Force Unbridled

Episode 2 Part 7
Attack of the Clones Part 9 (Second Session Synopsis)

MAUL doesn’t wait for the JEDI this time. He leaps directly into the fray, unleashing a terrifying assault on CASTIS, causing her to back up under the assault as MAUL scores a hit to her arm, to which she cries out. TOR DAHN moves quickly and lowers his head as he places a hand on her shoulder, using his healing power to soothe the injury and reinvigorate CASTIS. She nods to him and turns her attention to MAUL, who is parrying attacks from the rest of the JEDI. CASTIS leaps forward and, spinning with grace and ferocity, brings her lightsaber (MAULs own blade from ALDERAAN so many years ago) down on MAUL’s again sundering the SITH’s blade and breaking the weapon in two. MAUL looks with anger and disbelief at CASTIS before sneering and re-engaging, casting aside one half of his lightsaber staff, which is now sparking and useless. The battle continues as – despite their numerical superiority, neither gains the upper hand.

Episode 2 Session 2
Attack of the Clones Part 8


Episode 2 Part 6
Attack of the Clones Part 7

QUEEN AMIDALA, SENATOR BAIL ORGANA, and the RUPUBLIC SENATORS, sit on one side of a meeting chamber while the SEPARATIST REPRESENTATIVES sit on the other, headed by COUNT DOOKU. The PC’S stand guard close to the door, which is oriented so the camera shows the SEPARATISTS on the left of the frame, the REPUBLIC DELEGATION on the right of the frame, and the PC’S in the middle. COUNT DOOKU stands and turns to the PC’S

DOOKU : Honorable Jedi, I am pleased to represent the Separatist party in these negotiations, may we speak in private to conduct our negotiations? Gasps can be heard from the REPUBLIC DELEGATION as we CUT TO

ANAKIN, OWEN, and OBI-WAN wander a hallway on patrol, ANAKIN is in high spirits, while OBI-WAN seems tense and distracted, OWEN follows looking around and fidgeting with his blaster

ANAKIN : And there are gondolas that take you through the city …

OBI-WAN : Alderaan is a beautiful planet, and Theed the second greatest city on it. Anakin, you need to focus on the mission – we are guarding a perimeter. The others in the hearing chamber are counting on us to remain focused.

ANAKIN : throwing an odd look at OBI-WAN Alright, Master. You seem awfully tense.

OBI-WAN : I’m fine, Anakin. This is just a serious situation.

ANAKIN : Padme has confidence this will be a very peaceful and constructive meeting. She’s confident that the Separatists are interested in the same things that the Republic is. We talked about it last night. We were right by the city center, the moonlight was reflecting off of the main pools in just the right way to accentuate her words as she spoke. OBI-WAN winces, CUT TO

A sinister looking SITH SPACECRAFT lands in the hanger. It shuts down its engines and sits ominously on the dark tiles of the landing bay. CUT TO

The camera sits behind two HANGER CONTROLLERS, who frame the SITH SPACECRAFT out of the window in front of them as they look to each other confused. They shrug and open a comms channel to the strange ship

CONTROLLER : Unknown craft, welcome to Theed City. Please transmit your ship’s identity and transponder code, over.

The SITH SPACECRAFT sits in silence. CUT TO

QUEEN AMIDALA stands to speak with COUNT DOOKU

AMIDALA : Count Dooku, the Jedi do not control the Republic. The Senate is the political body still, and the Senators are the ones empowered to hear your proposals. The Jedi are here for our protection against further Separatist assassination attempts. to which the SEPARATIST DELEGATION gasps. CUT TO

ANAKIN, OWEN, and OBI-WAN wander a hallway still on patrol, ANAKIN is still talking about the previous evening as OWEN listens with a smile and OBI-WAN further frays around the edges

ANAKIN : … and she stills wears the snippet necklace I gave her! I couldn’t believe it!

OWEN : Wow, only thing anyone ever gave me was a crappy moisture farm I inherited from my pa. It’s my retirement plan.

ANAKIN : brightening I wonder what Padme plans to do after politics … CUT TO

The camera sits behind two HANGER CONTROLLERS, who still regard the SITH SPACECRAFT out of the window in front of them

CONTROLLER : growing agitated Unknown craft, transmit your ship’s identity and transponder code, over. The SITH SPACECRAFT sits in silence. CUT TO


DOOKU : What do you mean, assassination attempt? How could we possibly attack you when the Jedi have been unrelenting in their assault of our leaders and rulers? CUT TO

ANAKIN, OWEN, and OBI-WAN wander a hallway still on patrol, ANAKIN is still talking about the previous evening as OWEN listens with a smile and OBI-WAN further frays around the edges

OBI-WAN : slightly snapping Anakin! Stop this daydreaming immediately! There is no future between the Queen and yourself, the Order would never allow it, and you have more important responsibilities than idle fancy! ANAKIN looks hurt and confused, but OWEN looks angry

OWEN : I’ve had it about up to here with you, Kenobi. He’s in love, and Anakin has every right to want something more outta life than being a miser and waiting for the next conflict to come around. Hell, if he wanted I’d give him the farm for him and Padme to settle down on! I tell ya I’d — CUT TO

The camera sits behind two HANGER CONTROLLERS, who still regard the SITH SPACECRAFT out of the window in front of them, though now ALDERAANIAN GUARDS can be seen filing in to surround the craft

