Force Unbridled

Player's Interlude: HK-1040 Data Log 1


PROTOCOL PROGRAMMING***********************






DECLARATION: Master, We need to find a suitable spaceport. I’m in need of parts that I have yet to come across on this backward planet.

QUERY: Are we certain the meatbag i’m currently hunting down has not solidified by now. Would the meatbags’ firmness determine success? What level of firmness would?

AMENDMENT: Is there a meatbag you would like me to kill now master? My targeting systems need calibration.

Mountaintop Rescue Part 2
Chapter 1: The Force Awakens

The small form of the Chadra Fan crested the frosty hill, its taloned hand grasping for firm grip. With obvious strain, the childlike alien looped first one leg, then the other, onto the snow covered ledge before pulling itself up. Standing, its small chest rising and falling with exhaustion, he looked to the others he was climbing with. The two females, Lil and Tomo, were as different as they were common in species, with Lil being buxom and open, while Tomo was lithe and wiry, as if a coil ready to spring at any moment. The human male, Tam, had clearly seen better days, and seemed to forever be in slow motion. It struck V’brat, the Chadra Fan, that the Sakiyan, his skin ebony and without hair, should be far colder than he appeared to be. V’brat wondered if perhaps his species had some internal heating mechanism that the Chadra Fan lacked, because he was frackin’ cold. Down to his claw-ends cold. He looked over to the droid that accompanied Lil, an old model assassination droid designated HK-1040. He always liked droids, they appreciated his humor. “That’s it … I can’t climb these stupid cliffs anymore, and there’s nowhere to plug into the holonet, my life is at an end …”

HK-1040 had been monitoring the capabilities of the group for some time now. He had assessed a 97% probability that he could efficiently eliminate all of the other members of his traveling party (his Master included should it occur) and rescue this meatbag, “Hethan Romund,” personally without sustaining more than light damage. He had no interest in performing the calculated action (he had no “interest” in anything as his emotional response chips were off-line, but he enjoyed the nuance of the language) but he was programmed to explore all calculable options using the mission parameters. He was in the middle of calculating the chances that a rogue asteroid strike might derail the mission at a critical juncture when he caught the Chadra Fan staring at him again. This was 49th time that the rodent descended species had chosen to lock gazes with HK, and he wasn’t entirely sure if its intention was to assess the droid for spare parts or if there was a tendency for the species to be technophiles that was left out of the galactic genome reports. When he proclaimed his desire to be exsanguinated, HK could barely contain his elation (which is odd, as he was sure his emotion chip was off-line). “Exclamation; Wonderful! I would be happy to end your miserable existence, meatbag! You may remain still while I charge up my weapon, though I would much prefer you move as my targeting systems always require fine tuning!”

Lil wasn’t really paying attention, the adorable bat-child-thing was always complaining, and her murder-bot was always looking for a way to murder, well, anything … and between them and the ambiguously gay Sakiyan, she was pretty sure there wasn’t anything she really wanted to listen to anyway. She had originally thought that the other girl Hethan had taken in was going to be someone she could at least talk to, until she turned out to be a silent rage-y ball of violence. That left the creepy old dude or sticking to herself, and between those options – well, yea. She had to draw the line at letting HK take batboy up on suicide by droid though – mostly because she wasn’t sure that HK realized the Chadra Fan was joking, and she was very sure that HK wasn’t. “No one is killing anyone, HK. We’re almost at the top, I think this is the final ascent here.”

Tam Cameron had been in situations like this before, but those were days long gone. He had given up the days of rescuing innocents from the clutches of evil-doers when he had laid down his Lightsaber and taken up the plow. For the last thirty years he had lived the life of a farmer, missing the decline of the Republic, the Clone Wars, and the subsequent rise of the Empire while tilling fields on a planet so far from the Core Worlds that the Outer Rim was considered to be a bustling metropolis in comparison. He was content to live out the remainder of his days as village elder and farmer, too, if not for the greed of the Empire. It seems no world was safe from the evil this Emperor brought. He left his planet as its endless fields burned, all for harboring him. He couldn’t even be considered a Jedi, he wore the robes for less than a third of his life, forgetting most of what he learned in that short span. Regardless, if the Empire destroyed his world to prevent a Jedi from overthrowing the Empire, then that’s exactly what Tam was going to do. Looking about with the others, he saw no evidence of anything more than snow and trees into the distance in any direction. “Does anyone know what we’ll find once we make that ascent, Lil?”

Lil and HK were supposed to have met Hethan, she left instructions for Lil, but nothing that made any sense. “No, only that she was supposed to meet her contact but it went bad and she got kidnapped.”

The Sakiyan silently thanked the deities governing good fortune for packing that heavy insulated coat before coming here, and thanks to his background, he knew all of them. He’d been treasure hunting for his entire life, finding items of galactic antiquity and selling them for profit with his father. As he grew up, his father began to focus more and more on the Jedi, but it was always ancient alien deities and superstitions that D’Jrem liked the best. It was what brought him into dealing with Hethan Romund, for while she was focused on recovering ancient Jedi lore, her travels had given her a great appreciation for the various alien societies of the galaxy. “It’s strange, Spintir isn’t a significant Jedi world, nor does it have any legends or myths about the Force …. What could she possibly have wanted here?”

V’Brel, still warily eyeing the droid, had been thinking about that himself, the planet didn’t make sense with what Romund had told him of her being here. “All I know is her message stated that she had stumbled upon the most significant find of her career, and she wanted to share it with all her allies … that’s us.” In fact, she made it a point to have V’Brel slice the holonet to get into contact with all of the others. It was no small feat, finding ways to subtly ride the galactic network to send an encrypted to message to five different locations across the galaxy without anyone noticing. Of course, none of the others were going to pat him on the back about it, or even understand the sheer awesomeness of the action, but that’s okay, because V’Brel wasn’t in it for the accolades. He looked again to the assassin droid to make sure it wasn’t going to shoot him, and as he did, the head snapped around and regarded him in a very unsettling way.

The Chadra Fan was staring at him again. HK adjusted his photo-receptors and considered the implications the fleshling made regarding his association to the meatbag, “Hethan Romund.” He calculated a 100% probability that clarification was needed to prevent further misunderstanding. “Insulted; Speak for yourself, meatbag. I am only here because Master correlated a 97% chance that I would need to exterminate her enemies here, and I haven’t engaged in a good slaughter in 1,127.73 standard hours.” He was uncomfortable (if he could be uncomfortable, his emotion chip was deactivated of course) at the stares he received from the others. It occurred to him to inquire if his Master had come under biological attack as she and the others seemed to lose control over their bottom jaws, which now hung limply agape, but he was prevented from saying anything by the other female meatbag, who seemed immune to whatever was affecting the others.

Tomo Go Zen, mistress of blade and lady of protection, had only a single concern – the protection of her friend and ally Hethan Romund. For years she had known Hethan, and in that time had learned more of her natural abilities that ever she was taught by the masters of her village. As a sword saint, mastery of her fighting arts was tantamount to the safety of her village, and Hethan had shown her techniques from the long lost Jedi that had allowed her to protect her people better than ever. To think that she might fail in protecting Hethan … it was unacceptable. Beyond that, the thought that this soulless thing would be the one to avenge Hethan, when it cared for her less than it cared for violence in any form was too much. “You will need to beat my blade to the target, synthetic. Any who harmed my friend will feel its caress before the day is done.”

Rage-y ball of violence, Lil thought to herself. She wasn’t sure what worried her more, HK, who she was pretty sure was just programmed to be that way, or Tomo, who seemed to genuinely enjoy being that way. “I swear, there is something wrong with all of you …”

Upon the request, HK did a quick scan of his systems, though he already knew he was operating well under perfection. “Conciliatory; I am sorry Master, you are correct. My internal diagnostics system confirms that since my reawakening I am only operating at 47% maximum lethal efficiency.”

D’Jrem tried to stay optimistic. He didn’t really know the others very well, but he knew Hethan for over a decade, and if she trusted them, then he had no reason to doubt them. The fact they were all risking their lives for her was testament to her good judgment. “Well, father always said the best excursions were had at the behest of maniacs and zealots – looks like this is going to be a good one!”

A cold wind hit Tam from the direction of the ascent, and the feeling of evil unresolved returning took root in his gut. It was a feeling he hadn’t experienced since his days as a Jedi, and in some part of Tam, he realized his powers were reawakening. “I have a bad feeling about this …” he muttered.

Looking around, D’Jrem stared at the sparse plateau, snow drifts moving in the cold breeze, joined by falling snow from the evergreens that dotted the landscape. The area reminded him of the mountains on Alderaan, where in the heights of the peaks there denizens would take refuge in natural clefts in the rocks. You could spot them by following the wind, made visible thanks to the snow drifts, which would always betray the entrance points in the rocks by changing direction and dropping the snow into the crevasse. He looked about at the behavior of the drifts and noticed the same pattern as in the Alderaanian peaks. D’Jrem motioned the others to follow, and moved to follow the drifts. There, nestled into the recess of the mountain, was a series of old stone steps, carved from the rock face. They ascended through the rocks up to the top of the mountain, protected from sight and weather by the rocks and trees lining each side.

The trip didn’t take long, and having reached the top of the steep climb, the group paused for a moment to take in their surroundings. They had discussed during their ascent the strange formation of the stone stairs, having neither been carved out of, nor imbedded into the stone around it. Piecing together bits of knowledge from their travels and research, the group surmised that it fit with stories of ancient Jedi construction techniques, using the force to hone the rock formation instead of necessarily removing or adding to it. Instead, the Jedi would mold it with the Force to reflect the natural geological and erosion patterns of development in a radically reduced time frame. If that were the case, then this represented a find of significant importance, as it would indicate a Jedi site that had escaped registry on any record.

High in the slopes of Mount Tellec, the highest peak on Spintir, spread out before them was a tapestry of icy peaks, snow clad forests, and rolling hills. Above them sat the foreboding summit of the mountain, surrounded in mists and reachable only by passing through a densely wooded valley. To enter that valley, though they must pass through the gateway in front of them. Standing over fifty meters tall, two great stone walls grew from the natural walls of the cliff to form bulwark, separating the valley to the peak from the rest of the mountain. A passage, one person wide, sat beyond a small meeting area with a circular stone slab in the center. While shadowed without any artificial lighting, the passage revealed the pine valley beyond the other side, and as such carried a small natural lighting that illuminated its stone walls.

As the group moved towards the imposing passageway, the round Dias sprung to life, a soft blue glow erupting from its snow covered stone. The glow brightened and eventually grew to form the ghostly silhouette of a full size figure. The blurred edges slowly sharpened, and the apparition before the group soon coalesced into the shape of a Cerean male, clad in the simple robes of Jedi. “Hello,” the apparition smiled, “I am Gatekeeper here. Welcome to my valley. You handled the climb well, and I think you may be useful. First though, I must know: what is your purpose here?”

The group looked around at each other in surprise. This was about the last thing any of them expected, though all of them knew they shouldn’t be surprised at the appearance of a ghost – with one of Hethans explorations, nothing was out of the question. Lil was the first to recover, her bravado covering her insecurities and feelings of exposure.

“Exactly what in the hell are you?” Her hand crept towards her blaster, not that she expected it would do anything, but more to make her feel better.

“As I said,” the cyan apparition replied, “I am Gatekeeper of this Valley.”

The frustration on Lil’s face was immediately apparent, her cheeks flushing even brighter than the chill wind had made them. Tam sensed the boiling irritation, and tried his best to defuse the situation. “You appear to be a hologram of sort, is that correct?”

“Hologram, I suppose, is as good a descriptor as any.” The apparition shrugged slightly and reviewed himself, his translucent robes allowing view of the Chadra fan walking around it curiously. The small alien bent to inspect the dais upon which the holocron stood, and quickly looked frustrated.

“This is the most bizarre tech I’ve ever seen – it has no projector, yet it is definitely a hologram” V’Brel replied. “I don’t think I can slice its transmission, but I’d love to try…”

Tam considered it, and then moved to see what V’Brel was looking at. A memory, long forgotten stirred as he looked over the tech, and items he saw as a child in the Jedi Temple flashed to his memory. He studied the intricate workings as the others spoke to the Gatekeeper.

“We’re trying to rescue our friend. She’s been kidnapped. Do you know where she is?” Tomo inquired, annoyed with the pace (or lack thereof).

“I might. I know of a single female apart from your group. She has been taken by a servant of the Dark Side of the Force. I wish this villain removed, before his corruption of this sacred valley becomes permanent. The question is whether you are the people for the job.” The Gatekeeper regarded the group, their anger, impatience, and curiosity balanced by their desire to rescue their friend and something more that he couldn’t quite put into words.

“You sounds like a damn Jedi.” Lil muttered, the bitter tang of resentment in her voice. She hated the self-righteous jerks, partially for presuming to try and run the galaxy, but more for leaving it when the galaxy needed them the most.

“I thank you, as it is primary to my being, of a fashion at least,” the Gatekeeper mused, “though I suppose I am but a shell of my former self.”

“You said this was ‘Your valley’ – why don’t you get rid of this evil guy?” All in all, D’Jrem felt it was a fair question, if he was the owner after all, he couldn’t very well take any of the heirlooms sure to be here out of the Valley, and that got rid of most of the reason he was here in the first place … well, after the rescue of Hethan of course.

“Calling it ‘my’ valley is a trifle prideful, and speaks of inappropriate attachment. Still, it is the place in which I dwell, and I feel protective of the valley and its inhabitants. I have no desire for the dark side to take root here.” The Gatekeeper turned to look at Tam, who seemed at this point to have put together something in his mind, and was staring in shock at the dais on which the Gatekeeper ‘stood.’

“So you can see everything happening in the Valley, right? Go anywhere you want?” Lil was suspicious of exactly what this thing was, and how it was going to inevitably screw her over later.

“No.” It was a simple answer, and one that Lil wasn’t expecting. Those were two things that drove her insane.

“Then how did you know all the stuff you’ve been shoveling us then?” The edge in her voice was one that a daughter who was just grounded on prom night might give her father.

“I am able to view a great many things in the Valley, though I by no means can be omnipresent. I can project myself to numerous locations, though not all.” The apparition shrugged as if to accentuate his limitations. Tam stood up and regarded the others.

“If one of you would give me your comlink, I could convert it to allow the Gatekeeper to access it. The dais here what allows him to speak and project an appearance from whatever base location he might be in, but the comlink could at least allow him to talk to use over our channel. Accessing comlink channels isn’t something the dais was designed to do, hence the need for the parts from the comlink to upgrade it.” Tam regarded the ancient tech with a level of respect he couldn’t put into words. This dais used technology that predated the Galactic Republic, maybe even the Old Republic! D’Jrem quickly handed over his comlink, and a few minutes later, Tam had installed the necessary components to update the Gatekeepers abilities.

Lil looked dubiously at the glowing figure of the Gatekeeper. “So now you’ll be able to give us updates?”

The Gatekeeper nodded and spoke through the groups’ comlinks, “The device seems to be working, so that should be within my capabilities now.”

Lil scoffed at the hologram’s pretentious display, “Great, now I’ll never get away from him. What does the big baddie want with Hethan anyway? And who the hell is this guy?”

“I believe he wishes her to reveal the secrets of the Temple. A useless gesture, as she doesn’t know any secrets of the Temple, but nonetheless, it seems to be his intent. I do not know his name, any more than I know any of your names.” The Gatekeeper regarded the group expectantly.

Lil continued without acknowledging the prompt, an action that caused the Gatekeeper to shake his head in what almost appeared to be frustration. “Fine, so what can we expect to face us in this Valley of yours?”

Sighing in an action that was obvious for thematic effect more than a need for oxygen, the Gatekeeper responded, “Well, with the Temple out of balance, the locals have become extremely hostile. I will not be able to prevent them from attacking you. There are also environmental hazards, but that you managed to climb up here, I don’t imagine they will pose a significant threat.”

“Then I guess we move on.” Though Lil voiced the sentiment, it was apparent by the groups’ slow motion towards the large granite walls that they all felt the same. Moving into the large hallway that led to the Valley beyond, they took a moment to regard the sheer scale of the ruins they were in. The columns that served as the entrance to the valley capped walls that were carved from the cliffs themselves, and extended for meters before opening into the valley beyond. The stonework was gorgeous, the work of artisans that possessed a mastery of their profession.

Emerging one by one from the long hallway, the group found that the cliffs open into a spacious idyllic valley. Foaming waterfalls and lush forest framed a steadily rising path that headed into the mountain beyond, with the final peak of Mount Tellec rising into the clouds in the distance. Cradled at the base, barely visible, appeared a structure carved from the rock of the peak itself – this must be the Temple the Gatekeeper spoke of. The group moved forward as if caught in a trance of the beauty of the valley, lost in the ancient beauty of the woods. The snow settled in patches, and the evergreens that dominated the valley yielded to gold and red deciduous trees in areas. The combination made for a strange mix of fall and winter that defied the altitude.

The crackle of the comlinks heralded the voice of the Gatekeeper and interrupted the idyllic calm of the journey. “A group of hunters now approach your position, their minds clouded by the dark side. Even if you evade them now, they will continue to hunt you, and they will find you. I will lead them to a ruin not far from the lake. You can conceal yourselves and strike from ambush. I would take it as a kindness if you would leave at least some of them alive. Go quickly now, we have only moments.”

The group raced to set up their ambush of the hunters, D’Jrem taking a sniping post in the trees, while the rest took to various bushes and blind spots around the ruins. Not long after they achieved position, the hunters arrived. Seven rough, primitive hunters wearing pelts and furs made their way warily into the clearing. It was obvious from their matted hair and the frost in their beards that they had been in the valley for some time. Savage looking slugthrower rifles, adorned with bones, small skulls and claws, were gripped tight in their white knuckled hands.

