly controlled by the COMPNOR and the ISB, which has agents in positions of power in every corporation and business on the planet, the University included.



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