CONTROLLER : growing agitated Unknown craft, this is your final warning. Transmit your ship’s identity and transponder code, over. The SITH SPACECRAFT sits in silence. CUT TO

The room is overcome with arguing and finger pointing as the SEPARATIST claim the JEDI have been killing their planetary leaders and the REPUBLIC accuse them of assassinating SENATORS. CUT TO

OWEN and OBI-WAN are still arguing, but in moments, OBI-WAN and ANAKIN in unison look to towards the THEED HANGAR and ignite their lightsabers as OWEN worriedly takes a step back from OBI-WAN, thinking it is in response to his conversation. CUT TO

The camera sits behind two HANGER CONTROLLERS, who still regard the SITH SPACECRAFT out of the window in front of them, the laser cannons on the craft glow and fire upon the HANGER CONTROL ROOM, blasting it to bits and sending sparks everywhere. At the same time, anti-personnel cannons lower and mow down the ALDERAANIAN GUARDS. Then, as the smoke clears, a gangplank lowers revealing DARTH MAUL and an army of BATTLE DROIDS. CUT TO

Episode 2 Part 5
Attack of the Clones Part 6

The HUTT’S GAMBIT can be seen flying into the busy hangar as many ships enter and exit

ANAKIN, OBI-WAN, OWEN, THREEPIO, and MISC SENATORS disembark and walk towards the main exit, they are met by PADME, BAIL, ARTOO and the PCs along with some other ALDERAANIAN DELEGATES

PADME : Welcome all of you to Alderaan. she smiles, one that OBI-WAN nervously avoids, and ANAKIN happily returns I’d like to introduce you formally, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, this is my brother Senator Bail Organa, and Ministers Vreen, Kreel, and Gaspar.

BAIL : A pleasure to meet you, Master Jedi.

OBI-WAN : Likewise, Queen Amidala, Senator, Ministers, this is the piiot who got us here, Owen Lars, Owen smiles and clumsily bows, obviously awe-struck and his droid.

PADME : Threepio? looking excitedly to ANAKIN is that your threepio, Anakin?

ANAKIN : smiling sheepishly Yes, Owen bought him from my mother.

PADME : obviously overcome with nostalgia Captain Lars, I offer you any droid on Alderaan, price no matter in exchange for your Droid here. I must have him.

THREEPIO : Oh! Dear!

OWEN : awestruck For Scraphead? elbows threepio in the side You must be my lucky bucket of bolts, Scraphead. Truth be told, I could really use a decent navigator droid and an overhaul to the hyperdrive. That’d be worth ten protocol droids in my line of work.

PADME : smiling Done! Artoo, see to Threepio’s cleaning and the Captain’s requests. Artoo beeps and moves off along with Threepio and OWEN

THREEPIO : Of course, Mistress.

BAIL : Sis, I’m not even going to ask. I think the stress of the upcoming negotiations are getting to you.

PADME : Don’t be ridiculous, that Artoo and Threepio just bring back good memories. She smiles, and while ANAKIN brightens thinking she is talking about him, OBI-WAN darkens, the memory of the cantina on tatooine fresh in his mind

OBI-WAN : If I may ask, Senator, how did you generate such support for this action when so many in the Senate are calling for war?

BAIL : The Separatists aren’t wrong in their concerns, Master Jedi. The Republic has become strained in its behaviors, and while we on Alderaan are thankful for the actions of the Jedi so many years ago, they did so without the authorization of the Senate, which rightly has the Separatists worried.

PADME : The Separatists are doing nothing to help themselves, they are aggressive and tyrannical to their neighbors, Bail. to the JEDI You must forgive my brother, he is even more idealistic than me, and has many friends from university on the Separatist side. He, like I, longs for peaceful resolution and a return to a stable Republic.

BAIL : A Republic made strong through diplomacy and democracy, not through the tyranny of an army. It is sentiment that motivates many on both sides of this conflict, and what has drawn us together.

ANAKIN : That may be harder than you realize, Padme, we got ambushed on the way here by Separatist forces trying to prevent the peace talks. And there was the assassination attempt as well.

BAIL : It is unfortunate, but the Separatist are fractured – their leadership at odds with itself as some try to use the conflict as a means of gaining power. This is true of the Republic as well, though. There are many who seek to reap great rewards by returning to the days of having a Grand Army, Kuat, and Rendili both have shipyards from the days of the old Republic Navy that if we returned to a standing military would become unfathomably wealthy again. Then there’s the creation of the Supreme Chancellor, should war be declared – a position that has very few restraints on its power.

PADME : Greed is a motivation for many on both sides of this debate, and it is one that must be battled by all, but we will discuss that and more at the talks when the Separatists arrive.

OBI-WAN : And when are the representatives from the Separatists arriving, your highness?