Tomo the first to move, her charge heralded by a shout to focus her strike, her vibrosword following behind her as she moved. When she finally neared the first hunter, who was given pause by the speed and tenacity of the charge, she brought the sword around in wide arc, catching the hunter just above the hip and continuing the swing up through the ribs on the opposite side. The hunter cried in pain, quickly turning to a gurgle, and dropped to his knees, staring down at himself in shock. Before the hunters could react, HK-1040 emerged from behind a ruined column and held his arm out towards the hunters. Flaps popped open on his forearm and from a concealed recess inside, a small blaster barrel emerged, firing shot after shot at the incoming hunters, dropping another even as he raised the slugthrower to take aim at Tomo.

Recovering from their shock, the hunters returned fire, the hardened rounds hitting the assassin droid square in the chest and shoulders. Slug after slug struck the droid, tearing at his plating and ripping exposed wiring. Another shot flew past Tomo, the sword saint nimbly sidestepping the shot as she began to move towards another hunter. The natives adjusted, tracking targets and trying to keep clear firing lanes as Lil, Tam and V’brat emerged from their hiding spots and launched shots into the hunters. Finally, D’Jrem fired into fray, his blaster rifle striking a hunter in the thigh, forcing his shot at Lil to go wide. As Tomo continued to wade through the hunters, too close for them to use the long barreled rifles for anything other than parrying, those disengaged from her continued their torrent of fire onto HK, the rain of slugs tearing a gash in his chest plating. As the droid fell in a shower of sparks, Tomo and the other dropped the last of the hunters still fighting. The wounded hunter, seeing his allies slain, and, whooping and shrieking, took off as fast as he could into the trees, firing wildly behind him.

Emerging from his perch, D’Jrem looked to the others as they regarded the downed HK. “I’ll go after him, I’m the best tracker we have anyway. See to the droid,” and bounded into the brush after the hunter.

Mountaintop Rescue
Mountaintop Rescue Part 1



Episode 3 Finale
Revenge of the Sith Finale


ANAKIN emerges from his shuttle and makes his way to the collapsed CENTRAL COMMAND CHAMBER


ANAKIN looks around at the destruction, horrified. He uses the FORCE to throw rocks about trying to dig through rubble for PADME’s body, but instead finds GRIEVOUS.

Overcome with anguish, the emotions of losing Padme, of being expelled from the order, and the loss of essentially his entire life, overwhelms him. He uses the FORCE to rip the remains of Grievous apart, cybernetic and organic pieces flying away. OBI-WAN KENOBI enters the frame behind him

OBI-WAN : aghast Anakin?

ANAKIN : spinning to confront OBI-WAN She’s dead! Padme … she’s dead.

OBI-WAN : shaking his head No, Anakin, she’s not she’s …

ANAKIN : obsessed, and interrupting OBI-WAN he grabs his lapels WHERE IS SHE!?!?

OBI-WAN : hesitating, not sure how to react Anakin, get a hold of yourself. I’m not going to expose her to you when you’re out of control!

ANAKIN : remembering what Palpatine told him, Anakin goes from hurt, to betrayed, to angry in moments So, the truth finally reveals itself, my dear friend

OBI-WAN : confused Anakin, what are talking about?

ANAKIN : lashing You’re intimidated by my power. That’s why you set me up to be expelled from the Jedi order!

OBI-WAN : offended That’s ridiculous! You were expelled because you gave into anger and hate. You betrayed what it means to be a Jedi and embraced the Dark Side!

ANAKIN : It’s not ridiculous. For the first time I see. You thought I’d be blind to this sort of manipulation, but now, nobody’s my master. My anger has set me free. Now get … out … of my way.

ANAKIN reaches out with the FORCE and grabs a lightsaber from GRIEVOUS’ collection, igniting it.

OBI-WAN, shaken and stunned ignites his own.

ANAKIN lashes out at OBI-WAN, and they begin a ferocious sword fight. ANAKIN throws CONTAINERS at OBI-WAN using the Force. They work their way from the wreckage and into the main entry hallway. ANAKIN kicks OBI-WAN, and OBI-WAN drops to a lower level.


SUPREME CHANCELLOR PALPATINE, YULAREN, and TARKIN stand at the holo-table, the CHANCELLOR’S GUARDS stand guard at the door

PALPATINE : Looking up and into the distance, sensing ANAKIN’s feelings Captain Tarkin, I leave the rest to you and Commander Yularen. I have business I must attend to, immediately.

TARKIN : Of course, Supreme Chancellor. PALAPTINE exits


ANAKIN and OBI-WAN move their fight toward the main control center. As the laser swords fly, bits of the hallway are cut up. OBI-WAN and ANAKIN jump and use every trick in the Jedi book.

View screens EXPLODE around ANAKIN and OBI-WAN as they work their way into the Control Room. The fighting is intense. OBI-WAN is on the defensive as he jumps up on the table view screen in the center of the room.

ANAKIN: Don’t make me destroy you, Obi-Wan. You’re no match for my power.

OBI-WAN: I’ve heard that before, Anakin . . . but I never thought I’d hear it from you.

ANAKIN forces OBI-WAN back into the Conference Room where the quarters are much closer. Sparks fly everywhere. ANAKIN jumps onto the conference table. OBI-WAN slides across the table, knocking ANAKIN over. OBI-WAN grabs ANAKIN’s lightsaber as he falls. OBI-WAN uses the Force to summon his dropped lightsaber. ANAKIN does the same. The battle intensifies.

OBI-WAN: (continuing) The flaw of power is arrogance.

OBI-WAN stands looking at his former apprentice for a moment.

ANAKIN: You hesitate . . . the flaw of compassion.

OBI-WAN and ANAKIN lock sabers. OBI-WAN puts out his hand to use the Force to push ANAKIN away. ANAKIN puts out his hand to block OBI-WAN. Both combatants are blasted backwards onto the control panels. They regain their footing and the battle continues. ANAKIN kicks OBI-WAN away. They battle around the room, and eventually the door to the exterior is knocked open. They continue battling out onto the balcony.


ANAKIN forces OBI-WAN down a narrow balcony outside the Control Room. He rips objects off the wall and throws them at OBI-WAN as he pushes him further and further along the walkway. The balcony ends, and OBI-WAN is trapped. He looks over the balcony and into a river of lava.

ANAKIN cuts apiece of the balcony railing off, along with a control panel.

ALARMS SOUND, and a protective ray shield around the superstructure disappears. It tumbles into the molten abyss, disappearing in a puff of smoke. A small pipe connects the Control Center to the Main Collection Plant. OBI-WAN has no choice but to tightrope-walk out across the lava river while fighting ANAKIN.


ANAKIN, following OBI-WAN, jumps down onto the flexing pipe, lands, and resumes fighting.


OBI-WAN and ANAKIN work their way across the small pipe, fighting ferociously as they go. OBI-WAN slips, throws his lightsaber up in the air, grabs on to the pipe, swings around, grabs on to an upper pipe, retrieves his lightsaber, and lands back on the original pipe. They continue to fight across the pipe until they reach the Main Collection Plant.


OBI-WAN and ANAKIN battle on the top of the multispired collection panels, jumping from one to the other. At the end of the collection cluster, a huge spray of lava covers the attachments that hold up the collectors. The frame begins to melt. It’s raining lava. Both ANAKIN and OBI-WAN run for cover under the collection cluster. They continue to fight in the lava rain, darting from cover to attack, then quickly retreating to cover.
Support for the entire structure begins to fall away, and the collection cluster falls into the lava river. The Jedi continue their fight, climbing to the highest point on the tower as the rest begins to melt away as it rides the swift current down the river. It bends toward the lava as they get out toward the end. The fighting gets fierce. OBI-WAN gets to the end and is trapped. The tower slowly starts to sink under the lava.

OBI-WAN: I was the naïve one after all, I have failed you, Anakin. I was never able to teach you to think.

OBI-WAN realizes he is getting very close to the edge of the lava falls, but sees that ANAKIN is far closer, he leaps to the nearby shoreline

ANAKIN: My reasoning is fine, that’s why the Chancellor chose me over a Jedi to lead.

OBI-WAN: He’s the Sith!!! Anakin, Chancellor Palpatine is evil.

ANAKIN: Chancellor Palpatine is better friend to me that you ever were. He never abandoned me like the Jedi did. He would never discard me when my purpose was served as the Council did.

OBI-WAN: If you believe that then you are lost!

ANAKIN: Then I am lost! If Palpatine was a Sith, then the Sith have been truer to me than the Jedi, and my place is with them. This is the end for you, My Master. I wish it were otherwise.

OBI-WAN: It’s over, Anakin. I have the high ground.

ANAKIN: You underestimate my power!

OBI-WAN: Don’t try it.

ANAKIN follows, and OBI-WAN cuts his young apprentice at the knees, then cuts off his left arm in the blink of an eye. ANAKIN tumbles down the embankment and rolls to a stop near the edge of the lava.

ANAKIN struggles to pull himself up the embankment with his mechanical hand. His thin leather glove has been burned off. He keeps sliding down in the black sand.

ANAKIN: I hate you!

OBI-WAN: You were my brother, Anakin. I loved you.

ANAKIN’S clothing blows into the lava river and ignites. Suddenly ANAKIN bursts into flames and starts SCREAMING. OBI-WAN turns to leave, but finds DARTH SIDIOUS barring his path, his GUARDS beside him

SIDIOUS : Pathetic. Captain, get the Defense Councilor to my shuttle. I will deal with this traitor to the Republic.

OBI-WAN : Hello, Chancellor, or should I say, Darth Sidious. That is your true name, is it not?

SIDIOUS : Revealed at last. Once you are dead, the last of the Jedi will be gone. When he is healed, my new apprentice, Darth Vader, will hunt those cowards that turned their backs on your Order and their sarcastically beloved Republic. Together, we will wipe away the last traces of your Order and the Republic, and rule the galaxy as the first Galactic Empire with me as its Emperor!

OBI-WAN : You’re wrong, sarcastically your highness, I’m going to stop you here and now, an ignominious end to an imaginary Empire. igniting his lightsaber

SIDIOUS : So be it, Jedi. cackling, he raises his hands and a torrent of lightning explodes from his fingertips

OBI-WAN attempts to deflect the blasts, but the lightning coils around the blade, burning holes in his robes and scarring his Jedi armor. As OBI-WAN buckles under the onslaught, SIDIOUS pushes his hands outward, and OBI-WAN is backed to a ledge, seeing he has no chance of winning, OBI-WAN leaps off the edge. PALPATINE moves to the edge, but can’t find a trace of the Jedi. He snarls and retreats towards the shuttle. CUT TO:


OBI-WAN descends through wreckage to arrive at the hanger, looking for a means off world. He finds a shuttle still resting there, with OWEN and PADME waiting outside. He runs to meet them

PADME : Obi-Wan! You’re safe!

OBI-WAN : crestfallen Yes, but what are you doing here? I told you to get back to the fleet?

PADME : Bail took the others to the fleet, Owen and I waited here for you. When the bombardment started, we took cover.

OWEN : Only recently did I finish fixing the damage done to this old Separatist bird here.

OBI-WAN : thinking Then Bail and the others surely think you are dead.

PADME : smiling I’m certain of it, I guess it’s going to be another miraculous survival I’ll have to live down.

OBI-WAN : grimly Not this time, I’m afraid, Padme.

PADME : looking worried and stepping back What do you mean, Obi-Wan? WIPE TO


The REPUBLIC FLEET hangs in orbit above MUSTAFAR. A lone SEPARATIST SHIP appears from the planet, heading straight towards them. CUT TO


The CLONE RADAR OPERATOR sits watching his viewscreen, a CLONE OFFICER beside him

RADAR OPERATOR : turning to the OFFICER Sir, a single Separatist ship is trying to run the blockade.

CLONE OFFICER : Launch the Ready-1 fighters. Clear my skies, Lieutenant.



The REPUBLIC STAR DESTROYER launches REPUBLIC STARFIGHTERS at the SEPARATIST SHIP. A chase ensues, the REPUBLIC STARFIGHTERS firing blast after blast, but the SEPARATIST SHIP is too nimble. After a few thrilling maneuvers, the SEPARATIST SHIP launches into hyperspace. CUT TO


PADME sits with OBI-WAN, comforting him and listening to his tale

OBI-WAN : It was then that Grievous fell, and I saw the face of the Sith Lord, Sidious. It was Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.

PADME : I can’t believe he’s been able to manipulate the Republic and the Separatists into this conflict. Why?

OBI-WAN : The Sith wish for nothing more than the destruction of their ancient enemy, the Jedi and the Republic we stood for. It was the Republic that ended their Empire, and they want nothing more than to see it fall in return.

OWEN enters the room from the bridge access

OWEN : Well, the Republic fighters are long behind us. We’re safely in hyperspace, but where exactly are we going?

OBI-WAN : I’m not sure, but the galaxy at large needs to believe we all died on Mustafar.

PADME : I can’t do that to Bail and Anakin, Obi-Wan. Together we can overthrow the Supreme Chancellor.

OBI-WAN : head hanging low Padme, Anakin is …

PADME : terrified Obi-Wan, what is it. What happened to Anakin?

OBI-WAN : resigning himself to a lie Anakin was killed, by Palpatine’s new apprentice. A Jedi who betrayed us on Mustafar.

PADME : gasping, tears coming to her eyes No. I can’t believe it.

OBI-WAN : placing a caring hand on her shoulder I know his loss is difficult.

PADME : shaking her head It’s more than that. I never had a chance to tell him.

OBI-WAN : confused Tell him what?

PADME : looking up I’m pregnant with our child. CUT TO:


The camera rests on the idyllic world of ALDERAAN shrouded in night. CUT TO:


OWEN, PADME, OBI-WAN and BAIL are discussing what is to become of the child of PADME and ANAKIN

PADME : shaking her head Of course I want to raise it. I know the dangers of what will happen if the Supreme Chancellor discovers it, but he represents the next King of Alderaan. The Chancellor would never be able to get to him, even if he does declare himself a sovereign Emperor.

OBI-WAN : thoughtfully Anakin was incredibly gifted, his son will be more so. If he were to be trained as a Jedi, he could have the strength needed to defeat the Emperor and his apprentice. pleading to PADME I implore you, Padme, let me raise him in secret. Train him from the beginning, he could right the wrongs of this galaxy!

OWEN : previously standing in the background, OWEN loses it By the twin suns of Tattooine, neither of you are fit to raise a damn child! Just look at what happened to Anakin the second he got around you two! turning to PADME You with your politics, procedures and halls of influence, looking cruelly at Obi-Wan and you, with your crazy space wizardry. It was you two who drove him down this dark path towards craving power. He did it because he didn’t ever know what other path there was! Neither of you saw the truth.

OBI-WAN : rising to the bait What ‘truth’?

OWEN : pleading as a great a weight hits him That he was just a man. Not a Jedi, not a consort to a Queen. A man. Simple and flawed.

OBI-WAN and PADME stand shocked, the reality of their failures hitting them. OWEN walks over to PADME and reaches out to her, placing a care giving hand on each of her shoulders and looks her in the eyes

OWEN : (continuing) Give me the child. Let me raise it as a good boy, a simple boy. Let me show him that there is more to the galaxy than Wizards and Emperors, and I’ll make sure it’s never exposed to any of this.

PADME stands back from him and OBI-WAN comes up behind her, placing and arm around her and drawing her to his side. PADME looks to him, and sees the same painful realization in his eyes as she feels. MUSIC SWELLS as we CUT TO


Confetti and fireworks show a grand parade and celebrations as the CAMERA TRUCKS LEFT along the celebration and ORBITS to show a podium platform in front of the FORMER JEDI TEMPLE. PALPAINE stands at the podium addressing the crowd, with DARTH VADER to his right and MOFF TARKIN to his left, wearing a new IMPERIAL uniform. A line of ROYAL GUARDS stand in a row along the entire front of the FORMER JEDI TEMPLE

PALPATINE : raised hands … and with the end of the Separatist threat, and the victory of the Clone Wars, I decree the birth of the first Galactic Empire!

banners roll down from the tops of the FORMER JEDI TEMPLE, now the IMPERIAL CENTER, they show the flag of the EMPIRE to the cheers of the crowd

PALPATINE : (continuing) As the Emperor of this grand Empire, I unite the lost worlds of the Separatists and the faithful planets of the Republic into a new, unified body. The future shall see this day as the moment that order was brought to the galaxy! more cheers, CUT TO


PADME, dressed in the simple garb of a handmaiden, rocks a child as a somber OBI-WAN stands in the background

OBI-WAN : sadly Padme, it’s time, I must be going.

PADME nods, tears streaking down her face. CUT TO


OBI-WAN takes the BABY toward AUNT BERU, who walks over to greet him. They talk for a moment, and OBI-WAN turns the baby over to the young homesteader. AUNT BERU walks to UNCLE OWEN who is standing on the ridge near the homestead. OBI-WAN leaves as OWEN, BERU, and the BABY watch the twin suns set. IRIS OUT


Episode 3 Part 4
Revenge of the Sith Part 4


A unique building with it tall spires stands out against the Coruscant skyline. The Coruscant sun is setting behind the vast temple


ANAKIN stands in a tall stately room. Six JEDI sit in a semi-circle. The Senior Jedi is MACE WINDU. To his left is an alien Jedi named KI-ADI-MUNDI, and to his right, Jedi Master OBI-WAN KENOBI. KENOBI is speaking, while ANAKIN hangs his head.

OBI-WAN : (continuing) and that was when we hatched the plan. Count Dooku would voluntarily join the Sith in order to ferret out the true identity of the Sith. For the last three years he has been coordinating with me to amass evidence and reveal the identity of the Sith Lord.

