Antarian Rangers

For centuries, the Antarian Rangers served as a paramilitary force tasked with assisting the Jedi Order. Rangers were non-Force sensitive beings who performed duties ranging from exploration to resupply, also acting as a provisional fighting force when diplomacy failed. The Antarian Rangers’ ranks consisted of species from all over the galaxy, but the organization originated on the Gotal home of Antar 4.

A Gotal named Kaskutal and Jedi Master Marus Timpel founded the Antarian Rangers over 600 years ago. Kaskutal possessed limited talent with the Force, but the Jedi Order rejected him for training. Undeterred from helping the Order, Kaskutal used his connections to establish a much-needed logistics chain for the Jedi, raising funds to provide supplies and transports. This initiative grew to a galaxy-spanning organization comprised of thousands of beings filling essential support positions for the ever-vigilant Jedi.

400 years prior to the fall of the Republic and reorganization into the Empire, the Antarian Rangers were officially attached to the duties of the High Marshall of the Republic. In this role, their duties were expanded to include the protection of the Republic Senators and Councillors, as well as serving in a security capacity for Coruscant.

With the outbreak of the Clone Wars, and the rise of Defense Councillor Palpatine to the role of Supreme Chancellor, the Antarian Rangers were tasked with forming the core of the new Grand Army of the Republic, providing support capacities in the logistics chain. They acted as the non-clone core of the Army, Navy and Corsucant Home Guard. This broke them into many different departments, effectively disbanding the Rangers. In fact, only the Senatorial Guard kept the blue armor and Force Pikes the Antarian Rangers were known for, and even they changed their armor colors to red to match the clones in the later stages of the war.

With the reorganization into the Galactic Empire, the Antarian Rangers of the Coruscant Sentatorial guard adopted the new name of the Imperial Royal Guard, and the last traces of the old Antarian Rangers disappeared entirely.

Antarian Rangers

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