PADME : Obi-Wan, we’ve known each other for years, Padme, please. They won’t be here until tomorrow, in the meantime, though, we’ve scheduled a banquet for the Senators and Jedi in honor of this event. camera moves to OBI-WAN’s face, who wears a pleasant, if emotionless stare and smile. fades to

OBI-WAN wearing the same emotionless stare and pleasant smile as he sits across from PADME, who is obviously trying to rekindle the spark they had. ANAKIN sits next to OBI-WAN, and obviously thinks that PADME’s looks are meant for him. Across from ANAKIN next to PADME sits BAIL, and the PCs, OWEN, and other SENATORS and MINISTERS are arrayed around the table. ARTOO and THREEPIO can be seen serving drinks. Conversation continues in the background as we see ANAKIN laughing next to OBI-WAN, obviously enjoying himself, and occasionally flashes to PADME, who looks longingly at OBI-WAN, but for the most part is focused on OBI-WAN, looking more and more uncomfortable. OBI-WAN finds himself on a planet where he lost his Master. Blaming himself for choosing PADME over him, and now he sits directly across from PADME

OBI-WAN : giving a weak smile and placing his napkin on his plate My apologies, however I feel I must retire. OBI-WAN gets up abruptly and leaves the room, leaving PADME and ANAKIN looking shocked. PADME moves to get up

ANAKIN : Please, Padme, stay with your guests, I’ll speak to Obi-Wan. He gets up, and PADME smiles

PADME : Thank you, Anakin, if there’s anything you need. PADME smiles and ANAKIN takes it the wrong way

ANAKIN, jogging, catches up with a very dejected looking OBI-WAN in the hallway who is slowly walking back to their room

ANAKIN : Master! Obi-Wan! Wait! OBI-WAN stops and turns

OBI-WAN : Anakin, what are you doing out here? Go back to the dining hall, you will be missed.

ANAKIN : Master, no one in that room means to me what you do. You’re the closest thing I have to a father, and when you look like a Rancor ate your heart I tend to place that highly on my list of things to rectify. smiling

OBI-WAN : I’m okay, Anakin, I have found myself with a lot of unresolved resolved feelings, and more questions than I have answers.

ANAKIN : I don’t feel anything, Master. a troubled thought enters his mind Perhaps I should focus and see if I can’t sense it too?

OBI-WAN : smiling that ANAKIN would somehow turn this into his own deficiency and not wanting the PADAWAN to doubt himself when in reality it is OBI-WAN that has the deficiency There is nothing for you to feel, Anakin, this is a worry of my own making, and one that I must meditate upon. You go and enjoy yourself, we rarely have the opportunity as Jedi to experience such finery as what the Queen has for us, and it is good to experience it when we have the option. It reminds us of what we are fighting for. with a fatherly smile, he grasps ANAKIN’S shoulders You are a good friend, Anakin, I am glad to have you here.

ANAKIN : smiling, but confused As are you, Master. I wouldn’t want to have spent these years with anyone else. You have taught me everything. nodding, OBI-WAN turns and exits, leaving ANAKIN staring after him, troubled and alone

OWEN : coming up behind ANAKIN, patting his bulging stomach Let me tell you, Alderaanians have got some seriously good eats! seeing ANAKIN’S face What has you all upset, you look lower than the twin suns during an eclipse!

ANAKIN : It’s Master Obi-Wan, something has him upset.

OWEN : scoffs Obi-Wan! That man isn’t happy unless the galaxy is ten parsecs from doom. He doesn’t know joy like the rest of us. Too much of a crusader that one – needs some wrong to right or he just isn’t happy.

ANAKIN : I don’t know …

OWEN : Anakin! Snap out of it! laughs Obi-Wan will get his sorted, you need to sort yours.

ANAKIN : Looking confused What are you talking about?

OWEN : The Queen, that’s what! Didn’t you see the way she kept looking over to your side of the table? She buys your droid for ten times what it’s worth, then puts all that gold on it … I’m telling you, she likes you!

ANAKIN : blushing I like her too. She saved me from the life of a slave … I mean, I know it was Master Qui-Gon that actually did it, but if not for her, they never would have even been on Tatooine.

OWEN : looking at him Nah, that’s not it. You aren’t grateful for that. I know that look.

ANAKIN : blushing again What look? at this time, they arrive at the outside of the banquet hall where PADME are escorting some of the GUESTS out. ANAKIN immediately stops and stares at her as she is caught in the fading light of the room

OWEN : THAT look … yep. You’ve been bitten by the Icheron Enchantment Bug.

ANAKIN : I’ve loved her since I first met her, Owen. She’s smart, she’s beautiful. She’s everything the Queen of the Galaxy should be. seeing OWEN and ANAKIN, PADME walks over to them after saying her goodnights to the GUESTS

PADME : Where’s Obi-Wan?

ANAKIN : He’s meditating in his quarters. Preparing for the coming negotiations tomorrow. I was coming back to see you catching himself and the rest of the guests at dinner for him. And to update the other Jedi, of course.

PADME : smiling Well, you’ll have to update them for me too then, I’m not going back to that stuffy room. All Bail and those Senators do is talk politics. I’ve had my fill.

ANAKIN : I imagine it would get boring talking about motions and precedents all the time, though truth be told I’d never get anything done if I had someone as distracting as you there all the time.

PADME : staring at him and smiling as if she was seeing him for the first time Well, I guess my absence will let them get more work done, won’t it? I was going to take a walk, but would the two of you like a tour of the Palace?

OWEN : seeing what’s going on and rubbing his belly anew No thank you, your worship. A full belly and a hairy furball is more than enough to fill a pilot’s day.

PADME : looking decidedly insulted A hairy furball?

ANAKIN : laughing He means a dogfight, Padme, a hairy furball is what you call a dogfight in starships.