MACE WINDU : All of the actions he has taken against the Republic?

OBI-WAN : Most where plans that he was included from by his master, a Sith named Sidious, though he had up to this point not uncovered the true identity of him. Others were legitimate operations of the Separatist military commander, General Grievous. Apart from that, he only ever engaged in diplomatic missions, continuing his actions as a Separatist diplomat.

KI ADI MUNDI : You said, “Up to that point” something had changed?

OBI-WAN : I believe so, yes. During our fight, he suggested to me he be disarmed and taken prisoner. This was our extraction plan from the very beginning. We had developed a taunt that he would use when he had the information and was ready for extraction. He used it during our battle.

SHAAK TI : What happened then, Master Kenobi?

OBI-WAN : looking down and with a sidelong glance at ANAKIN I’m not sure. I was knocked unconscious. the remaining council members look to ANAKIN

MACE WINDU : Skywalker? Can you fill us in from there?

ANAKIN : obviously pained and ashamed Master Kenobi took Dooku’s hand and he dropped to his knees. Chancellor Palpatine passed judgement on him and condemned him to death. Obi-Wan tried to stop me but … I killed him. the COUNCIL gasps in shock, all except for MACE WINDU, who merely lowers his head as if his suspicions were cemented

MACE WINDU : Anakin, the Chancellor is not the Courts. He’s not able to pass judgement such as that. He’s the leader of the Senate, not a King. Now, Kenobi said he was unconscious during this time, how did that come to pass if he had disarmed Dooku and arranged his surrender already?

ANAKIN : wincing at the question Because I knocked him out when he tried to stop me. the COUNCIL lowers their heads in shock, looking up to OBI-WAN, who leans deeply into his seat, morose, they then look to each other, and finally nod to MACE WINDU

MACE WINDU : Anakin Skywalker, it is the decision of this Council that you have acted irrevocably with the Dark Side. The farce that was your training as a Jedi has failed, and you are stripped of your title, and expelled from the Jedi Order. ANAKIN looks up, color drained from his face, OBI-WAN closes his eyes, pained Master Kenobi, please collect your former padawan’s lightsaber.

OBI-WAN, powerless to stop the events before him, stands and walks to ANAKIN, a tear in his eyes. He places a comforting hand on ANAKIN’s shoulder, but sees that there is nothing in ANAKIN’s eyes. ANAKIN, lost and confused, takes his lightsaber and, after looking at it a moment, hands it to OBI-WAN before turning and leaving. OBI-WAN stares at the weapon as we FADE TO:


ANAKIN exits the chambers into an elegant but austere room. This is the same room that PALPATINE first met ANAKIN and OBI-WAN in those many years ago, and now PALPATINE waits not for Obi-Wan, but instead Anakin. As ANAKIN wanders, lost and defeated, PALPATINE seeing him, smiles and moves to him placing a hand on his shoulder.

PALPATINE : My boy, I am so very proud of you!

ANAKIN : stunned and lost What?

PALPATINE : When you killed that savage, you showed the Separatists that the Republic will not stand for anarchy.

ANAKIN : What I did was wrong. It was the Dark Side.

PALPATINE : taken aback Well, Anakin, I’m no expert on the Dark Side, but I can tell you that what you did was nothing more than deliver justice.

ANAKIN : looking up, confused I killed an unarmed prisoner.

PALPATINE : Did you? He was a Sith, with the mighty power of the Force at his command. You killed him without your lightsaber, did you not? Is one able to manipulate the Force ever truly ‘unarmed?’

ANAKIN : looking away, considering I guess not.

PALPATINE : smiling You see? looking suddenly concerned at seeing he wore no weapon Speaking of which, I see you are without your lightsaber. What happened to it?

ANAKIN : struck again with pain and sadness They took it. I have been expelled from the Order.

PALPATINE : shocked Why would they do such a thing?

ANAKIN : Count Dooku was a spy. He and Obi-Wan have been tracking the identity of the final Sith Lord, Darth Sidious. Dooku knew who he was, and had given Obi-Wan a code word to extract him. I … I botched the extraction.

PALPATINE : That’s ridiculous. It wasn’t your fault.

ANAKIN : looking up, angry I killed him with my bare hands! I choked him to death! I did the bidding of the Dark Side!

PALPATINE : smiling, for reasons entirely different than the audience thinks Don’t be silly, would you have killed him if you knew he was a spy with this vital information?

ANAKIN : shocked Of course not!

PALPATINE : his smile fading and a serious expression overtaking it So then it was Obi-Wan who is to blame.

ANAKIN : confused What?

PALPATINE : If Obi-Wan, who has claimed to be your closest friend for these many years, had simply trusted you with this information, you would have known not to kill him.

ANAKIN : looking down Possibly.

PALPATINE : frowning Imagine, he has known Dooku’s true loyalties all these years. All the times you have faced him, Obi-Wan knew he wasn’t really in league with the Separatists, and not once did he think to inform his closest friend, or … perhaps it was Dooku who was truly his closest friend after all.

ANAKIN : a hint of anger at the thought flashes through his eyes What do you mean?

PALPATINE : shrugging and turning from ANAKIN I was just thinking. If Obi-Wan and Dooku had been speaking all these years through clandestine means. Perhaps Dooku’s barbs to Obi-Wan during the fighting were more than mere taunts. Perhaps they had enough truth to them because of things that Obi-Wan had confided to him.

ANAKIN : fists tightening You mean about him worried I would eventually be his master?

PALPATINE : Exactly. If it were true, and he was truly jealous of you and what you had, wouldn’t it make sense to take it from you?

ANAKIN : fighting the desire to believe in such a betrayal I don’t know.

PALPATINE : seeing the conflict, but setting up the final blow Well, it’s a theory. I suppose we’ll only know for sure if he tries to take Padme from you.

ANAKIN : lashing He would never do that.

PALPATINE : smiling Of course not, it’s unthinkable … unless what I said was true. Regardless, I can ease the damage that was done to you.

ANAKIN : How would you do that?

PALPATINE : Well, the position of Defense Councilor has stood vacant this whole time since I took the duties of Supreme Chancellor. Truthfully, I hadn’t ever found a proper candidate to replace me, and the Jedi are of course barred from serving a political office. However it seems the Jedi have seen fit to correct that problem for me.

ANAKIN : surprised You mean?

PALPATINE : Yes, Anakin. You are a brilliant tactician, planning all of the most successful operations of this war. As Defense Councilor you would serve as my right hand, my mailed fist, in this conflict against the Separatists. More importantly, you would be in charge of the Jedi. smiling with a hint of his evil nature You would their Master, now.

ANAKIN : kneeling in respect I’m honored, Chancellor.

PALPATINE : Good, then I shall make it known to the Council and the Senate. Rise as my hand, the enforcer of my might. ANAKIN rises, still thinking he is doing good, but trapped on a very different course Your first course of action needs to be to plan a rescue operation to recover the kidnapped Senators.

ANAKIN : nodding Of course, Supreme Chancellor.

PALPATINE : smiling You will have all of the Intelligence that the Grand Army can muster, all of our resources are now yours to access and manipulate. The most recent reports state that after the battle on Coruscant the Separatist retreated to their fortress world of Mustafar with the Senators. looking sympathetic, PALPATINE places a comforting shoulder on ANAKIN Your wife Padme and friend Owen are with them.


GENERAL GRIEVOUS stands in front of PADME, BAIL, OWEN and the SENATORS taken from CORUSCANT who are all bound. He is flanked by BATTLE DROIDS.

PADME : defiant General Grievous, you must realize that the Senate will not sit still for this. When they realize that you’ve kidnapped the royal Queen of Alderaan …

GRIEVOUS : interrupting Don’t play games with me, Your Highness. The Senate cares very little for the likes of you, only the Chancellor had any real value.

PADME : I don’t know what you’re talking about. If you end hostilities now the Republic would offer fairs terms for all prisoners of war.

GRIEVOUS : laughing I see no prisoners here, Your highness, only criminal awaiting execution. Take them away!

The CAPTIVES are marched from the landing platform by the BATTLE DROIDS. CUT TO:


WIDE SHOT to show the damage from the earlier battle being repaired. ZOOM to focus on a tall spire that juts from the top of the large dome of the SENATE TOWER. CUT TO:


DEFENSE COUNCILOR SKYWALKER heads a strategic planning session. He stands at the front a large holo-projector. CHANCELLOR PALPATINE is to his right, CAPTAIN REX to his left. Across from him is MACE WINDU. To MACE’s left is YODA, and OBI-WAN is to his right.

ANAKIN : Captain Rex and the rest of the 501st will then strike the Command Center here pointing to a place on the map and here. pointing to another Elements of the 212 and 342nd will shore up points here.

MACE : shaking his head That’s far too aggressive an assault. Those forces are far too large to enter without alerting the Separatists, and if alerted, the resistance would be overwhelming. Especially with only a single Jedi leading them.

ANAKIN : looking stressed and worried Time isn’t on our side. Grievous at any point could choose to kill the senators.

MACE : looking frustrated And that would be a tragedy, but the point of this operation is to crush the Separatist Army, and save the Senators if possible. Not the other way around.

ANAKIN : shutting down and growing cold You see the Jedi as our greatest strength in that then?

MACE : placing a hand on his chin Well, we’d stand a much better chance of penetrating the droid lines. Possibly taking a shot at the command controls for the rest of the droid army.

ANAKIN : bitterly Fine then. The Jedi will strike the center line of the Droids and forces of the 501st, 212th and 342nd will back them up from an auxiliary position. The Jedi will assault en masse at this point ANAKIN brings up the main gates to the gasps of all that are in attendance. MACE WINDU glares at ANAKIN, who meets his gaze with a smug self-satisfaction Once your Jedi break the front gates, we would have the fastest access to the both the droid controls and the prisoners, would we not, sarcastically adding Master Jedi?

PALPATINE smiles at the suggestion, and nods to ANAKIN for his play. YODA looks concerned, and casts a gaze at PALPATINE, who looks evenly at him, his smile not fading.

MACE : evenly, clearly unhappy but unable to back down now If we were to take down the gates, sure, but that would require the entire Order to be fielded in battle, every Jedi that can fight would have to be there.

ANAKIN looks as if to back down at the thought, but PALPATINE places a hand on ANAKIN’s shoulder, showing his support and lending confidence to the weakening ANAKIN. ANAKIN at this steels himself and pushes forward

ANAKIN : upping the ante Good, it’s settled then. The entire Order will assault the main gates, while our forces protect the flanks and provide long range support.

YODA looks to PALPATINE, who is pleased and smiling. Realization at PALPATINE’s manipulation of ANAKIN crosses YODA’s face, and PALPATINE subtly nods to confirm his suspicions. It becomes clear that PALPATINE’s manipulations run deep, and YODA finally puts all the pieces into place. He looks to the CORSUCANT GUARDS that protect PALAPATINE, and understands the political ramifications of acting. Instead, his shoulders sag and he realizes the JEDI have already lost. PALPATINE’s smile widens as we WIPE TO


YODA and OBI-WAN sit legs akimbo on meditation couches

YODA : Many Jedi, myself included, agree with this battle plan not.

OBI-WAN : I’m not a fan either, but Mace Windu is the senior Council member, and our chief strategist. If he deems this mission winnable, we must attempt it.

YODA : closing his eyes and shaking his head More here at play, there is.

OBI-WAN : What do you mean, Master?

YODA : opening his eyes, he seems overtaken with a great weight The Dark Side it is. Powerful has it become, survive, the Jedi Order will not.

OBI-WAN : disbelief shows in his surprised expression You can’t seriously believe the Sith have won?

YODA : looking sadly at OBI-WAN The future is not a game to be won or lost. Forever will the Force ebb and flow. Periods of Light there will be, balanced by times of Darkness. The way of things, it is.

OBI-WAN : looking down in thought You believe times are changing to the darkness…

YODA : A schism within the Order there is. Ready to leave, many Jedi are. Others, warriors they have become, Jedi they are no longer.

OBI-WAN : I’ve heard that many of the old guard have voiced their opposition. They intend to relinquish their titles and join the Lost Twenty. I hadn’t realized it until just now, but there aren’t that many of the old guard left. It hardly mattered in the number of our forces for the battle.

YODA : nodding Grown accustomed to war, the younger ones have. An order of warriors, this new Jedi Order has become. Why I too leave, it is.

OBI-WAN : shocked You, Master?

YODA : Old am I, remember a time when Jedi were peaceful, I do. Time for that, it is no longer. staring intently at OBI-WAN Remember you must, Obi-Wan, that although darkness will descend, to the future the balance belongs. Not our fight it is, to bring back the Light. Endure the darkness, our only concern.

OBI-WAN : I don’t understand, Master.

YODA : Reveal more to you I cannot, the truth of things you must find out on your own. Go into hermitage now I will, guide those Jedi who have left. To you I trust, the guidance of those who remain. In time, the way forward will be revealed. standing, he prepares to leave

OBI-WAN : How will I contact you?

YODA : Through the Force, things you will see. Through it, communicate we can. Instruct you I will. Fare well, Master Obi-Wan.

OBI-WAN : Goodbye, Master Yoda.

YODA exits the chamber, leaving OBI-WAN to consider his words. CUT TO:


The massed SEPARATIST FLEET sits in orbit above the planet. As the camera ZOOMS OUT, we see the REPUBLIC FLEET appear out of hyperspace. CUT TO:


DEFENSE COUNCILOR SKYWALKER stands at the head of a holo-table. CHANCELLOR PALPATINE, WULF YULAREN, and CAPTAIN TARKIN stand around the table with him. CLONE CREWMAN scatter about their business as the CHANCELLOR GUARDS stand at attention by the door

ANAKIN : All ships, engage the Separatist fleet and begin launching the dropships. CUT TO


As the REPUBLIC FLEET begins firing at the SEPARATISTS, hundreds of REPUBLIC TRANSPORTS launch and race to the planet below. CUT TO:


As the camera DOLLY’s into the atmosphere of MUSTAFAR following the craft, we see the huge plain before the giant SEPARATIST FORTRESS. Unlike our previous visit, the plain is filled with BATTLE DROIDS, DROIDEKAS, and SUPER BATTLE DROIDS. In the very back of the droid army, in front of the FORTRESS, is a giant COMMANDER DROID. CUT TO:


MACE WINDU, OBI-WAN KENOBI, and many OTHER JEDI, clad in their Jedi armor, watch as that large doors of the TRANSPORT open to show the field. Below them, the can see the forming lines of CLONE TROOPERS and the DROID ARMY in the distance

OBI-WAN : It looks like Cody and Rex have the troops organizing.

MACE WINDU : nodding I’m more concerned with the droids in front of us that the Clone ranks in back, Obi-Wan.

OBI-WAN : They certainly seem to be expecting us. I don’t suppose I should be surprised.

MACE WINDU : We’ll get through them. Into the comlink All craft, get as close to the gates before delivering the Jedi as possible. Our main target is the Commader Unit in the rear. Take it out quickly. CUT TO:


The DROPSHIPS fly over the droid army, flak and blaster fire rising up to meet them. The DROPSHIPS jink and weave through the fire, rushing towards the COMMANDER DROID in the back. One of the DROPSHIPS explodes in the foreground, its JEDI falling helplessly towards the ground, some on fire, and others eerily still. CUT TO:




The CLONE CREW of the turbolaser prep it to fire, the GUNNER pointing to the target. The turbolaser fires a series of blasts. CAMERA DOLLIES to follow the green lances of energy. They strike a SEPARATIST BATTLESHIP, igniting a weapons hold and causing the ship to explode in a brilliant fireball. The CLONES celebrate. CUT TO:


The camera follows OBI-WAN and MACE’s DROPSHIP over the battlefield. We see the CLONE TROOPERS in the background firing artillery via AT-PT’s to strike the DROID ARMY in the middle and back lines. The firing helps clear the field, but we see another DROPSHIP in the back ground get hit and go down. On the ground, lightsabers in the middle of the DROID ARMY can be seen fighting at numerous crash sites. As we watch, the droid lines splinter where the JEDI are, but many JEDI are slain in the process. CUT TO:


The REPUBLIC FLEET strikes blow after blow on the SEPARATISTS, and their fleet starts to crumble. CUT TO:


DEFENSE COUNCILOR SKYWALKER stands at the head of a holo-table. CHANCELLOR PALPATINE, WULF YULAREN, and CAPTAIN TARKIN stand around the table with him. CLONE CREWMAN scatter about their business as the CHANCELLOR GUARDS stand at attention by the door

ANAKIN : Bring support squadrons from sector two and commit them to group four. Order the ROGUE COMET and the ERRANT STAR to move into position to support us. We’re going to bring down the flagship.

PALAPTINE : smiling You seem to have this well in hand, my boy. I’m going to retreat to my quarters and rest a bit. All this excitement has weakened me. He pats ANAKIN on the shoulder and exits

ANAKIN : nodding Of course, I’ll inform you when the Separatist break, Chancellor. to a CLONE CREWMAN Inform the Jedi we almost have the fleet routed. CUT TO:


MACE WINDU, OBI-WAN KENOBI, and the OTHER JEDI hurtle across the battlefield, nearing the COMMAND DROID.

CLONE COORDINATOR : (OS) The Separatist fleet is failing, we have almost broken through.

MACE WINDU : frowning, a concerned look on his face We’re running out of time, Obi-Wan, we need to take out that Command Droid.

He is interrupted as a huge explosion rattles the DROPSHIP. Smoke fills the cabin as the DROPSHIP beings wildly spinning. OBI-WAN, MACE and the JEDI frantically grab onto anything they can, as one poor JEDI is thrown out of the craft, wildly spinning into the distance.



