Alderaanian Royal Practices

Considered to be a Democratic Monarchy, the planet is controlled by multiple royal houses, and each house casts its vote to determine the dominant house for the planet. A vote to change leadership can be called at time with the support of the other houses, though the practice has not been exercised in some time.

For the last 2000 years, the Organa’s have consistently remained in the role of Royal House out of their capital city of Theed. At the opening of the Clone Wars, Senator Bail Antilles was succeeded in his duties by his attendant and second, Senator Bail Organa after his retirement.

It is common upon birth for an Alderaanian noble to have a “Royal Name” given to them. This name is then used in all royal capacities (similar to the Catholic practice of a baptismal or confirmation name), while their informal name would be used for personal titles. This royal name is typical associative of most species “middle” name. For example, Bail Prestor Organa would be referred to as Prince Prestor of Alderaan, while as senator for the Republic he would be referred to as Senator Bail Organa. Padme Amidala Organa would referred to as Princess Amidala of Alderaan.

As a monarchy, it is generally the eldest that assumes the throne upon it’s vacancy, however, being a charter member of the Republic for over 20,000 years, Alderaan takes it’s civic duties incredibly seriously. As such, should the next in line be serving in an official capacity to the Senate or a high Republic office, then the title of King or Queen will pass to the next in line, so that Alderaan’s service to the Republic will not be interrupted. Should that service to the Republic end, then they will become the next in line to the throne, however a disruption in the rule of the current King or Queen will not be made, and they will only assume the throne upon vacancy of the existing ruler.

Alderaanian Royal Practices

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