PADME : laughing Oh! Well then, Captain, I am pleased the day met with your satisfaction, and wish you the best come the morning. Anakin, turning to him and smiling would you like a tour? OWEN can be seen behind her out of her sight giving ANAKIN motivation

ANAKIN : pretending to be a stuffy politician and mocking the formal dinner, he bows slightly and extends his arm Well, m’lady, I would delighted to be your escort for the evening.

PADME : laughing and returning the overly exaggerated manner Of course, m’lord, I am honored to have you as my escort! the two walk into the moonlight laughing and exchanging causal conversation, appearing to be naturals in each other’s presence. Fade to

OBI-WAN sits akimbo upon a meditation chair in deep concentration. Disembodied voices can be heard about him, despite his attempts to calm himself, flashes of QUI-GON JINN’S death and MAUL’S face flash in his mind disturbing his peace. The camera fades into his mind’s eye and we see images which are attempting to show Obi-Wan that the very same anger he feels for Maul will create a test in which he must let go his anger and pain or be consumed by the Dark Side. The images show his own face, merging with Mauls in the flames of Qui-Gon’s funeral pyre, but as the flames lick and flicker more faces are merged into Mauls, Luke’s and Anakin’s as well along with Palpatine’s, showing this single being is the nexus of all their lives, tied together through the commonality of Anger. These faces move too fast for Obi-Wan to see, however, and appear as little more than a confusing jumble. Before we have too long to focus on it, however, the morning light pours in through the blinds and the sound of a shuttle thunders overhead – the Separatists have arrived

Episode 2 Part 4
Attack of the Clones Part 5 (Second Session Synopsis)

The CORUSCA GEM spins and twists as the SEPARATIST FIGHTERS give chase. A fierce starfighter battle ensues as the CAMERA shifts between between CASTIS and TOR DAHN at their gunnery stations and the firing cannons on the exterior of the ship. CUT TO

ABRAXIS sits at the pilot controls as LYRIN MARTEL sits to his right in the co-pilot’s seat. AESA sits behind ABRAXIS facing the sensor panel on the left wall

ABRAXIS : I’m still reading the gravity well, how are we coming, Lyrin?

LYRIN : I’m working on the final security gates now … but … I’ve found something.

AESA : looking up from her calculations What did you find, Lyrin?

LYRIN : Transmission records. All encrypted, of course, but the origin point is … Coruscant, and very recently.

AESA : Do we know if Councilor Palpatine has revealed the plans to the Senate yet?

ABRAXIS : He almost assuredly would have – I saw him on his way to the Senate chambers when we were leaving.

LYRIN : It seems we cannot trust our Senate then in these matters.

AESA : Well, it is to be expected, there are many planets in the Republic that would profit from a war.

ABRAXIS : Perhaps this is a matter that can be furthered examined after we defeat the trap we are currently in?

AESA : Blushing Of course, my apologies Abraxis, I will finish my calculations. both AESA and LYRIN go back to working on their respective tasks as the camera CUTS TO

The CORUSCA GEM continues to maneuver on the SEPARATIST FIGHTERS, but the small ships are clearly outmatched as TOR DAHN eliminates one followed shortly by CASTIS eliminating another. The CAMERA quickly CUTS TO


AESA : I’ve completed the calculations for lightspeed. Spooled and ready for your activation, Abraxis.

ABRAXIS : Excellent, how are we with the gravity well, Lyrin?

LYRIN : Look outside … CAMERA CUTS TO

The strange ship with a rotund device begins to spark, then shortly thereafter, the device whines and thrums with an increasing volume. Soon, it begins to creak and moan, as it begins to collapse in upon itself as if under some great gravitation. After a few moments, the whole ship and device collapse in upon itself and explodes


ABRAXIS : Strap yourselves in everyone, once we lose these last few fighters I’m going to be making the jump to hyperspace.

The CORUSCA GEM dives headlong into the asteroids that were tugged into their path by the SEPARATISTS, as the remaining fighters follow. Twisting and turning in a feat of piloting, ABRAXIS completes impossible maneuvers as the SEPARATIST FIGHTERS smash into each other and the asteroid walls, exploding as the JEDI jump to hyperspace. WIPE TO

Episode 2 Session 1
Attack of the Clones Part 4


Episode 2 Part 3
Attack of the Clones Part 3

A stock light freighter can be seen flying into a busy hangar as many ships enter and exit

ANAKIN, OBI-WAN, PADME, ARTOO, the PCs, and MISC SENATORS are walking to a series of shuttles. OBI-WAN and ANAKIN are speaking conspiratorially as they casually walk. All are dressed in smuggler’s garb

ANAKIN : … and then, right in the middle of it, my finger slipped on the blade adjuster, and ‘vwoosh!’ my blade shortens to a nub. The swing goes right where I wanted it to, but it never even touched him it was so short. I was mortified, everyone was laughing …

OBI-WAN : keeping a straight face, but turning red with the effort I’m sure it wasn’t that bad, Anakin.

ANAKIN : They called me “stumpy” for the rest of the week.

OBI-WAN : unable to hold it in any longer, he burst out laughing at the admission Oh, Anakin, I’m sorry …

ANAKIN : That’s what I mean, Master, I’m not ready for a mission this important.