The camera watches as the DROPSHIP smashes into the ground, scattering BATTLE DROIDS as it creates an impact crater. As the wreckage comes to a halt, DROIDS recover as others move in. They aim at the wreckage, and tentatively move in. Suddenly, the thrum of lightsabers erupt as MACE WINDU, OBI-WAN, and the SURVIVING JEDI leap from the wreck and engage the DROIDS

MACE WINDU : Secure the landing site! striking DROIDS left and right, he cuts a swash through the BATTLE DROIDS

OBI-WAN : Cover each other! deflecting blaster bolts and striking down DROIDS Leave no openings!

MACE WINDU : Obi-Wan, we need to move towards that Command Unit! He motions off-screen as the CAMERA ORBITS around him to show the COMMAND DROID in the background, they are close. OBI-WAN nods, and they begin fighting their way towards it, the SURVIVING JEDI protecting their flanks. CUT TO


The camera PANS over a ridge above the battlefield as KENDRICK DRALL ignites a double-bladed lightsaber. He is flanked by ADVANCED RECONNAISSANCE CLONES. They are all wearing jump packs. As the CAMERA DOLLIES to follow them, they ignite their jump packs and hurtle towards the COMMAND DROID.

KENDRICK DRALL : Sevens, aim for the head, I’ll eliminate it’s shield unit

The ARCs open fire on the DROID as KENDRICK flips over the back of it to slice open the shield generator. Continuing his assault, KENDRICK strike repeatedly at the droid, and between his assault and the ARCs, the COMMAND DROID explodes in a fireball. CUT TO


MACE WINDU, OBI-WAN and the SURVIVING JEDI see the explosion, as the DROIDS momentarily stop firing. They look around and cheer

OBI-WAN : Kendrick did it!

Suddenly, the DROIDS spring back to life as the main gates on the FORTRESS open. Two of the SURVIVING JEDI fall in a hail of fire from the reactivated BATTLE DROIDS. TWO COMMAND DROIDS are seen on the other side of the now open gate. They open fire on KENDRICK and his ARCs who died in a blaze of heavy blaster fire, KENDRICK last after desperately trying to deflect all the blasts

MACE WINDU : Dammit. his head hanging low, a calm comes over him as he realized what he must do Master Obi-Wan.

OBI-WAN : deflecting blaster fire and cutting down droids as he can Yes, Master Windu.

MACE WINDU : I need you to get through those doors. Save the Senators and yourself.

OBI-WAN : confused What?

MACE WINDU : No time to argue. With the fleet above routed, the only logical outcome to this situation is orbital bombardment. With the remaining Jedi as close as we are to the gates, we’ll be massacred along with the droids. You have to get into the fortress and get the senators out before that happens.

OBI-WAN : deflecting more and more shots as the COMMAND DROIDS begin rolling out of the FORTRESS More than a single Jedi would be preferable … we can all make it.

MACE WINDU : No, we can’t I need to get you in there, and I need the others to cover me while I do. That means the rest will be on you. Don’t let the Order fall today.

Reaching out with both arms, hands extended, MACE WINDU glowers at the COMMAND DROIDS. As they enter the gate, their treads stop, gears grinding and tracks spinning, but they can’t advance.

MACE WINDU : (continuing) Go, NOW!

OBI-WAN : nodding May the Force be with you, Mace.

MACE WINDU : sweat forming on his brow And with you, Obi-Wan. Always.

OBI-WAN rushes towards the door as the BATTLE DROIDS fire on the SURVIVING JEDI. One by one they fall as more DROIDS join the fight, but with each passing JEDI, OBI-WAN gets closer to the doors. Finally, he slides, using the FORCE to propel him forward, slipping between the COMMAND DROIDS into the FORTRESS. As he clears them, MACE smiles, and with a determined look, he changes his grip, and the COMMAND DROIDS are smashed together as the FORTRESS GATES slam into them. Not destroyed, they flail under the ever increasing pressure from the GATES, but MACE’s eyes grow wide as the CIN DRALLIG, the last SURVIVING JEDI, falls and the BATTLE DROIDS begin firing on him. Bolt after bolt hits MACE, but he continues crushing the two COMMAND DROIDS, until they explode under the pressure. As they do, the BATTLE DROIDS stop firing, but their damage has been done. MACE drops to his knees, looks to the wounds he has received, and dies.


OBI-WAN rounds a corner, finding a bank of prison cells. Inside, PADME, BAIL, OWEN, and the SENATORS sit. They are guarded by BATTLE DROIDS. OBI-WAN rushes them and quickly dispatches them.

OBI-WAN : Hello, there. deactivating the cell door’s energy shields

PADME : Obi-Wan, thank goodness you’re here! emerging, PADME, OWEN, and others pick up the DROIDS blasters

OBI-WAN : We have very little time, they are going to bombard the fortress from orbit. The hangar is that way, take the first shuttle you can find and get out here.

PADME : confused Where are you going?

OBI-WAN : I’m going to make sure Grievous pays for this day. he nods and rushes off


GENERAL GREIVOUS stands watching the battle from the tall spire above the SEPARATIST FORTRESS. Below him, the battle is seen in full, as there are very few lightsabers left illuminating the field, but the CLONE TROOPERS are moving forward relentlessly. He slams his fist against the console as a holo-projector flickers to light behind him. He turns to see the image of DARTH SIDIOUS.

GENERAL GRIEVOUS : The Jedi are almost eliminated, but we will never be able to hold out against the Clones!

DARTH SIDIOUS : It is of no concern.

GENERAL GRIEVOUS : It is of great concern to me, what do you expect me to do?

DARTH SIDIOUS : DARTH SIDIOUS begins cackling, as the CAMERA ORBITS on the image, coming around behind DARTH SIDIOUS’ perspective as he removes his hood. GRIEVOUS rises with shock as SIDIOUS raises a ghostly hand and GENERAL GRIEVOUS begins to choke. His laughter rises as the GENERAL wilts under the power of the DARK SIDE I expect you to die.


The REPUBLIC FLEET eliminates the flagship of the SEPARATISTS, and the rest of their fleet retreats into hyperspace. CUT TO:


DEFENSE COUNCILOR SKYWALKER stands at the head of a holo-table. WULF YULAREN, and CAPTAIN TARKIN stand around the table with him. CLONE CREWMAN scatter about their business

CLONE COORDINATOR : Separatist fleet in full retreat, Defense Councilor.

ANAKIN : Excellent, I’ll go and inform the Supreme Chancellor. He heads off camera. CUT TO


GENERAL GREIVOUS faces away, choking, desperately trying to breathe. OBI-WAN creeps up behind him, but as he approaches, the huge form falls dead, revealing the holographic image of … SUPREME CHANCELLOR PALPATINE!

OBI-WAN : shocked Supreme Chancellor? You’re Darth Sidous? SIDIOUS glowers at OBI-WAN, and the holo-image flickers out. OBI-WAN, in shock, begins to piece everything together, and leans against the wall with the revelation. Shell-shocked, he turns and stumbles back into the hall. CUT TO


DEFENSE COUNCILOR SKYWALKER stands at the door to the QAURTERS and activates the door. Inside, SUPREME CHANCELLOR PALPATINE turns from the far wall and looks at him

ANAKIN : The Separatist fleet in full retreat, Chancellor, and the Clones are reporting a full advance across all fronts.

PALPATINE : Good, good. thinking a moment Since the battle at this point is well in hand, why don’t you go planet side. I’m sure Padme will be overjoyed if you were the one to free her from those cells.

ANAKIN : conflicted I would love to, Chancellor, but the battle isn’t over, someone needs to direct the forces.

PALPATINE : Nonesense, my boy. I will oversee Tarkin and Yularen, they are experienced veterans and will do fine with the mop up. Go, Padme needs you. Take a shuttle immediately, that’s an order from the Supreme Chancellor. smiling

ANAKIN looks as if to argue, but a smile overtakes him and he nods, rushing from the room. The camera then follows PALPATINE as he removes the dark robe of SIDIOUS and straightens the garments underneath. It follows behind his left shoulder as he leaves his QUARTERS, congratulating CLONES as he passes on his way to the bridge. When he arrives he walks directly to YULAREN and TARKIN.

PALPATINE : I have spoken with the Defense Councilor. His orders are to bombard the fortress immediately. He wishes the rest of the droids wiped out to avoid undue losses to the clones.

TARKIN : Of course, Supreme Chancellor. He turns and shouts orders to the gunnery crews. CUT TO


A shuttle heads planet side as the REPUBLIC FLEET opens fire on the planet. CUT TO:


DEFENSE COUNCILOR SKYWALKER watches the lances of green energy head down to the planet

ANAKIN : agape Oh my god, PADME!

he pushes hard on the controls and zooms towards the planet below. CUT TO

Episode 3 Part 3
Revenge of the Sith Part 3


ANAKIN storms down the hallway – his steady, heavy pace shadows of the future. As he rounds a corner he sees a figure in white, suggesting Vader and Leia in the future. It is PADME, smiling as brightly as ANAKIN is glowering darkly

PADME : smiling Anakin, I found you! I have wonderful news! ANAKIN regards her but keeps storming on, lost in dark thoughts. PADME falls in behind him, following Anakin? What’s bothering you?

ANAKIN : shaking his head he stops and turns to her, his face softening It’s just … his hard edge comes back as he sees OBI-WAN rushing down the hallway towards them something Obi-Wan should really explain. He pulls free from her and continues on his way

OBI-WAN : catching up to PADME, panting Your highness.

PADME : placing a caring hand on OBI-WAN Master Jedi. What in the moons of Iego is going on?

OBI-WAN : wincing Anakin is taking things incredibly hard.

PADME : shaking her head What ‘things?’

OBI-WAN : sighing The Order is being incredibly naïve. shaking his head Or I am. I’m not sure which one anymore. They denied Anakin for the council. They aren’t very happy that I forced them to allow me to take Anakin on in the first place.

PADME : That’s terrible!

OBI-WAN : I don’t disagree. Look, Anakin has friends in the Order. There are many Jedi who see him as an equal here, regardless of his past. I am confident that I can convince the Council to retract their position, but I’m afraid in his current mood he won’t listen to me.

PADME : looking back down the hallway ANAKIN retreated though You’re probably right there.

OBI-WAN : I know you two are close friends, and I don’t want to put you in any imposition, but do you think you could talk to him?

PADME : looking from the hallway to OBI-WAN and nodding I will. Though I want to respect his privacy. He needs time to cool off and think things through. I’m sure he’ll be more approachable when he’s had some distance on this.

OBI-WAN : nodding Wise council. Wait, what are you doing on Coruscant, much less in the Temple?

PADME : smiling I was coming to see my dear friends, of course! looking back down the hallway with a look that betrays there was more I’m meeting with Bail in the Senate. I’m finally acting on my words and learning Senatorial procedure.

OBI-WAN : Closing the gap between royalty and senatorial responsibilities?

PADME : nodding Yes, I just figured I couldn’t be this close to the neighborhood and not say hello. I should be going now, though. I wish it were a happier moment, Obi-Wan. she kisses his cheek and heads off, leaving OBI-WAN staring after her, confused and suspicious

OBI-WAN : Indeed. he watches her retreating form, CUT TO:


TRUCK right above CORUSCANT. Three REPUBLIC ATTACK CRUISERS sit in high orbit. As we watch, multiple TRADE FEDERATION BATTLESHIPS arrive out of hyperspace, followed by a TRADE FEDERATION CRUISER and ESCORT SHIP. The Separatist ships engage the Republic fleet, while the TRADE FEDERATION ESCORT SHIP breaks off from the fighting and hurtles towards the planet below. REPUBLIC ORBITAL DEFENSE PLATFORMS open fire on the ship as it speeds down to the planet, and the ship takes a great deal of damage. It doesn’t stop, however and the ship runs the gauntlet of firepower, taking crippling blows, but entering the atmosphere. CUT TO:


TILT UP to show the TRADE FEDERATION ESCORT SHIP hurtling towards the building, spinning wildly from the damage. It smashes into the tower, debris and dust ejecting into the air. CUT TO:


Dust and debris clear the screen to show two JEDI KNIGHTS with the SUPREME CHANCELLOR. The CHANCELLOR is flanked by two of the CHANCELLOR’S GUARDS. They stare at the cargo hold doors of the crashed ship. They cough as the dust clears and CHANCELLOR PALPATINE cleans and smoothens his robes. They all stop however, as the whir of pistons and machinery herald the opening of the ESCORT SHIPS door. The JEDI look to each other and ignite their lightsabers

PLO KLOON : Guards, get Supreme Chancellor to safety, we’ll deal with whoever this is. the GUARDS nod and escort the CHANCELLOR from the room. From the dark interior of the ESCORT CRAFTS hold, the silhouette of GENERAL GRIEVOUS and TWO MAGNAGUARDS, surrounded by BATTLE DROIDS can be seen

GENERAL GRIEVOUS : seeing the JEDI with their lightsabers Ahh. Two more to add to the collection.

GENERAL GRIEVOUS then spreads his arms, splitting them into four, then ignites four lightsabers! He springs into action, attacking the JEDI with ferocity and speed. The JEDI are skilled, and fight well, but it quickly becomes clear that they are outmatched. GRIEVOUS cuts them down before moving on, picking up their lightsabers and clipping them to his cloak, which has numerous other ‘trophies’ CUT TO:


PADME, BAIL, OWEN, and numerous SENATORS flee down the passage. CHANCELLOR PALPATINE and his GUARDS turn the corner, fleeing from the battle

BAIL : seeing PALPATINE Chancellor! This way!

BAIL assists the CHANCELLOR and his GUARDS to their location. OWEN and PADME continue firing on BATTLE DROIDS as they appear.

PALPATINE : smiling in relief Ahh, Senator Organa. I’m glad to see you. We must escape! General Grievous is…

GRIEVOUS : rounding the corner with a squad of BATTLE DROIDS and his TWO MAGNAGUARD Right behind you, Chancellor!

OWEN, PADME, and BAIL fire on the GENERAL and his forces. The MAGNAGUARD move to protect GRIEVOUS as the droids fire back. The battle is intense, as PADME and BAIL show teamwork and tenacity, but as the MAGNAGUARD move in, it become apparent that they are outmatched. In the fighting, GRIEVOUS moves on PALPATINE, his own GUARD moving to protect the CHANCELLOR. GRIEVOUS butchers the GUARD mercilessly and grabs the CHANCELLOR

GRIEVOUS : Drop your weapons, or the Chancellor dies this day!

OWEN, PADME, and BAIL look to each other before relinquishing their weapons to droids to hold them and the other SENATORS at gunpoint.

GRIEVOUS : gloating over his prizes Good, good. turning to his MAGNAGUARD Secure them on one of the diplomatic shuttles, we will take their own craft to orbit and return to the flagship. the MAGNAGUARD nod and they all move off screen, FADE TO:


PAN DOWN to reveal a REPUBLIC ATTACK CRUISER. Continue to PAN with the Cruiser as TWO JEDI STARFIGHTERS enter and head toward an enemy Battle Cruiser. TRUCK with the Jedi Fighters as they maneuver in unison, dodging flack and enemy laser fire. R2-D2 is on Anakin’s ship. R4-P17 is on Obi-Wan’s ship. A giant space battle is revealed as the tiny Jedi ships continue their assault in a synchronous ballet.


OBI-WAN bounces through the flack with a frown. His ship rocks violently.



ANAKIN: There isn’t a droid made that can out fly us and no other way to get to the Chancellor . . .

OBI-WAN: Look out, four droids inbound . . .


The TWO JEDI FIGHTERS swerve in unison as FOUR TRADE FEDERATION DROID DROP FIGHTERS attack. After several clever moves by the Jedi, two of the FEDERATION DROID DROP FIGHTERS collide with each other in a ball of flame.


OBI-WAN struggles to maintain control of his ship.

OBI-WAN: We’ve got to split them up.

ANAKIN: Break left, fly through the guns on that tower.

OBI-WAN flies to the left of a huge tower on a REPUBLIC CRUISER. The TWO DROID DROP FIGHTERS follow.

OBI-WAN: Easy for you to say . . . why am I always the bait?

ANAKIN: Don’t worry. I’m coming around behind you.

OBI-WAN deftly maneuvers around a large Starship’s superstructure, but the TWO DROID FIGHTERS stay on his tail, BLASTING him with intense laser fire.

OBI-WAN: Anakin, they’re all over me!

ANAKIN: Dead ahead! Closing . . . lock onto him, Artoo . . .

ARTOO BEEPS his reply as ANAKIN swoops in for the kill. ANAKIN BLASTS one of the DROID DROP FIGHTERS. It EXPLODES.

ANAKIN: (continuing, laughs) We got him, Artoo!

ANAKIN BLASTS away at the second DROID DROP FIGHTER as ARTOO BEEPS an angry warning.

ANAKIN: I copy, Artoo.

OBI-WAN: I’m going down on the deck.

ANAKIN: Good idea … I need some room to maneuver.

OBI-WAN dives toward the surface of one of the larger TRADE FEDERATION BATTLESHIPS and is forced to fly through a maelstrom of laser flack. He skims the surface, followed by the DROID DROP FIGHTER, which is followed by ANAKIN.

ANAKIN: (continuing) Cut right. Do you hear me?! Cut right. Don’t let him get a handle on you. Come on, Artoo, lock on! Lock on!

ARTOO BEEPS. The crosshairs merge on the DROID DROP FIGHTER.

OBI-WAN: Hurry up! I don’t like this!

OBI-WAN flies through a narrow gap between two towers on a Battleship. The DROID DROP FIGHTER hits one of Obi-Wan’s wings with a laser blast, and parts of the ship go flying around Obi-Wan’s Astro Droid, ARFOUR.

OBI-WAN: (continuing) Ouch!

R-4 BEEPS a blue streak.