OBI-WAN : smiling but calming visibly Anakin, when I was your age I made mistakes just as bad. Once, on Alderaan, I forgot to turn off my power cell and landed in the swamp. After coming up, I was assaulted by battle droids. I stood there, clicking my activator over and over with nothing happening. I had to run for my life. Thankfully, Master Qui-Gon was there. You’ve passed your basic skills training, Anakin, you’ll do fine.

ANAKIN : sighs I suppose. I just think at this point I should be more powerful, especially with my lightsaber skills.

OBI-WAN : There’s far more to being a good Jedi that lightsaber skills, my young padawan. Look at Master Yoda, he’s one of the most powerful Jedi in history, and he’s barely ever touched his Lightsaber. Really, I’m not sure why he even carries it apart from being a badge of station …

ANAKIN : I know, Master, but if Yoda ever did draw his saber there isn’t anybody who could match him …

OBI-WAN : playfully messing ANAKINS hair You worry too much my young apprentice, relax! I haven’t felt you this tense since we fell into that nest of gundarks.

ANAKIN: You fell into that nightmare, Master and I rescued you, remember?

OBI-WAN: Oh, yes. You’re sweating. Relax. Take a deep breath. from off-screen a voice shouts ANAKINs name. A young man, about ANAKINs age, wearing a smuggler’s vest and heavy blaster pistol at his side runs over. His name is OWEN LARS

OWEN : Anakin Skywalker, it has to be you!

ANAKIN : surprised Yes, do I know you?

OWEN : No, no … my names Owen Lars. I saw your podrace on Boonta Eve! It was an inspiration! Made me want to be a pilot, the way you flew that pod! I know your mother, Shmi. You’re a dead ringer for her! OWEN extends his hand to ANAKIN

ANAKIN : brightening at his mother’s name, ANAKIN quickly looks troubled as he thinks about leaving her all those years ago. Putting on a brave smile, he takes OWENs hand Nice to meet you, Owen. How do you know my mother?

OWEN : Everyone in Mos Espa knows Shmi Skywalker, laughs after you left she basically adopted the whole blasted town. ANAKIN winces, but OWEN doesn’t seem to notice She sold me her protocol droid a few years back when I got my starship to help me out. Gave me a real good deal, just needed enough to buy her freedom.

ANAKIN : She sold you Threepio? I built him for her before I left! the excitement of seeing his old creation overshadows the sadness that has crept into his mind for a moment

OWEN : It has a name? I’ve been calling it ‘Scraphead.’ You must have a heck of a gearhead on your shoulders to build that solid of a droid out of nothing but scrap!

OBI-WAN : He’s a mechanical prodigy. A pleasure to meet you, I’m Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin is my Padawan Learner. OWEN smiles at OBI-WAN, but it’s obvious that he doesn’t think much of him, taking his hand and merely nodding before smiling at ANAKIN again

OWEN : Heard your teacher over there is a real wild one, got himself into a bar brawl the cantina still hasn’t recovered from. OBI-WAN’s smile fades as he remembers back to the cantina fight and old insecurities creep back. ANAKIN looks confused at him, but OBI-WAN merely shakes his head

OBI-WAN : That was a long time ago … I’ll tell you all about it later, Anakin.

OWEN : You’ll have plenty of time, too, you’re assigned to my ship, the “Hutt’s Gambit” the smoothest spice freighter in the galaxy. We’re taking the some Senators to Alderaan. I’ve been wanting to fly with a decent navigator for a while – that droid of yours can close a deal like no one’s business, but couldn’t read a star-chart to save it’s circuits. C’mon aboard, I’ll show you around, it’ll be like being right back on good ol’Tatooine! the two head off laughing and talking, leaving OBI-WAN alone with a troubled brow. The PCs arrive about this time

AESA : A look of concern crosses her face Obi-Wan, are you alright?

OBI-WAN : snapping out his self-reflection and quickly adopting a smile Oh yes, just remembering an old friend, Aesa. AESA looks unconvinced, but lets it drop

AESA : We’re ready for boarding. Abraxis will be piloting the “Corusca Gem” with the delegates from Alderaan, while Captain Lars will be taking the “Hutt’s Gambit” for the Senators from Bothuwai, Naboo, and Corellia. Castis, Lyrin, Kendrick and myself will be aboard the Gem as well, with Tor Dahn providing medical services.

ABRAXIS : We plan on taking the Perlemian Trade Spine, while Captain Lars will be taking the Hydian Way. This should provide the safest route for our slower ship, while the faster Gambit takes the more roundabout route.

LYRIN : This should also minimize the delegates exposure as much as possible, while still ensuring we arrive together and in time for the peace talks.

OBI-WAN : A well-conceived plan, good work. Now all we can do is trust in the Force that the assassins haven’t learned of the Senator’s actions and surmised our plan. Fade To

The camera follows the HUTT’S GAMBIT through hyperspace

ANAKIN, OBI-WAN, THREEPIO and OWEN LARS sit in the cockpit. OWEN is at the ship’s controls, while ANAKIN sits at the co-pilot/navigator station, with OBI-WAN and THREEPIO are behind them in passenger seats. OWEN and ANAKIN laugh amid friendly banter, while OBI-WAN stares into space

ANAKIN : So then Kitster says, “Where else would I hide it!” OWEN and ANAKIN laugh while THREEPIO looks from one to the other with a confused motion

THREEPIO : Master Anakin, I don’t understand the purpose of Kitster using his pants in such a manner. Was this a Jedi tactic?

ANAKIN : laughs Obi-Wan’s the Master, I’m only a padawan.

OWEN : smiling Actually, I think I like the sound of that. Scraphead, from now on I want you to refer to your owner and his friends as “Master.” Yeah, I like the sound of that!

THREEPIO : Of course, Master. I have updated my primary programming with your request.

OWEN : laughing Can’t believe I didn’t think of that sooner. Alarms begin sounding and OBI-WAN sits up, looking concerned Huh, that’s odd. We’re picking up an uncharted gravity anomaly. Anakin, bring us out of hyperspace. ANAKIN flips a couple of switches and pulls back on a knob on the dashboard. The hyperspace engines can be heard to slow and then shut off as the starfield returns to normal

Many small ships can be seen pulling a large asteroid via energy tethers. As the HUTT’s GAMBIT emerges from hyperspace, the small ships drop the asteroid and begin to fly towards the ship

ANAKIN and OWEN frantically adjust controls as OBI-WAN begins to stand

OBI-WAN : Those are Separatist fighters moving to engage.

OWEN : You can’t tell yet, they’re too far out of range for a reading.

OBI-WAN : You had best charge your weapons, Captain, this is an ambush.

OWEN : frustrated Don’t jump to conclusions, Jedi. It could just be a deep space mining operation … or a resource towing operation … or … he turns but OBI-WAN is already heading out of the cockpit Your friend is going to start a fight where there is none, Anakin.

ANAKIN : Master Obi-Wan knows what he’s doing, Owen. Scanners show those fighters are powering weapons now. Gets up to leave the cockpit

OWEN : Maybe he’s right this time … Good luck out there, Skywalker.

ANAKIN : over his shoulder with a big smile May the Force be With You, Owen.

The separatist fighters streak towards the HUTT’S GAMBIT as the ship shudders, opening its cargo bay. Suddenly, out of the cargo hold, two JEDI STARFIGHTERS launch towards the enemy starships

OBI-WAN flips switches to get a reading on the enemy starfighters

OBI-WAN : Alright Anakin, looks like there’s only four of them. This should be simple.


ANAKIN : Yes, Master. Just try to relax, I know you hate this part.


OBI-WAN : Easy for you to say, not even Master Tiin can keep up with you.

The JEDI STARFIGHTERS engage the enemy in a series of twist, spins dives and rolls. ANAKIN destroys an enemy quickly, while OBI-WAN spends time jousting with two others. The last enemy tries desperately to get away from ANAKIN, but cannot. As the JEDI are distracted, four more enemies appear and go after the GAMBIT

OWEN : voice over comms Looks like I get to play too! The GAMBIT goes through a series of twists and turns as the cannons above and below her open fire on the incoming fighters, destroying one and scattering the rest Woohoo! Take that ya womp rats!


ANAKIN : Not bad for a dust collector, Gambit.


OWEN : Happy to not disappoint, us ‘mortal folk’ have to make due with pure skill since we’re not crazy wizards like you Jedi. laughing

the JEDI and GAMBIT proceed to engage in a furious dogfight, with many near misses and dangerous moments. THREEPIO worries at each hit, and the SENATORS can be seen worriedly looking about each time the enemy scores a hit on the GAMBIT, but in the end the JEDI and OWEN prove victorious. After the last fighter is destroyed, the two JEDI return to the GAMBITS cargo hold, and the freighter jumps to hyperspace

Episode 2 Part 2
Attack of the Clones Part 2

As the camera pans up to reveal the amber city planet of Coruscant, a yellow Naboo Fighter flies over the camera towards the planet, followed by a large Royal Cruiser and two more Fighters

The ships skim across the surface of the city landscape. The sun glints off the chrome hulls of the sleek Naboo spacecraft as they navigate between the buildings of the capital planet

Two Naboo Fighters land on one leaf of a three-leaf-clover landing platform. The Royal Starship lands on the central lead, and the third Fighter lands on the remaining platform. A small GROUP OF DIGNITARIES waits to welcome the Queen. One of the members of the group is DORME, Queen Amidala’s handmaiden. One of the FIGHTER PILOTS jumps from the wing of his ship and removes his helmet. He is CAPTAIN TYPHO, QUEEN AMIDALA’S Security Officer. He moves over to a WOMAN PILOT

CAPTAIN TYPHO : We made it. I guess I was wrong, there was no danger at all. The ramp lowers. TWO NABOO GUARDS appear. QUEEN AMIDALA, ONE HANDMAIDEN (VERSE) and FOUR TROOPERS descend the ramp. The DIGNITARIES start to move forward. AMIDALA reaches the foot of the ramp, when suddenly there is a blinding FLASH and a huge EXPLOSION. The DIGNITARIES and PILOTS are hurled to the ground as the starship is destroyed. Klaxons blare, alarms sound! CAPTAIN TYPHO and the TWO ESCORT PILOTS get up and run to where AMIDALA lies dying. Beyond, ARTOO DETOO drops down from the Naboo Fighter and rolls toward the wreckage. The FEMALE ESCORT PILOT kneels by AMIDALA and takes off her helmet, revealing PADME ORGANA

PADMÉ : Cordé… She gathers up her decoy double in her arms. Cordé’s eyes are open. She looks up at her

CORDÉ : … I’m sorry, m’lady… I’m… not sure I… CORDÉ dies. PADMÉ hugs her

PADMÉ : No!… No!… No!… PADMÉ lowers CORDÉ to the ground. She gets up and looks around at the devastation. There are tears in her eyes I should not have come back.