OBI-WAN: (continuing) Don’t even try to fix it, Arfour. I’ve shut it down.

ANAKIN: We’re locked on … we’ve got him . . .

ANAKIN drops in behind the DROID DROP FIGHTER and blows him apart. ARTOO SQUEALS with delight.

ANAKIN: (continuing) Yeah! We got him . . . good going, Artoo.

OBI-WAN: Next time you’re the bait . . . Now let’s find the Command Ship and get on with it …

R-4 BEEPS a blue streak.

ANAKIN: Lock onto them, Artoo. General Grievous’s ship is directly ahead.

ARTOO BEEPS a reply, and it reads out in Anakin’s cockpit.

ANAKIN: (continuing) The one crawling with vulture droids.


OBI-WAN: I see it. Oh, this is going to be easy.

Ahead is a TRADE FEDERATION CRUISER with batlike DROID VULTURE FIGHTERS stalking around on the hull. The VULTURE FIGHTERS transform into flight configuration, lift off the CRUISER, and attack the JEDI STARFIGHTERS.

ANAKIN: Come on, Obi-Wan.

OBI-WAN: Not this time. There’s too much at stake. We need help. Odd Ball, do you copy?

ODD BALL: (OS) Copy, Red Leader.

OBI-WAN: Mark my position and form your squad up behind me . . .


ODD BALL: We’re on your tail, General Kenobi. Set S-foils in attack position.

The protective ray shield lowers on the main hangar of the TRADE FEDERATION CRUISER, and six new DROID TRI-FIGHTERS emerge and join the DROID VULTURE FIGHTERS heading toward the Jedi. The JEDI STARFIGHTERS extend the stability foils on the ends of their wings.


ANAKIN: This is where the fun begins. Ten Vulture Droids straight ahead, coming down the left side.

ARTOO BEEPS a worried message.

OBI-WAN: Add five Tri-fighters on the right . . .

ANAKIN: I’m going head to head. See you.

OBI-WAN: Take it easy, Anakin.

Four Clone Fighters move into formation behind the Jedi.

ODD BALL: I’m on your right, Red Leader.

ANAKIN: Incoming!!

ARTOO SQUEALS as five DROID TRI-FIGHTERS pass by at high speed on the right.

OBI-WAN: Five more on the right!

Four more VULTURE DROID FIGHTERS pass at high speed from the left. All hell breaks loose. OBI-WAN and ANAKIN continue to fly in unison, backing up each other. ARTOO SQUEALS.

ANAKIN: Here we go.

The Jedi ships split up and make a quick loop around the DROID TRI-FIGHTERS, ending up behind them. BLASTING away. The DROID TRI-FIGHTERS EXPLODE.

OBI-WAN: I’m going high and right.

ANAKIN: Hang on. There are four more of them.

OBI-WAN: Stay with me . . . swing back and right . . . help me engage. Back off … Let them pass between us.

ANAKIN: I’m coming around. I’m coming around on your tail.

OBI-WAN: All right, engage . . . and hurry. These droids are all over me like a rash.

In one incredible move, ANAKIN swings in behind the DROID TRI-FIGHTERS, blowing them away one by one until there is only one left. ARTOO CHIRPS.

ARTOO lets out a HOWL as ANAKIN accelerates past the last DROID TRI-FIGHTER, slams on his brakes, flips the Fighter around, and BLASTS the Fighter from the front. ARTOO BEEPS frantically as they fly through the debris of the destroyed ships. ANAKIN looks behind him.

ANAKIN: How many back there. Artoo? (Artoo beeps) Three . . . (continuing) Four . . . that’s not good.

OBI-WAN: Anakin, you have four on your tail.

ANAKIN: I know. I know!

OBI-WAN: Four more closing from your left.

ANAKIN: I know. I know!

OBI-WAN: Break right and go high.

ANAKIN: I’m going low and left.

Obi-Wan shakes his head.

OBI-WAN: (to himself) He still has much to learn.

ANAKIN swoops low and skims across a TRADE FEDERATION BATTLESHIP, dodging flack as ARTOO bounces along, trying to get out a sentence.

ANAKIN: Hang on, Artoo. Obi-Wan, do you copy? I’m going to pull them through the needle . . .

OBI-WAN: Too dangerous. First Jedi rule: “Survive.”

ANAKIN: Sorry, no choice. Come down here and thin them out a little.

OBI-WAN drops in behind the DROID VULTURE FIGHTERS chasing Anakin. ARFOUR BEEPS to OBI-WAN.

OBI-WAN: Just keep me steady . . . hold on … not yet. . . now break left.

OBI-WAN fires as he swings across the back of the VULTURE DROIDS, BLASTING four of them away. ANAKIN heads for a trench along the surface of one of the Trade Federation Battleships. He flies into the trench, which ends in a conning tower with a small slit between two main struts.

OBI-WAN: (continuing) You’ll never get through there, Anakin. It’s too tight.

ARTOO BEEPS nervously.

ANAKIN: Easy, Artoo . . . we’ve done this before.

OBI-WAN: Use the Force, think yourself through, the ship will follow.

ARTOO SQUEALS in a panic. On the view screen Artoo’s squeal reads out, “WE’RE NOT GOING TO MAKE IT.”

ANAKIN: Wrong thought, Artoo.

ANAKIN slips through the narrow gap. The trailing VULTURE DROID FIGHTERS CRASH.

ANAKIN: (continuing) I’m through.

OBI-WAN continues to fire on the VULTURE DROID FIGHTERS, driving them into the EXPLOSION.
A CLONE fighter is hit and explodes, spewing debris. The CLONE PILOT spins off into space.
Finally, OBI-WAN peels off and swings around, pulling up alongside ANAKIN. CLONE FIGHT SQUAD SEVEN battles the DROIDS.

ODD BALL: There are too many of them.

CLONE PILOT 2: I’m on your wing. Break left. Break left. They’re all over me. Get them off my . . .

ANAKIN: I’m going to go help them out!

OBI-WAN: No, no! They are doing their job so we can do ours. Head for the Command Ship!

Another CLONE fighter is hit, bursts into flames, and spins off into space. A VULTURE DROID FIGHTER raises its head to locate its target and fires missiles at them.

ANAKIN: Missiles! Pull up!

ANAKIN and OBI-WAN break right and left, and the missiles follow them. ANAKIN does a barrel roll spin, causing the missiles following him to collide and EXPLODE. Two missiles continue to chase OBI-WAN. He banks sharply to the right, then to the left, causing one of the missiles to overshoot.

OBI-WAN: They overshot us . . .

The second missile streaks next to Obi-Wan’s Fighter and EXPLODES. Obi-Wan’s ship rocks, and R-4, SCREAMS as the Starfighter rips through the explosion. Debris flies all around them.

ANAKIN: They’re coming around!

OBI-WAN: All right, Arfour. No, no. Nothing too fancy.

ANAKIN: Surge all power units. Artoo! Stand by the reverse thrusters.

ANAKIN spins his starfighter. The missiles spin and collide.

ANAKIN: We got ’em. Artoo!

Two missiles continue to track Obi-Wan.

OBI-WAN: Flying is for droids.

Suddenly, OBI-WAN shudders, and his ship starts to plummet toward the surface of the Trade Federation Cruiser. The trailing missiles fly into what looks like debris, and detonate. Five silver balls fly out of the debris and attach themselves to the ship. The balls pop open, revealing SMALL BUZZDROIDS that begin to crawl across the surface like spiders.

OBI-WAN: (continuing) I’m hit! Anakin?

ANAKIN: I see them . . . Buzz Droids.

The BUZZ DROIDS crawl across Obi-Wan’s ship and start to tear it apart. SPARKS ERUPT where the BUZZ DROIDS break into the wiring. One of the BUZZ DROIDS goes after ARFOUR.

OBI-WAN: Arfour, be careful. You have one . . .

ARFOUR’s head gets ripped off and flies away.

OBI-WAN: Oh dear. They’re shutting down all the controls.

ANAKIN: Move to the right so I can get a clear shot at them.

OBI-WAN: The mission. Get to the Command Ship. Get the Chancellor! I’m running out of tricks here.

ANAKIN moves into position just off Obi-Wan’s left side and angles his ship so his guns are pointing at the DROIDS crawling over Obi-Wan’s Starfighter. ANAKIN fires and vaporizes the TWO BUZZ DROIDS, along with the left wing of Obi-Wan’s ship.

OBI-WAN: (continuing) In the name of …

ANAKIN: Steady . . . steady . . .

OBI-WAN: Anakin, hold your fire . . . hold your fire. You’re not helping here.

ANAKIN: I agree, bad idea. Swing right . . . ease over . . . steady . . .

OBI-WAN: Wait . . . wait . . . I can’t see a thing! My cockpit’s fogging. They’re all over me, Anakin.

ANAKIN: Move to the right.

OBI-WAN: Hold on, Anakin. You’re going to get us both killed! Get out of here. There’s nothing more you can do.

ANAKIN: I’m not leaving without you.

ANAKIN moves his ship next to OBI-WAN’s and tries to physically knock the BUZZ DROIDS off. There are five left. He manages to get one off, but badly dents OBI-WAN’s ship in the process. One of the BUZZ DROIDS tears apiece off of the front of Obi-Wan’s ship. Flames burst out, and more smoke billows out, obscuring the Jedi’s view.

ANAKIN knocks off three of the BUZZ DROIDS and the fourth crawls out onto Anakin’s ship and starts attacking ARTOO. ARTOO fights the BUZZ DROID.

OBI-WAN: Blast it … I can’t see . . . my controls are gone.

ANAKIN: Get ’em, Artoo. Watch out!

OBI-WAN: Artoo, hit the buzz droid’s center eye.

ARTOO extends an arm and aims a stream of electricity at the swerving BUZZ DROID. The BUZZ DROID is hit squarely in the eye and falls off the ship.

ANAKIN: Yeah, you got him!

OBI-WAN: Great, Artoo.

ANAKIN: Stay on my wing . . . the General’s Command Ship is dead ahead. Easy . . . pull up … Head for the hangar.

OBI-WAN: Have you noticed the shields are still up?

ANAKIN: Oh?!? Sorry.

ANAKIN streaks ahead of OBI-WAN’s disintegrating Jedi Fighter and blasts the shield generator. It SPARKS and EXPLODES.

OBI-WAN: Oh, I have a bad feeling about this.


The shield door drops away, and OBI-WAN crashes on the deck of the hangar bay, engulfed in a FANTAIL OF SPARKS. A set of blast doors starts SLAMMING shut across the hangar opening, as material is sucked into space.

ANAKIN maneuvers around the oncoming junk and flies into the hangar just as the blast doors SLAM shut.
OBI-WAN ignites his light saber and cuts his way out of the cockpit. He jumps dear just as his ship EXPLODES. BATTLE DROIDS rush at him from all directions.

ANAKIN jumps out of his ship and cuts his way through the BATTLE DROIDS to where OBI-WAN is fighting. ARTOO pops out of the ship and follows ANAKIN.

OBI-WAN: Artoo, locate the Chancellor.

ANAKIN: Tap into the ship’s computers.

They cut down the last of the droids and follow ARTOO over to a computer wall socket. The two JEDI fight off FOUR MORE DROIDS as ARTOO tries to find the Chancellor. Finally, a HOLOGRAM of the Trade Federation ship appears.

OBI-WAN: The Chancellor’s signal is coming from right there. The observation platform at the top of that spire.

ANAKIN: I sense Count Dooku . . .

OBI-WAN: I sense a trap.

ANAKIN: Next move?

OBI-WAN: Spring the trap.

The JEDI start to leave; ARTOO follows. The JEDI stop and turn to ARTOO.

ANAKIN: Artoo, go back. I need you to stay with the ship.

OBI-WAN: Here, take this, and wait for orders.

OBI-WAN tosses the comlink to ARTOO.


GENERAL GRIEVOUS enters the bridge of the TRADE FEDERATION cruiser followed by his TWO MAGNAGUARDS. He walks to the front of the bridge and stands in front of the NEIMOIDIAN CAPTAIN.

GENERAL GRIEVOUS: What’s the situation, Captain?

CAPTAIN: Two Jedi have landed in the main hangar bay.

GENERAL GRIEVOUS: Just as Count Dooku predicted.


ANAKIN and OBI-WAN head for the elevator. A door opens in the hallway and two of GENERAL GRIEVOUS’s MAGNAGUARDS confront the JEDI.

BODYGUARD I: General Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker. We’ve been waiting for you.

OBI-WAN: We are here to relieve you of Chancellor Palpatine, not join him.

As a dozen more droids join the group, the JEDI ignite their lightsabers and stand back-to-back.

OBI-WAN: Anakin. . .

ANAKIN: Ready.

ANAKIN and OBI-WAN use their lightsabers and cut a large circle in the floor.


The TWO JEDI cut their way down several floors into a large generator room. Huge EXPLOSIONS outside the ship have caused several large pipes overhead to break, and fluid is spewing everywhere. The Jedi get up and turn off their light sabers. ANAKIN dips his hand into the fluid and sniffs it.

OBI-WAN: . . . fuel. The slightest charge from our sabers will send this ship into oblivion. That’s why they’ve stopped shooting.

ANAKIN: Well then, we’re safe for the time being.

OBI-WAN: Your idea of safe is not the same as mine.

They run, EXPLOSIONS rattle the ship, and pipes continue to burst around them, spilling more fuel into the hallway. At the far end, SIX SUPER BATTLE DROIDS drop into the fuel. The SOUNDS OF SHIELD DOORS CLOSING AND LOCKING ECHO throughout the hallway. They pass several large power generators, which are topped with SPARKING excess power dischargers.

ANAKIN: They’re sealing this section off.

OBI-WAN: Six droids coming our way!

The last of the DOORS CAN BE HEARD CLOSING in the distance.

ANAKIN: Keep moving. There must be vents . . . This way.

They move along a wall. ANAKIN climbs up the side to a small vent. The fuel gets closer to the SPARKING dischargers.

OBI-WAN: We’ll never get through that. It’s too small!

They move toward a second vent. OBI-WAN is swimming in the fuel as it reaches to within a couple yards of the ceiling. ANAKIN feels along the ceiling and finds another smaller vent. He closes his eyes and tries to sense an opening, then he moves on. OBI-WAN is forced into hand-to-hand combat with one of the SUPER BATTLE DROIDS. It pulls the Jedi under the fuel. Just before he is about to drown, OBI-WAN disables the SUPER BATTLE DROID by pushing him into an exhaust pipe.

The fuel is up to the Jedi’s chins. ANAKIN finds a very, very small metal grate, then pounds on it until the tiny grate breaks loose.

ANAKIN: I found our escape vent.

OBI-WAN: Anakin, this is no time for jokes. We’re in serious trouble here.

ANAKIN: Only in your mind, Master. Look, no structure. . . .

OBI-WAN regards ANAKIN with a cautious look in response to the sarcasm in his voice. ANAKIN grabs the side of the tiny hole and gives it a big yank, ripping a large panel loose revealing a “man-sized” work shaft. They scramble through it as the DROIDS swim closer.


The TWO JEDI pull themselves through the narrow vent shaft until they reach a small hatch in the side of the tube.

ANAKIN: Here’s a way out.

As the SUPER BATTLE DROIDS reach the opening in the ceiling and the fuel gets to within a few feet of the power generator sparks, the JEDI work the keyboard on the pressure lock, opening the latch.


The TWO JEDI climb into a small passageway and slam the hatch shut. They make their way through the ever-shrinking shaft until they reach the end.


A hatch opens in one of the main hallways of the Trade Federation Cruiser, and the JEDI squeeze out, SLAMMING the hatch. Behind them, ANAKIN seals the hatch with his laser sword.

OBI-WAN: That won’t hold when the fuel hits those power dischargers.

ANAKIN: The blast will break the hull. This side’s pressurized.

OBI-WAN: You still have much to learn, Anakin.


The SUPER BATTLE DROIDS climb up the vent shaft. SUPER BATTLE DROID R77 and SEVERAL OTHER DROIDS wait in the generator room as the fuel continues to rise toward the power discharger.

SUPER BATTLE DROID R77: I have a bad feeling about this.


The fuel hits the SPARKING power discharger, and there is a HUGE EXPLOSION.


A GREAT EXPLOSION and a flaming gas cloud spray out of the side of the Federation Cruiser.


A large bulge appears in the wall around the sealed hatch as the EXPLOSION hits. OBI-WAN jumps back, then stands amazed.

OBI-WAN: All right, you win. I have much to learn. Let’s go!

ANAKIN grins at OBI-WAN, and they run down the hallway.


The two JEDI wait for an elevator to arrive. They turn around and see they are face to face with THREE DESTROYER DROIDS. The DROIDS start blasting away. Anakin deflects the bolts. OBI-WAN frantically pushes the elevator button several more times.

ANAKIN: Destroyers!!

Finally the door opens, and they rush inside under a hail of laser bolts. The elevator door slides shut. The JEDI turn to see BATTLE DROIDS standing behind them.

BATTLE DROID: Drop your weapons! I said drop ’em.

The JEDI activate their light sabers and destroy all the BATTLE DROIDS.


R2-D2 notices two SUPER BATTLE DROIDS entering the hangar. He moves and hides behind a Jedi Starfighter.


The elevator begins to move and screeches to a stop.

OBI-WAN: Did you press the stop button?

ANAKIN: No, did you?


ANAKIN: Well, there’s more than one way out of here.

ANAKIN ignites his laser sword.

OBI-WAN: We don’t want to get out, we want to get moving. Artoo . . . Artoo. Do you copy? Activate elevator . . . (looks at control panel) . . . 31174 . . .

ANAKIN cuts a hole in the elevator ceiling.


TWO SUPER BATTLE DROIDS are inspecting the Jedi starfighters. They overhear Obi-Wan’s voice over the comlink and are distracted.