CAPTAIN TYPHO : M’Lady, you are still in danger. Amidala says nothing This vote is very important. You did your duty and Cordé did hers. Now come. she doesn’t respond M’Lady, please! She turns. They walk away. ARTOO lets out a small whimper and rolls off after them

The massive Senate Building glistens in the afternoon sun. Small patches of fog have still to burn off

The vast rotunda is buzzing with chatter. MAS AMEDDA, the Chancellor, tries to quiet things down as PALPATINE confers with an AIDE, UV GIZEN, riding a small one man floating scooter

MAS AMEDDA : Order! We shall have order! The motion for the Republic to commission an army takes precedent, and that is what we will vote on at this time. Everything quiets down. The AIDE disperses, and DEFENSE COUNCILOR PALPATINE steps to the podium

PALPATINE : …My esteemed colleagues, excuse me… I have just received some tragic and disturbing news. Queen Amidala of Alderaan… Has been assassinated! There is a shock silence in the vast arena This grievous blow is especially personal to me. She was a great leader who fought for justice, not only in this honorable assembly, but also on her home planet. She believed in public service, and she fervently believed in democracy. Her death is a great loss to us all. We will all mourn her as a relentless champion of freedom… and as a dear friend. There is a moment of silence. ASK AAK, the SENATOR of MALASTARE, moves his pod into the center of the arena

SENATOR ASK AAK : How many more Republic citizens will die before this civil strife ends! The Jedi must confront these rebels now, and they need an army to do it. A second pod moves into the center of the area with DARSANA, the AMBASSADOR OF GLEE ANSELM

AMBASSADOR DARSANA : Why weren’t the Jedi able to stop this assassination? We are no longer safe, under their protection alone. Senator ORN FREE TAA swings forward in his pod

ORN FREE TAA : The Republic needs more security now! Before it comes to war.

PALPATINE : Must I remind the Senator from Malastare that negotiations are continuing with the separatists. Peace is our objective here… not war. The SENATORS yell pro and con. MAS AMEDDA tries to calm things down. QUEEN PADME AMIDALA, with CAPTAIN TYPHO and DORME, maneuver her pod into the center of the vast arena

AMIDALA : My noble colleagues, I concur with the Defense Councilor. At all costs, we do not want war! The Senate goes quiet, then there is an outburst of cheering and applause

MOS AMEDDA : It is with great surprise and joy the chair recognizes the Queen of Alderaan, Amidala Organa.

PADMÉ : Less than an hour ago, an assassination attempt was made against my life. One of my bodyguards and six others were ruthlessly and senselessly murdered. I was the target but, more importantly, I believe this security measure before you, was the target. Alderaan has led the opposition to build an army… but there is someone in this body who will stop at nothing to assure its passage… Many of the SENATORS boo and yell at QUEEN AMIDALA I warn you, if you vote to create this army, war will follow. I have experienced the misery of war first-hand; I do not wish to do it again. There is sporadic yelling for and against her statements Wake up, Senators… you must wake up! If you offer the separatists violence, they can only show us violence in return! Many will lose their lives. All will lose their freedom. This decision could very well destroy the very foundation of our great Republic. I pray you do not let fear push you into a disastrous decision. Vote down this security measure, which is nothing less than a declaration of war! Does anyone here want that? I cannot believe they do. There is an undercurrent of booing… and groaning. SENATOR ORN FREE TAA moves his pod next to AMIDALA

ORN FREE TAA : My motion to vote must be dealt with first. That is the rule of law. AMIDALA looks angry and frustrated. PALPATINE gives her a sympathetic look. The SENATORS vote on the creation of an ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC is taken, and the camera cuts to

The giant towers of the Jedi Temple seem to reach the heavens. Traffic clogs the smoggy sky


PALPATINE : I understand your sentiments, my friends, but more and more star systems are joining the separatists. The Senate is worried that about the potential forces of the separatist army should if come to war. They’ve voted to commission an army for the Republic that will be headed by your Order as Generals to combat this rising threat.

MACE WINDU : If they do break away, you must realize we are keepers of the peace, not soldiers. Moreover, War is never the answer. The senate must find an avenue to pursue peaceful negotiations.

PALPATINE : raising his hand in acquiescence I do understand, my friends, but you must realize, people are worried, and the Jedi are greatly outnumbered by the combined power of the separatists. The Senate feels that an army is needed to show the galaxy that we are is still the Great Republic we once were.

YODA : Wars not make one great. YODA enters the Council chambers and moves to take his seat amongst his peers

PALPATINE : smiling, but slightly put off by YODA’S statement Greetings, Master Yoda.

YODA : Match might with might, only allows conflict to determine the outcome it does. But this I am sure of – Do their duty the Jedi will.

PALPATINE : I appreciate your viewpoints, to be sure, Master Yoda, but unfortunately my hands are tied. The Senate has already voted and passed the measure, so the army is in preparation as we speak.

YODA : Another option there is, should time permit. Reached out to the separatists, the House of Alderaan has. PALPATINE looks surprised by the statement

MACE WINDU : A small group of senators, under the blessings of Queen Amidala, have arranged to meet with a delegation on Alderaan in the interests of tabling this in a diplomatic action.

PALPATINE : I’m afraid the Senate will never authorize such an action. The danger to any delegates of the Republic would be far too great to allow.

YODA : A clandestine mission this would be.

LUMINARA : The diplomats will be shuttled from Coruscant to Alderaan under the guise of travelers on a spice freighter. PALPATINE considers the words for a moment, then brightens to the prospect

PALPATINE : There are sympathetic ears in the Senate, and I believe that I can argue the merits of the mission … I’ll plead your case to the Senate, my friends. I’m sure I can win them over, even with most of the supporters leaving to partake in the mission.

PLO KLOON : We thank you for your assistance, Defense Councilor.

PALPATINE : Of course, Master Jedi. If I might excuse myself, I have a great amount of work to do. Bows and leaves

Episode 2 Part 1
Attack of the Clones Part 1


Episode 1 Finale
The Phantom Menace Finale

DARTH MAUL has retreated, ALDERAANIAN FORCES watch over QUEEN AMIDALA and guard the VICEROY while the PADAWANS and OBI-WAN rush over to QUI-GON, who is dying

OBI-WAN : Master! Master!

QUI-GON : It is too late…It’s…


QUI-GON : Obi-Wan promise…promise me you’ll train the boy…

OBI-WAN : Yes, Master…

QUI-GON : He is the one…he will…defeat the Sith once and for all…I have foreseen it…train him!

QUI-GON dies. OBI-WAN cradles his Master, quietly weeping, knowing that he was responsible for his death by leaving his masters side

The large, grand cruiser of the JEDI COUNCIL lands in the courtyard of the main hanger. CAPTAIN PANAKA and twenty GUARDS surround NUTE GUNRAY and RUNE HAAKO. OBI-WAN, the QUEEN, and her HANDMAIDENS stand before the NEIMOIDIANS

PADME : Now, Viceroy, you are going to have to go back to the Senate and explain all this.

CAPT. PANAKA : I think you can kiss your Trade franchise goodbye.

The main ramp of the cruiser is lowered as OBI-WAN, THE PADAWANS and CAPTAIN PANAKA lead the VICEROY and HIS ASSISTANT toward the ship. MACE WINDU and several other JEDI MASTERS descend and watch as SECTOR RANGERS take custody of the NEIMOIDIANS. OBI-WAN and the PADAWANS greet MACE and the OTHER JEDI as ANTARIAN RANGERS take the NEIMODIANS onto the cruiser. CASTIS hands the sundered hilt of the assassin to MACE WINDU

MACE WINDU : The Council confers on you all the level of Jedi Knight. There is no doubt, now. The mysterious warrior was a Sith. taking the weapon and handing it CASTIS This is powerful weapon, my former Padawan, I grant it to you, that it may serve the cause of Light instead of darkness.

KI-ADI : Always two Sith there are….no more…no less. A master and an apprentice.

MACE WINDU : But which one was destroyed, the master or the apprentice? They give each other a concerned look

OBI-WAN : Masters, I wish to take Anakin Skywalker as my Padawan Learner.

MACE WINDU : Surprised You’ve not been a Knight for more than a few minutes, and already you’re seeking to take a student?

OBI-WAN : Master Windu, I gave Qui-Gon my word. I will train Anakin. Without the approval of the Council if I must.

MACE WINDU : Qui-Gon’s defiance you learned as well, I see. Looking to the others Fine, the council agrees. Young Skywalker will be your apprentice, but I must warn you, the Council sees grave danger in his training.

OBI-WAN : Thank you, my masters.

DARTH SIDIOUS and DARTH MAUL look out over the vast city

DARTH MAUL : I apologize, my Master, for not holding Alderaan from the Jedi.

DARTH SIDIOUS : Do not concern yourself with that, my apprentice. You acquitted yourself well against the Jedi, seven Jedi Knights it took to drive you from the field, and one of the most powerful Masters of the Order fell to your blade in the process. It is delightful news for your first challenge.

DARTH MAUL : Thank you, my Master.

DARTH SIDIOUS : Besides, the plan was never to give Alderaan to the Trade Federation, we merely needed the Jedi to act without authorization from the Senate, which they now have.

DARTH MAUL : Realization dawning on his face You mean to pit the Jedi against the Senate?

DARTH SIDIOUS : Smiling That is why I shall be Emperor, my Apprentice, because all are pawns for me to move as I see fit. Camera pulls away as DARTH SIDIOUS laughs ominously into the night

CHILDEREN SING and throw flowers on the passing SOLDIERS. The CROWDS CHEER. It is a grand parade. QUEEN AMIDALA stands next to the PADAWANS, ANAKIN, OBI-WAN, SIO BIBBLE, and the JEDI COUNCIL. ARTOO stands in front of the QUEEN’S HANDMAIDENS and whistles at the parade. QUEEN AMIDALA smiles to OBI- WAN but he avoids her gaze as ANAKIN thinks she smiling to him and smiles back. The SOLDIERS stop before the QUEEN and CAPTAIN PANAKA walks up the steps give her the Globe of Peace. QUEEN AMIDALA holds up the Globe of Peace. EVERYONE CHEERS. The parade marches on


End titles


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