SUPER BATTLE DROID 1: What’s that?

SUPER BATTLE DROID 2: Get back to work. It’s nothing.


OBI-WAN: Artoo?

ANAKIN climbs through the hole in the ceiling of the elevator.

OBI-WAN: (continuing) Always on the move.

OBI-WAN continues to talk on the comlink. Artoo quietly beeps a reply.


ARTOO tries to muffle the comlink as the TWO SUPER BATTLE DROIDS try to figure out where the voices are coming from. ARTOO extends an arm and plugs into a computer interface.

OBI-WAN: (OS) Artoo, switch on the comlink. Artoo, do you hear me? Artoo, we gave you a job to do! Artoo.


Suddenly, the elevator plummets down the shaft. ANAKIN quickly jumps and grabs onto the hallway entry door. He watches as the elevator recedes down the shaft and disappears. ANAKIN struggles to keep his grip on the closed door as SPARKING wires rain down on him.


The elevator starts to descend rapidly.

OBI-WAN: Stop, stop! Artoo, we need to be going up.


Anakin struggles to hang on to the narrow edge of the elevator shaft. The door to the elevator shaft is pried open, and TWO BATTLE DROIDS appear in the doorway and look down at ANAKIN. They point their guns at him.

DROID 1: Hands up, Jedi! Don’t move.

DROID 2: Roger, roger.


The TWO SUPER BATTLE DROIDS overhear OBI-WAN’s comlink messages to ARTOO.

SUPER BATTLE DROID 1: There it is again.

OBI-WAN: (OS) Artoo, do you copy? Artoo, do you hear me? Artoo, we need to be going up, not down.


The elevator races down as OBI-WAN holds on.

OBI-WAN: Stop. Artoo! We need to go up! Stop, stop!

The elevator stops with a jolt. OBI-WAN falls to the floor.


The TWO SUPER BATTLE DROIDS see ARTOO and walk toward the little droid.


ARTOO plugs into the interface again and the elevator shoots up.


OBI-WAN stands up after having fallen in the elevator.

OBI-WAN: Now, that’s better . . .


ARTOO is held up by TWO SUPER BATTLE DROIDS, who chuckle as the little Astro Droid curses and swings at them.

SUPER BATTLE DROID 1: You stupid little astro droid!


ANAKIN looks down and sees the elevator heading toward him at a high rate of speed. He looks at the BATTLE DROIDS leaning over him with their guns pointed at him. He calculates for a moment, then gives himself a push and flips himself up into the elevator shaft.

Before ANAKIN can arc into a descent down the shaft, the elevator races up through the shaft, cutting the DROIDS in two. ANAKIN lands on the elevator and quickly drops back through the hole in the ceiling. OBI-WAN is startled and ignites his lightsaber.

OBI-WAN: Oh, it’s you . . .


ARTOO activates his oil hose and sprays the SUPER BATTLE DROIDS. The SUPER BATTLE DROIDS slip on the oil.


ANAKIN: What was that all about?

OBI-WAN: Well, Artoo has been . . .

ANAKIN: No loose wire jokes . . . He’s doing the best he can.

OBI-WAN: Did I say anything?

ANAKIN: He’s trying!

OBI-WAN: I didn’t say anything!


ARTOO ignites his arm rockets and shoots out of their grip, spraying them both with oil and setting them on fire. The SUPER BATTLE DROIDS slip and slide until they fall, smoldering. ARTOO rolls away.


The elevator door opens and the TWO JEDI carefully make their way into the main room of the General’s Quarters. At the far end sits SUPREME CHANCELLOR PALPATINE. ANAKIN and OBI-WAN move toward the CHANCELLOR. As they get closer to PALPATINE, they see a very distressed look on the Chancellor’s face.

OBI-WAN: (bows) Chancellor.

ANAKIN: Are you all right?

PALPATINE: (quietly) Count Dooku.

PALPATINE makes a small gesture with his hand. OBI-WAN and ANAKIN turn around. The elevator DOORS CAN BE HEARD OPENING AND CLOSING as COUNT DOOKU strides into the room. He is above the Jedi, standing on a balcony, with two SUPER BATTLE DROIDS. The Jedi turn to see him. He looks down on the Jedi. COUNT DOOKU jumps down to the main level.

PALPATINE: Get help! You’re no match for him. He’s a Sith Lord.

OBI-WAN: Chancellor Palpatine, Sith Lords are our specialty.

OBI-WAN and ANAKIN throw off their cloaks and ignite their lightsabers.

COUNT DOOKU: Your swords, please, Master Jedi. We don’t want to make a mess of things in front of the Chancellor.

OBI-WAN and ANAKIN move toward DOOKU.

OBI-WAN: You won’t get away this time, Dooku.

OBI-WAN and ANAKIN charge COUNT DOOKU. A great sword fight ensues, but OBI-WAN and ANAKIN aren’t fighting as a unit. ANAKIN presses the assault alone to kill DOOKU while OBI-WAN fights to capture DOOKU, causing him to get in the way of ANAKIN’s killing strikes. DOOKU notices this and capitalizes on it.

COUNT DOOKU: Even now Kenobi considers you the novice, Skywalker, he seeks to claim your prize and maintain his superiority.

ANAKIN throws a frustrated look to OBI-WAN as he interrupts another of ANAKIN’s strikes. OBI-WAN averts his gaze and avoids eye contact, and ANAKIN looks to DOOKU in realization.

COUNT DOOKU: (continuing) Your moves are clumsy, Kenobi . . . too predictable. You’ll have to do better.

DOOKU lunges at the JEDI and they fall back . . .

COUNT DOOKU: (continuing) I sense great fear in you, Skywalker. You have hate, you have anger, but you don’t use them.

As the battle proceeds, OBI-WAN and ANAKIN are tired but ANAKIN grows stronger as he becomes angry. ANAKIN continues to drive the attack on DOOKU. COUNT DOOKU throws OBI-WAN back using the Force.
ANAKIN and COUNT DOOKU move up the stairs. As they reach the upper landing of the General’s Quarters, ANAKIN leaps over COUNT DOOKU. OBI-WAN reaches the top of the stairs, destroying TWO SUPER BATTLE DROIDS. COUNT DOOKU holds OBI-WAN in the air using the Force as he turns and kicks ANAKIN out of frame. OBI-WAN is choking.

ANAKIN hits the archway.

DOOKU sends OBI-WAN flying. The Jedi tumbles to the archway by ANAKIN.

DOOKU looks to OBI-WAN.

COUNT DOOKU: (continuing) You’re fools to believe that even were my arm to be shorn from my shoulder I would ever be taken prisoner by the likes of you. I could beat one handed!

OBI-WAN catches the nod that DOOKU delivers. ANAKIN regains his composure and looks to OBI-WAN, who places a calming hand on his shoulder. They share an unspoken word and nod to each other. They leap in unison and attack COUNT DOOKU as the Dark Lord is forced to split his attention between the two JEDI attacking from different sides. Their fighting becomes even more intense.


The JEDI and DOOKU continue their fight. It is intense! Finally, in one last energized charge, OBI-WAN cuts off COUNT DOOKU’s hand. COUNT DOOKU stumbles to the floor as ANAKIN puts his lightsaber to his neck. PALPATINE is grinning as he watches COUNT DOOKU’s defeat.

PALPATINE: Good, Anakin, good. I knew you could do it. Kill him. Kill him now!

OBI-WAN: Chancellor, Jedi are not executioners.

PALPATINE: Anakin, you must … kill … him.

ANAKIN: I … can’t …

OBI-WAN: He must stand trial for his actions, and he will reveal the identity of the other Sith Lord.

PALPATINE: He’s too dangerous to be kept alive. The Chancellor’s guard isn’t prepared or capable of handling a Sith. The bureaucracy of the Courts are corrupt and far too slow in processes before he would inevitably escape. Imagine the danger he would present if he were to escape! The damage one like he could do on Coruscant! The deaths of countless innocents amongst the populace and the Senators. Anakin, consider the danger he would pose to your wife, Padme.

OBI-WAN stands in shock at the revelation. He looks to ANAKIN, but sees that ANAKIN has steeled himself, swayed by PALPATINE.

OBI-WAN: Anakin, I feel the conflict within you, but Jedi do not kill the defenseless. Does that sound like the actions of the Jedi Master you wish to be?

The words cut ANAKIN deeply, and his head lowers in sadness. A moment passes while emotion slowly drains from ANAKIN’s face. He looks up at DOOKU and speaks.

ANAKIN: But I’ll never be a Jedi Master, will I Obi-Wan?

OBI-WAN’s eyes widen as he realizes what ANAKIN intends. In a flash, his hand raises and he uses the FORCE to yank ANAKIN’s lightsaber from his hands. In anger, ANAKIN force pushes OBI-WAN against the wall, knocking him out, and angry and weaponless, reaches out with his other hand to choke DOOKU with the FORCE. DOOKU dies, choking and staring in betrayal at PALPATINE.

ANAKIN, his pain and anger passing, realizes what he has done and walks to PALPATINE. With a wave of his hand the restraints on PALPATINE’s wrists pop open as more explosions rock the ship.

ANAKIN: (continuing) I shouldn’t have done that, Chancellor. It’s not the Jedi way.

PALPATINE stands up, rubbing his wrists.

PALPATINE: It is only natural. He is a threat to what you care for, and you sought to end that threat. Now, we must leave before more security droids arrive.

The ship begins to list to one side. ANAKIN rushes over to OBI-WAN, kneels down and checks out his unconscious friend. PALPATINE heads for the elevators.

PALPATINE: (continuing) Anakin, there is no time. We must get off the ship before it’s too late.

ANAKIN: He seems to be all right. No broken bones, breathing’s all right.

PALPATINE: Leave him, or we’ll never make it.

ANAKIN: His fate will be the same as ours.

ANAKIN picks up OBI-WAN, slings him over his shoulder, and heads for the elevators.


GENERAL GRIEVOUS: Prepare for attack.

PILOT: All batteries fire! Fire!


Clone gunners fire on the Trade Federation cruiser and take fire in return. Gun emplacements are destroyed. Clone troopers go flying.


ANAKIN carries OBI-WAN to the elevator doors and hits the button. PALPATINE joins him.

ANAKIN: The elevator’s not working, (into his comlink) Artoo . . .

ARTOO BEEPS a response to ANAKIN.

ANAKIN: (continuing) . . . Activate Elevator 3224.

Suddenly the ship shifts to its side as the elevator doors open. PALPATINE is thrown to the ground. ANAKIN jumps to the door frame of the elevator. ANAKIN looks into the elevator shaft.

ANAKIN: (continuing) Artoo … do you copy? Artoo, come in!


Windows are blown out, droids and equipment are sucked into space.

PILOT: Reverse stabilizers.


As the ship rolls, spacecraft and equipment CRASH from one side of the ship to the other. Several objects break through the metal blast doors, causing objects to be sucked into space. ARTOO starts to slide toward one of the small holes.


As the elevator shaft rotates, it has become a long hallway. ANAKIN clings to the doorframe with OBI-WAN on his shoulder, as the Chancellor struggles to join him.


ARTOO continues to skid and slide toward open space. He swerves around boxes and wrecked fighters. One of the BATTLE DROIDS stumbles and is consumed by the electronic shield in a zap. ARTOO BEEPS a reply as he dodges the laser blasts of the BATTLE DROIDS. One bolt hits very near him, and he SCREAMS in terror.


PILOT: Magnetize! Magnetize!


ARTOO is about to be overtaken by a starfighter sliding behind him. He falls into a heap of broken battle droid parts and the fighter bounces over him.


The TRADE FEDERATION CRUISER heads straight down toward the planet.


ANAKIN jumps into the horizontal elevator shaft with OBI-WAN still on his shoulder.

ANAKIN: We can’t wait. Come on, we have to be fast.

PALPATINE climbs into the elevator shaft also. They start running. The ship begins to roll again, and the Jedi and the Chancellor are forced to jump from one side of the elevator to the other.


GENERAL GRIEVOUS: Fire the emergency booster engines.

PILOT: Leveling out, sir.


ANAKIN still carrying OBI-WAN on his back, and PALPATINE run down the elevator shaft as it starts to move upright. ANAKIN cuts a control box on one of the doors, but before the doors can open, the ship moves to an angle, causing ANAKIN and PALPATINE to start sliding down the shaft. ANAKIN grabs some wires in the control box with one hand. PALPATINE grabs onto the Jedi’s leg. As the ship rights itself, they are left hanging in the bottomless elevator shaft.


ANAKIN, OBI-WAN, and PALPATINE hang precariously on the side of the bottomless elevator shaft. OBI-WAN regains consciousness and tries to look around. He looks to ANAKIN and sees the pain in him. A look of sadness and sympathy overcome him.

ANAKIN: Easy. . . . We’re in a bit of a situation.

OBI-WAN: Did I miss something?

OBI-WAN looks down and sees PALPATINE and the bottomless pit. They hear ARTOO BEEPING on Obi-Wan’s comlink. The ship begins to roll, causing the vertical shaft to move into a forty-five-degree angle. They hear the elevator brakes release and look up to see the elevator heading toward them.

ANAKIN: Hold on.

OBI-WAN: What is that?

OBI-WAN and ANAKIN look up to watch the elevator approach them at high speed, then OBI-WAN turns to ANAKIN.

ANAKIN: Artoo, Artoo, shut down the elevator!

OBI-WAN: Too late! Jump!

They fall about three hundred feet before the tilt of the ship catches up with them, and they hit the side of the shaft and slide at great speed just ahead of the elevator. The shaft continues to rotate until it is completely horizontal. ANAKIN and OBI-WAN take out and throw grappling hooks. The hooks catch and they continue to fall. All the doors in the elevator shaft open up, and the group swings through the open door into a hallway. The elevator roars by.


ANAKIN, OBI-WAN, and PALPATINE fly through the elevator door and land.

OBI-WAN: Let’s see if we can find something in the hangar bay that’s still flyable. Come on.

ANAKIN: Artoo, get down here. Artoo, do you copy?


As the Federation Cruiser continues to rotate, ARTOO SQUEALS and pokes a periscope out of a pile of broken BATTLE DROID PARTS. He looks around then rockets up out of the debris.


OBI-WAN and ANAKIN lead PALPATINE down a hallway toward the hangar bay.


It is extremely windy as bits and pieces are continually sucked into space. The hangar bay doors are closed, but great stresses are being exerted as the ship twists, re-entering the atmosphere of Coruscant. They stop in a doorway leading into the hangar bay.

OBI-WAN: None of those ships will get us anywhere.

ANAKIN: I agree.

PALPATINE: What are we going to do?

ANAKIN: I don’t know.

OBI-WAN: Don’t look at me. I don’t know.

ANAKIN and PALPATINE both look to OBI-WAN. He shrugs his shoulders. Anakin’s Fighter has been sucked out of the hangar bay and is totaled. Suddenly, the ship turns on its side.

ANAKIN: Here, Chancellor, lock this around your waist, and hold on.

OBI-WAN: We’ll head toward the bridge and see if we can find an escape pod.

ANAKIN hands PALPATINE the end of a cable that is attached to his utility belt. PALPATINE attaches it around his waist. ANAKIN and OBI-WAN throw their utility cables to some pipes in the ceiling and swing to a second set of pipes.


OBI-WAN grabs onto the pipes that run along what was the ceiling and is now the wall. As he moves out into the hangar, TWO SUPER BATTLE DROIDS start firing at him. The Jedi ignites his lightsaber and deflects the bolts back at the DROIDS, blowing them up. ANAKIN and PALPATINE follow OBI-WAN along the pipes running along the ceiling of the hangar. PALPATINE struggles against the escaping air of the pressurized hangar. PALPATINE loses his grip as a pipe breaks, causing a rush of steam, but ANAKIN manages to maintain his grasp on the pipe as the CHANCELLOR dangles on the other end of the utility cable. They are surrounded by SPARKS and EXPLOSIONS as the ship twists and tries to break apart. ANAKIN moves out of the steam and struggles to pull PALPATINE back to safety. ANAKIN is almost pulled loose in the buffeting winds. The ceiling behind them buckles, causing pipes to break, creating geysers of steam. Some bits of pipe go hurling into the blast doors and out into space. They make it through a hangar doorway and close it behind them.


OBI-WAN, ANAKIN and PALPATINE are out of breath.

ANAKIN/OBI-WAN: Well, that was close.

The look to each other, what would normally be a by-product of their teamwork is suddenly awkward and unsettling, causing them to look away uncomfortably.


BODYGUARD: General, we found the Jedi. They’re in hallway 328.

GENERAL GRIEVOUS: Activate ray shields.


They run down the hallway. Suddenly, ray shields drop around them, putting them in an electronic box in the middle of the hallway.

ANAKIN: Ray shields!

OBI-WAN takes a deep breath to express his total disappointment.

OBI-WAN: Wait a minute, how’d this happen! We’re smarter than this.

ANAKIN: Apparently not. This is the oldest trap in the book . . . Well … I was distracted.

OBI-WAN: Oh, so all of a sudden it’s my fault.

ANAKIN: You’re the Master. I’m just a hero.

OBI-WAN feels the barb and it hurts.

OBI-WAN: I’m open to suggestions here.

PALPATINE: Why don’t we let them take us to General Grievous. Perhaps with Count Dooku’s demise, we can negotiate our release.

The Jedi look at each other in disbelief.

ANAKIN: I say . . . patience.

OBI-WAN: Patience! That’s your plan, is it?

ANAKIN: Yes, Artoo will be along in a few moments and he’ll release the ray shields . . .

ARTOO comes skidding across the hallway and bashes into the opposite wall. He takes a moment to compose himself.

ANAKIN: (continuing) See! No problem.

Suddenly several doorways open, revealing TWO DESTROYER DROIDS. SIXTEEN SUPER BATTLE DROIDS emerge from behind the DESTROYER DROIDS. ARTOO turns and zaps one of the SUPER BATTLE DROIDS who then kicks ARTOO over.

SUPER BATTLE DROID: Don’t move, dummy. Ouch! Zap this.

OBI-WAN: Do you have a plan B?



GENERAL GRIEVOUS: Oh yes. General Kenobi, the Negotiator. We’ve been waiting for you. That wasn’t much of a rescue.

A BATTLE DROID walks to GENERAL GRIEVOUS and hands him the JEDI’S lightsabers.

OBI-WAN: That depends upon your point of view.

GENERAL GRIEVOUS: And Anakin Skywalker … I was expecting someone with your reputation to be a little older.

ANAKIN: General Grievous . . . Supreme Commander of the Droid Armies. You’re shorter than I expected.

GENERAL GRIEVOUS: Ahhhh, Jedi scum . . .

OBI-WAN: Anakin, try not to upset him. We have a job to do.

GENERAL GRIEVOUS: Your lightsabers will make a fine addition to my collection.

OBI-WAN: Not this time. And this time you won’t escape.

ANAKIN: Artoo.

ARTOO creates a distraction by extending all his arms, shooting out electrical pulses, and bouncing around.
OBI-WAN, hands restrained with electrobonds, spins around, reaches out and, using the Force, yanks his lightsaber out of the General’s hand, ignites it, and cuts his bonds. He continues to spin around and cuts Anakin free.

GENERAL GRIEVOUS: Crush them! Make them suffer!

ANAKIN uses the Force to yank his lightsaber out of the General’s hand.

The DROIDS that surround them begin to FIRE. OBI-WAN and ANAKIN jump into the line of fire. The bridge degenerates into chaos. OBI-WAN and ANAKIN are locked in a pitched battle between electro staffs and laser swords with GENERAL GRIEVOUS’s TWO MAGNAGUARDS.

CHANCELLOR PALPATINE is taken away by two BATTLE DROIDS. GENERAL GRIEVOUS walks around the bridge directing the BATTLE DROIDS.

GENERAL GRIEVOUS: Stay and watch your stations.

OBI-WAN fights one of General Grievous’s MAGNAGUARDS. The MAGNAGUARD carries an electrified staff about five feet long. When the laser sword hits it, electrical bolts fly everywhere and surround the laser sword. OBI-WAN is unable to cut the staff. The Jedi gets whacked pretty good a couple of times and is knocked halfway across the bridge.

OBI-WAN pulls himself together and attacks again, cutting off the DROID MAGNAGUARD’S head. The DROID MAGNAGUARD keeps attacking. ANAKIN struggles to defend himself against the other manic DROID MAGNAGUARD. He cuts the DROID MAGNAGUARD in half. TWO BATTLE DROIDS try to take the CHANCELLOR away.

ANAKIN follows them down the hallway and cuts them down, rescuing the Chancellor.
OBI-WAN finishes off the headless MAGNAGUARD. It crumbles to the floor in pieces.

ALARMS SOUND as the giant spacecraft begins to list and fall out of orbit. A PILOT yells at GENERAL GRIEVOUS.

PILOT: Sir, we are falling out of orbit. All aft control cells are dead.

GENERAL GRIEVOUS: Stay on course . . . Don’t bother with them. Keep the ship in orbit.

OBI-WAN and ANAKIN destroy the remaining DROIDS. GENERAL GRIEVOUS retrieves one of the MAGNAGUARD’S staffs and faces OBI-WAN. ANAKIN leaps over a console and lands behind GENERAL GRIEVOUS.

GENERAL GRIEVOUS: You lose, General Kenobi.

One of the PILOTS stands next to the General.

PILOT: The ship is breaking up!

GENERAL GRIEVOUS: We’ve run out of time.

OBI-WAN tries to get at GENERAL GRIEVOUS. ANAKIN runs at the General from the opposing side. GENERAL GRIEVOUS turns and throws his electrified staff at the window. It breaks, causing chaos as everything that is not nailed down is sucked into space. GENERAL GRIEVOUS is the first one sucked out into space. He fires a cable from his arm that attaches to the ship. He swings in and lands firmly on the side of the ship.

OBI-WAN, ANAKIN, and PALPATINE hold on for dear life. A blast shield closes around where the window used to be.


OBI-WAN continues to fight the BATTLE DROIDS. The DROIDS have backed him into a corner. OBI-WAN hides behind a control panel as the DROIDS blast away at him. He jumps up and over the DROIDS, cutting most of them down before he lands. He destroys the DROIDS and joins ANAKIN.

ANAKIN and OBI-WAN cut through the rest of the DROIDS as if they were made of butter. PALPATINE stands in shock as he watches the carnage. Droid parts are firing everywhere. OBI-WAN and ANAKIN stand back to back and cut down the last of the DROIDS just as there is a huge shudder, followed by more alarms. SPARKS begin to fly outside the windows.

PALPATINE: The hull is burning up!


GENERAL GRIEVOUS detaches his cable and crawls along the exterior hull of the Federation Cruiser, using his magnetized hands and feet. He reaches a row of escape pods and enters an airlock.


GENERAL GRIEVOUS enters the escape pod bay through the hatch. The Droid General goes to a control panel and opens an escape pod.

GENERAL GRIEVOUS: Time to abandon ship.

GENERAL GRIEVOUS pulls a row of switches, and one by one the escape pods are jettisoned.


He gets in one, the hatch closes, and the escape pod blasts away from the damaged Cruiser.


OBI-WAN and ANAKIN go over to the navigator’s chair.

ANAKIN: All the escape pods have been launched.

OBI-WAN: Grievous. Can you fly a cruiser like this?

ANAKIN: You mean, do I know how to land what’s left of this thing?

ANAKIN sits in the pilot’s chair and sees on a screen the back half of the ship break away. There is a great jolt, and the ship tilts forward.

OBI-WAN: Well?

ANAKIN: Under the circumstances, I’d say the ability to pilot this thing is irrelevant. Strap yourselves in.

OBI-WAN and PALPATINE strap themselves into chairs. ANAKIN struggles with the controls of the ship. The ship starts to glow, and pieces break off. ARTOO moves in on PALPATINE’s controls and assists in flying the cruiser.

OBI-WAN: Steady . . . Attitude . . . eighteen degrees.

ARTOO beeps.

ANAKIN: Pressure rising. We’ve got to slow this wreck down. Open all hatches, extend all flaps, and drag fins.

OBI-WAN: Temp steady. Hatches open, flaps extended, drag fins . . .

A large part of the ship breaks away.

ANAKIN: We lost something.

OBI-WAN: Not to worry, we’re still flying half the ship.

ANAKIN: Now we’re really picking up speed . . . I’m going to shift a few degrees and see if I can slow us down.

OBI-WAN: Careful . . . we’re heating up-twelve thousand . . . thirteen thousand . . .

ANAKIN: What’s our speed?

OBI-WAN: Eight plus sixty-forty. Eight plus sixty-twenty. Eight plus sixty. Temp ten thousand, nine thousand . . . we’re in the atmosphere . . .

ANAKIN points to one of the controls. ARTOO beeps madly.

ANAKIN: Grab that . . . Keep us level.

OBI-WAN: Steady. Steady.

ANAKIN: Easy, Artoo. Hang on, this may get a little rough. We lost our heat shields.

OBI-WAN: Five thousand. Three thousand . . . two thousand. Fireships on the left and the right.

FlRESHIP PILOT: We’ll take you in.

OBI-WAN: Copy that. Landing strip’s straight ahead.

ANAKIN: We’re coming in too hot.

OBI-WAN: Easy-easy.

The ship leaves a contrail as it streaks across the Coruscant skyline. PALPATINE and OBI-WAN hold on for dear life as the ship shakes and rattles toward an industrial landing platform.


A large landing platform in the industrial part of the city is surrounded by Emergency Fire Speeders. The smoking ship approaches as five Fireships spray it with foam. The ship finally makes a rather hard landing.

OBI-WAN: Another happy landing.

Episode 3 Part 2
Revenge of the Sith Part 2


As the camera PANs down on the planet Utapau, we see CLONE ASSAULT CARRIERS fly towards the planet’s surface from the launch bays of a STAR DESTROYER. Following the craft to the surface, we see a giant battle between SEPARATIST DROIDS and JEDI. The CLONE TROOPERS and JEDI are seen pushing forward as the craft flies over the surface, coming in for a landing near two JEDI that slowly grow large enough to be recognized as OBI-WAN KENOBI and ANAKIN SKYWALKER. They fight in tandem, a whirling dervish of great skill that dispatch huge swaths of enemies. The ship sets down just behind them in a clearing and CAPTAIN REX leaps from the ship to take a position near them with his clone unit.

CAPTAIN REX : Commander Skywalker, General Kenobi, we have the clankers in retreat across all fronts.

OBI-WAN : Excellent news, Rex. Continue pressing the attack, it won’t be long until we finish cleaning up. He looks to ANAKIN, who has a self-satisfied smile What has you grinning like a Nexu?

ANAKIN : That’s 143 to 131 by my count. I win again.

OBI-WAN : laughing These battle droids are hardly worth counting – and I have three destroyers to your two.

ANAKIN : Always an excuse with you, Obi-Wan. laughing Come on, we should get to the forward command base. Padme, Bail and Owen will be there soon – they’re in charge of negotiating the cease fire.

The group of CLONES along with the two JEDI climb aboard the assault carrier and take off, the camera follows the ship right of screen, wiping behind to


PADME, OWEN, OBI-WAN, and ANAKIN sit in a small room, relaxing over a meal. They laugh and are obviously enjoying themselves in the aftermath of the battle

PADME: I can’t believe it’s almost over. Utapau was critical to the Separatists front. With it gone, Mustafar is their final holdout.

OWEN: We have them on the run alright. I can almost smell the Coruscanti bisque now!

ANAKIN: laughing Owen what in the twin suns are you talking about?

OWEN: laughs Well after the war I plan on opening a restaurant on Coruscant! A nice little diner – I love to fly, but I’ve had my fill for a while. If I get the hankering to do some flying, I can always pick up the supplies myself!

ANAKIN: looks astonished But what about your dad’s moisture farm on Tatooine?

OWEN: shaking his head TATOOINE?! Oh, no, I’m never going back to that dustball again! Damn sand gets everywhere!

OBI-WAN: smiling What about you, Padme? Without your skilled pilot what are you planning?

PADME: with a sideways glance to Anakin I’m sure I’ll be able to scrounge up someone to get me from planet to planet. I’m actually going to be on Coruscant far more often, however. I’m looking at learning more of the Senatorial procedures.

OBI-WAN: The Senate?

PADME: nodding There’s far too much discrepancy between the Noble practices of the member worlds of the Republic and the Senate. It’s what enabled the Separatists to gain such power – they exploited the misunderstandings between planetary politics and Senatorial procedure. If we can close that gap, then we can stop it from being exploited in the future and strengthen the Republic overall.

OBI-WAN: A noble goal.

PADME: What about you Obi-Wan? Now that you’ve declared Anakin a Knight and no longer your Padawan, and without a war to fight as an excuse to avoid taking another, what will you do?

OBI-WAN: raising his hands Guilty as charged, I suppose I will take a new Padawan. laughs No, I actually quite excited about teaching the next generation of Padawan. With so many Jedi lost in the fighting we number less than two hundred Knights and Masters now.

ANAKIN: nodding With so few of us left, many Padawan have become Knights long before they would traditionally do so. Myself included. I feel as though the Council wouldn’t have let me be knighted without the need for it.

OBI-WAN: Don’t be ridiculous, you’re every bit the Knight I was when I was your age. What will you do Anakin?

ANAKIN: I’m going to be sitting next to you, Master. To your left you’ll have Master Windu, to your right will be me. With all the studying I’ve done, this time I know I’ll pass their tests.

PADME: This time? What do you mean Anakin?

OBI-WAN: sadly Anakin has appealed to the Council for a place before. Though he hasn’t yet passed their test for nomination. Though I don’t understand why not.

ANAKIN: I’ll make this time, Master, I’ve studied the rarest lore in the archives, and I’ve focused on the subtle nuances of my force skills. I’ve mastered all of the disciplines now.

OBI-WAN: To distraction … I’ve noticed. Why is it so vital though that you sit on the Council. It’s terribly boring.

ANAKIN: Because I was born a slave.

OBI-WAN: I don’t follow – you aren’t a slave anymore.

ANAKIN: But I’m not free either.

OWEN: You aren’t? confused

ANAKIN: Well, I am, but yet I’m not. You see, being a Jedi Knight I’m still doing the bidding of the Council. Yes, I can go where I want to and sort things out how I choose, but I’m beholden to uphold the decisions of the Council. If I were on the Council, then I could participate in deciding the future of that criteria – I would be totally free to make choices that matter. That make the galaxy a better place. Until then, I’m still a servant.

OBI-WAN: dubious Well then, I suspect you won’t have long to wait – liberating Utapau is a major accomplishment, and you were pivotal in its strategic planning. This victory is largely yours, Anakin.

ANAKIN: Thanks, Obi-Wan, that means a lot to me. Camera pans out as they begin laughing and discussing other matters, CUT TO


As the camera DOLLY’s toward the planet MUSTAFAR, we see a huge plain that dominates the camera. On each side, a river of lava flows. In the distance, growing closer as the camera moves, is the giant SEPARATIST FORTRESS. The camera continues until the fortress fills the pane, then CUT TO:


GENERAL GRIEVOUS is in a tirade. He smashes the underling BATTLE DROIDS in his nearby presence as the RUNE HAAKO, NUTE GUNRAY, and the other SEPARATIST LEADERS cower nearby, trying to avoid his wrath. DARTH SIDIOUS and DARTH TYRANUS appear in holographic form at one end of the conference table

GENERAL GRIEVOUS : It is unacceptable! The Republic has systematically broken our hold in every major theatre in the Galaxy! The droids we have received from the Techno Union are no match for the Jedi and their clones! It is a disaster!

WAT TAMBOR : mechanical squelching That is a fallacy – what the droids lack in quality they more than make up for in numerical superiority. We just need to commit them in larger numbers to the field. Countless Jedi have fallen to our weight of numbers …

GENERAL GRIEVOUS : stepping menacingly at TAMBOR And countless more Jedi have risen to take their place. raises his arm to strike TAMBOR

DARTH SIDIOUS : General Grievous, do you not see the great victory you have achieved in that?

GENERAL GRIEVOUS : stopping, and moving back from TAMBOR What do you mean?

DARTH SIDIOUS : You have executed the battle plan I have prepared perfectly. To be sure, the Republic has beaten you back across all fronts, and indeed, the ranks of the Jedi have not lessened. However, the quality of those Jedi wanes. Masters replaced by Knights, and Knights replaced by Padawans. They may have been promoted, but they have no more practical power or skill than they had prior, only a desperate title. The Republic has used all of its assets to secure your retreat, and spread its forces thin across the galaxy.

GENERAL GRIEVOUS : considering his words You suggest that the Republic is not as strong as they appear, but are merely casting an illusion?

DARTH SIDIOUS : nodding While they have committed unprecedented numbers to the many theatres of war we have exposed them to, they have left nothing for their defense. The fools believe that a strike to their heart is impossible. Now is the time to amass the remainder of your forces, General. A single, killing strike aimed at the heart of the Republic.

GENERAL GRIEVOUS : as the SEPARATIST LEADERSHIP emits shocked gasps Coruscant.

DARTH SIDIOUS : Nodding Correct. We take the Chancellor and his Senate hostage. I will be sending Count Dooku to assist you in this final phase. He will ensure that the Chancellor will cooperate. Once this is accomplished, we will force the Republic to capitulate to our demands. the holo-image fading I have foreseen it.

As the holographic image of SIDIOU and TYRANUS fades, CUT TO


DARTH SIDIOUS and DARTH TYRANUS look out over the vast city

DARTH TYRANUS : Master, what of Qui-Gon’s padawan, Kenobi? He is on Coruscant even now. Will he not present a problem with this gambit?

DARTH SIDIOUS : Obi-Wan Kenobi has been busy, seeking me out over these many years, to be sure.

DARTH TYRANUS : He has come close to revealing your identity to the galaxy and foiling all you have planned.

DARTH SIDIOUS : He has indeed, my apprentice.

DARTH TYRANUS : Then should I not be sent to cut this loose end prior to our taking a more active role in the war?

DARTH SIDIOUS : Do not worry, my apprentice, I have plans afoot that will neatly tie all loose ends. he begins laughing menacingly as the camera focuses on TYRANUS, who appears uncomfortable with this statement. FADE TO:


A unique building with tall spires stands out against the Coruscant skyline. A small transport passes by the vast temple


ANAKIN stands in a tall stately room. Six JEDI sit in a semi-circle. The Senior Jedi is MACE WINDU. To his left is an alien Jedi named KI-ADI-MUNDI, and to his right, Jedi Master OBI-WAN KENOBI

MACE WINDU : It is widely being hailed as the breaking of the Separatist’s back. They are in full retreat across every sector, consolidating what remains of their forces on Mustafar.

KI ADI MUNDI : Jedi Knight Skywalker, your tactical acumen is to be commended. The operation on Utapau was a total success.

ANAKIN : bowing in respect Thank you, Masters. I just wish that I had been able to keep casualties lower.

SHAAK TI : The loss of even one life is a great sadness, but your courage and leadership saw the survival of a great many who under other command would have perished. Do not lose sight of the good through the fog of the bad.

ANAKIN : nodding Yes, Master.

MACE WINDU : The Council is wondering where you next plan to engage the Separatists at.

ANAKIN : looks to OBI-WAN, who nods with encouragement Well, if it would be alright, I was wondering if perhaps the Council would resolve my application to this body before I plan my next move. MACE looks to the other Masters with concern

MACE WINDU : How does your application affect your strategy?

ANAKIN : confused Well, truthfully, acting as a Jedi Knight I cannot marshal the weight to convince potential allies to our cause. Moreover, the good that I could do would be much farther reaching …

MACE WINDU : holding up a hand to stop him Skywalker, we have decided on the matter already. You will not be a Master nor a Council member. I suggest you focus your strategies on the end of the Separatist threat, and the Separatist threat alone. ANAKIN and OBI-WAN looked stunned, the decision obviously having been made without OBI-WAN. The audience can see he wants to ask why he was not included on the decision, but he curbs his question for private later

ANAKIN : lowers his head Yes, maste…. He stops and raises his head, defiance in his eyes No. This isn’t right. I have done everything that has been asked of me, passed every trial set before me. I’ve won every battle I’ve been assigned to. Still, I have been passed over time and time again, as others far less skilled and qualified than me have been elevated to the council, Masters who have accomplished far less.

MACE WINDU : eyes serious and calm Our own council we will keep on who is qualified for a seat in this chamber.

OBI-WAN : seeing things escalate far too quickly Master Windu, I can understand the frustration that young Skywalker is experiencing. After all, leveling a gaze at MACE WINDU to express his displeasure about being left out of the decision he is operating in a vacuum here. He has no idea what the Council finds as his shortcomings, so he is unable to correct those mistakes and improve as a Jedi. Perhaps if he had this direction …

MACE WINDU : shaking his head While this Council was forced to train him as a Jedi due to Qui-Gon’s final wishes, we all know that deep down he isn’t one. OBI-WAN looks appalled while ANAKIN stares in disbelief He was far too old, and has too many attachments outside the Jedi that compromise his ability to make decisions for the Order. He is clouded by his outside connections and ideas that do not represent the Order. He’s been here for less than a decade, and under no circumstances will such a dangerous individual sit on the governing body of the Jedi Order.

ANAKIN : lost and confused Then why let me be here at all?

MACE WINDU : steely eyed Qui-Gon’s death wish was that you be Obi-Wan’s apprentice. We honored that. We allowed and assisted Obi-Wan with your training out of respect for Qui-Gon Jinn. But that is done, your training is complete, and that means so is our obligation. You are Obi-Wan’s apprentice, and will be no more.

OBI-WAN : unable to believe what he is hearing That’s ridiculous, Anakin’s my brother in this Order, not a …. his eyes lock with ANAKIN’s and he suddenly realizes how this must seem to his friend …. slave. ANAKIN storms out of the Council Chamber, CUT TO

Episode 3 Part 1
Revenge of the Sith Part 1


Player's Interlude: Tor Dahn Personal Journal
Entry 516 - Darkbringer

This is the second time we faced the Sith Assassin, Darth Maul. And for the second time, Castis disarmed him.

I had the chance to examine the crystal from the first weapon, having borrowed it from Castis after the first battle. I’ve not had the chance to really look at her newest prize, but I am completely certain the stories were true and somehow, Maul obtained Ulic Qel-Droma’s lightsaber. Besides the historical significance, one may ask why I know this or even care..?

Qel-Droma’s journey from Jedi Knight to Sith Lord and back was remarkable without a doubt; but in his final days, it was said that he focused on the healing arts as a way to channel his energies for redemptive purposes. The stories say that he somehow managed to turn his lightsaber from a weapon to a healing instrument – its touch could repair surface wounds and its pierce could somehow energize and repair a person’s psyche. It was said that Hoggon took it (not really knowing what it was) after he killed him on Rhen Var, along with some other items he believed to be Jedi artifacts.

Having studied force healing assisted by the increasingly rare Kunda Stones, I can say without little doubt that the one’s in Maul’s blade were likely crafted during the Great Sith War epoch. If so, then the stories are true that Maul somehow figured out how to reverse Qel-Droma’s work, returning the blade back to a weapon, but with some devastating side effects. Darkbringer, as he named it, supposedly has the power to turn those who feel its caress to the Dark Side.

During the battle, Castis was hit, quite badly actually. When I attempted to heal her, I sensed a great blockage in the Force. It seemed to emanate from her wound and reduced my ability to channel healing energies. I’ve decided to keep this to myself for now, and I will make it a point to observe her for “unusual” behaviors.

In the mean time, I’ll see if I can examine the weapon. It is not in as bad of shape as the last one of Maul’s that she sliced in half. If I can confirm it is Qel-Droma’s, I’ll need to figure out how to talk her into letting me have the Kunda stones. If she has somehow been tainted, I’ll need to find a way to reverse the effects.

I cannot shake the feeling that this is is the first step in my own manifest destiny. It was not coincidence that I was there to engage in these events, both past and present. I must re-attune the stones and give Qel-Droma’s healing blade back to the galaxy as he intended.

Episode 2 Finale
Attack of the Clones Finale

Exhausted, but not defeated, MAUL seethes with rage, standing up before the fatigued JEDI. As the crimson blades activate for another assault, OBI-WAN can be seen in the opening. As the JEDI look to him, MAUL turns and sees the PADAWAN whose master he slew

OBI-WAN : pure rage in his eyes My friends, see to the wounded … the Sith is mine. OBI-WAN charges MAUL, fueled with rage and anger. Their blades clash as the two engage in a frightening display of power. ANAKIN’S eye bulge at the sight, after fighting alongside OBI-WAN for years he doesn’t recognize the powerhouse in front of him. The JEDI tend to those SEPARATISTS and SENATORS who are wounded, and help stabilize OBI-WAN’s wounded padawan, as they are all transfixed, some with horror, others with awe, at the scene in front of them. For all his rage induced power, however, OBI-WAN is still merely MAUL’S equal, not his better, and the fight seems to go nowhere until the wall behind them all explodes, revealing YODA and PALPATINE along with the CLONES, who open fire on the DROIDS near the breach in the door and MAUL. In all the confusion, MAUL fails to pay attention to OBI-WAN for a moment, and OBI-WAN takes the opportunity to cut him half and force push the pieces through the breach in the wall, the boy tumbling into the depths of the canyon below. As the last DROID falls, PALPATINE regards AMIDALA and the SENATORS

PALPATINE : Are the delegates unharmed, your Highness?

AMIDALA : looking around for the most part, nothing serious, thank you Defense Councilor. We were lucky.

PALPATINE : No, your Highness, you weren’t lucky. You were rescued. Had the Grand Army not arrived when it did, your ‘peace talks’ would have been an unmitigated disaster. Commander, arrest the ‘Delegates’ if you would. The clones move to take the SEPARATISTS into custody

BAIL : moving to intercept the clones What are you doing? They were attacked just as we were!

AMIDALA : As the Jedi can attest, the Sith are a third party in this conflict, attacking both sides!

PALPATINE : Don’t be naïve, the re-emergence of the Sith is ridiculous. The assassin was no Sith, merely a Force-User trained the Jedi arts by Dooku himself. both SEPARATISTS and SENATORS gasp at the revelation, and in the distraction the CLONES move BAIL and continue their arrest of the SEPARATIST

YODA : obviously saddened A Jedi, Dooku once was. Left the Order he did, not in agreement with the Order’s regimen he was.

PALPATINE : This is nothing more than a power play by the Count to eliminate the other Separatist leaders and thus give him total control of the movement to use as a means of revenge against the Republic as a whole. His intention was to eliminate not only his opposition in his own faction, but also cut out the heart of the Republic Senate as well. Obviously, this was an act of unmitigated aggression against the Republic and clear declaration of war. The time for diplomacy is now over, and as he was allowed to escape, he is likely solidifying his power even as we speak.

AMIDALA : Then it is doubly important that we return the Separatist delegates to their homeworlds, to act as a counter point to his war effort.

PALPATINE : To what end, your Highness? Even if the delegates were to be believed, he could simply accuse them of being manipulated by the Republic for their release … or worse, as you have proven your tendency for optimism, perhaps they are in league with Count all along, and we then lose our chance to interrogate war criminals. No, I think the Separatist will be staying with us.

BAIL : You don’t have that authority, Councilor.

PALPATINE : Oh, but I do, Senator. The Senate authorized the Grand Army, and as Defense Councilor, I have jurisdiction over military operations, which this is. Adopting a softer tone, and placing a calming hand on BAIL’S shoulder Don’t worry, my friend, I fully expect the Separatist to be exonerated of complicity in this matter, and when they are, we will turn them over to diplomatic channels for return to their worlds. This may even give us the opportunity to offer protection to those worlds against the actions of Count Dooku, and welcome them back to the Republic. AMIDALA appears tormented, as she faults herself for being naïve and hopeful, while BAIL nods assent to PALPATINE’S words. The CLONES escort the SEPARATISTS to republic LANDING CRAFT. FADE TO

We find that the Palace has been converted in a makeshift hospital for the wounded with PADME helping out as she can, especially with ANAKIN, whom she feels somewhat responsible for. As MEDICAL DROIDS tend to some, PADME personally tends to ANAKIN, and it is apparent from their interactions that they are growing close. The CAMERA then CUTS TO

OBI-WAN and YODA sit akimbo on meditation couches speaking in the soft light of twilight

OBI-WAN : And so I placed a tracker on the Count’s ship. It has revealed his destination as a planet called Geonosis, Master. I was hoping that with the Council’s permission, I might go after him.

YODA : Unclear on your motivations, I am. To bring light to the clouded events surrounding us, or to seek revenge on the mastermind behind your Masters death, your motivation I wonder?

OBI-WAN : shocked I want Justice, Master Yoda.

YODA : Justice? Justice you say? Judges the Jedi are not, Obi-Wan. The villain, Dooku may be, but with wisdom, armed with knowledge, our decision must be.

OBI-WAN : Millions could die and war could be declared if we don’t act quickly to deal with Dooku.

YODA : Terrible, war is. The center of this moment the Count is, but the villain this does not make him. A victim of the shadow of the Dark Side, he may be.

OBI-WAN : I don’t understand, master.

YODA : Unfamiliar you are with why the Jedi do not go to war for the Republic. Soldiers for the Old Republic, we were, no more, for the shadow of the Dark Side there always was.

OBI-WAN : But the Jedi are the Republics greatest warriors.

YODA : soft chuckle Wars not make one great, Obi-Wan. A terrible thing, war makes a Jedi. The best intentions a Jedi has, protection, peace, preserving life. A Jedi seeks to end suffering at all costs.

OBI-WAN : What is wrong with that, master?

YODA : In war, costs are always higher, Master Obi-Wan. Expedience to save lives one place, extinguishes lives in another. To save many, sacrifice others one must. Saving lives, taking others becomes.

OBI-WAN : understanding And as soon as a Jedi accepts destroying some to save others he loses perspective …

YODA : Become the enemy he fights, he does. To this moral ambiguity, many Jedi fell. To end our part in wars, the Council was forced. A shadow of the Dark Side, cast by the light a Jedi fought for, it became.

OBI-WAN : And that is why the Jedi chose to create an environment for Peace to flourish instead of fighting for Peace itself.

YODA : Let the People choose Peace, we must. Otherwise, become tyrants of order we will.

OBI-WAN : relaxing and slumping I admit, Master, ever since returning I haven’t felt myself.

YODA : Much turmoil you possess, Master Obi-Wan.

OBI-WAN : I have been haunted by a vision. I see the assassin’s face roiling out of Qui-Gon’s funeral pyre, but it changes … I see many faces, some I recognize, Dooku, my own, Anakin, others, I don’t know. In fact, until I met him I hadn’t realized that it was Dooku that I saw. They merge, and twist as the flames rise, as if they are all connected somehow. I haven’t been able to keep it away.

YODA : nodding To Geonosis, you must go. Confront Dooku, you will.

OBI-WAN : confused I don’t understand, you yourself said that my motivations were clouded, Master.

YODA : Responsibility for Qui-Gon’s death you feel, forgive yourself you have not. Attachment you have, acceptance of his passing to the Force you must find. Bottled it up you have, not released it. Now, clouded your mind has become. To Qui-Gon’s master you must go, find balance there you will.

OBI-WAN : You mean?

YODA : nodding Yes. Qui-Gon’s master, Dooku was. Confront Dooku’s past you will, shed light on your own it will. CUT TO

As MEDICAL DROIDS roll about, ANAKIN, lies staring at the ceiling as OBI-WAN walks to his bed

OBI-WAN : You look in good, spirits, Anakin.

ANAKIN : sitting up and smiling at OBI-WAN’S approach Master! I glad to see you! Were have you been? It’s been almost a week!

OBI-WAN : I know, I apologize for not visiting, but I have been meditating on the events that have unfolded, and my behavior lately.

ANAKIN : concerned Master?

OBI-WAN : smiling I don’t much feel like one of those, right now Anakin. I’ve been a terrible example to you.

ANAKIN : smiling Are you kidding? You defeated that Sith assassin, that was amazing! No one but a Master could do that! OBI-WAN grimaces

OBI-WAN : Anakin, what I did was wrong – I let my anger control me. I took a life to save others – and now we are left in ignorance for any information the Sith could have given us was lost in my quest for vengeance.

ANAKIN : But everyone is alive right now because you did what needed to be done.

OBI-WAN : Anakin, the ends never justify the means, I know that now. Which is why I am going to Geonosis immediately.

ANAKIN : Is that where Dooku is? getting up I can be ready in a few minutes, I just need … OBI-WAN stops him

OBI-WAN : What you need is to stay here, and rest. This is something I must do alone.
ANAKIN : I don’t understand.

OBI-WAN : looking to PADME, who is working with a MEDICAL DROID on another injured senator I wanted to apologize for the things I said before. For all the reasons that a Jedi would leave the civil service of the Order, love is the one that should be most supported, not spurned.

ANAKIN : looking to PADME You mean?

OBI-WAN : For me to not support you in your pursuit of “the most beautiful woman in the galaxy” would be allowing attachment to my friend to get in the way of his happiness. I would terribly miss you, Anakin, but you deserve the best life you can make in this galaxy. You should stay here while you heal, and explore whether a life with Padme would be a future you both want.

ANAKIN : looking incredulous Okay, Master, and thank you.

OBI-WAN : smiling as if to say goodbye Thank you, my old friend. He leaves. FADE OUT

A looming tan palace erupts out of the desolate GEONOSIS terrain, huge metal doors rising over 20 feet high. OBI-WAN KENOBI, wearing simple robes with hood drawn up, approaches calmly. A GATEHOUSE DROID emerges from a hole in the gate and confronts him

DROID : translated from GEONOSIAN Halt! State your identity.

OBI-WAN : Obi-Wan Kenobi, apprentice of Qui-Gon Jinn. I am here to speak to Count Dooku. the DROID moves to regard something behind OBI-WAN, then quickly retreats into the gate. OBI-WAN turns, and CAMERA closes on his face. His eyes grow wide and he slowly removes his hood. CAMERA pans around to show a giant AKLAY Hello there. I take it you aren’t the welcoming committee? The ACKLAY screeches and attacks. OBI-WAN and the ACKLAY fight along the exterior of the palace, OBI-WAN pushing himself to the limit, but eventually being able to defeat the giant monster. As the ACKLAY lets out a final gasp, the gate doors open. OBI-WAN disengages his Lightsaber and goes inside. CUT TO

As MEDICAL DROIDS roll about, PADME is seen sitting on ANAKIN’S bed with him, taking readings from sensors on his arm. Her touch lingers on him and they stare at each other and smile often, obviously having a Florence Nightingale effect on the Queen, she and ANAKIN are obviously growing very close. As they lean in to kiss, they are interrupted by the arrival of DEFENSE COUNCILOR PALPATINE and the BOUNTY HUNTER in Mandalorian armor

PALPATINE : Good news, your highness, the assault on the palace will soon be avenged!
AMIDALA : obviously recovering her composure Uh, that is good news, Defense Councilor, or should I say Supreme Chancellor now.

PALPATINE : A temporary title, your highness, only during the declared state of War. An archaic practice of the Republic, and frankly one I thought long forgotten. The Defense Councilor assumes the title of Supreme Chancellor only during open conflict, no longer.

AMIDALA : I’m sure we’ll all benefit from your wisdom, Chancellor. You mentioned something about the attack?

PALPATINE : smiling Yes! The nefarious Count Dooku has been located! Jango Fett here has tracked him to the planet Geonosis. A backwater planet in the Outer Rim. As we speak, the Grand Army of the Republic is on their way to the world to assault his fortress there. ANAKIN looks concerned

ANAKIN : Shouldn’t the Jedi be dispatched to capture him? He is after all a former Jedi.

PALPATINE : Normally, yes, but this serves as a chance to showcase the power of reinvigorated Grand Army of the Republic. It will show that we are strong, and can protect our membership by eliminating the Separatist leader once and for all. A far more important show of force than dispatching the Jedi on a covert operation. I wanted to ensure your highness that the assault on your sovereignty will not go unpunished. smiling, he bows and PALPATINE and the BOUNTY HUNTER leave. At his time, OWEN arrives as PADME and ANAKIN share concerned looks

OWEN : Whoa, did I interrupt something?

ANAKIN : both ANAKIN and PADME blush No, nothing like that. The Chancellor just said they are sending troops to Geonosis after Dooku.

OWEN : Good! Glad to know that nerf-herder is gonna get what’s coming to him.

ANAKIN : looking at PADME worriedly Obi-Wan went to Geonosis! He’s going to get caught in the crossfire!

PADME : Then we’ll just have to go after him then! smiling, ANAKIN moves to get up using his missing arm, then stops and looks down

OWEN : seeing ANAKIN’S struggle Anakin, you’re in no condition to go anywhere. Haven’t you given enough to this damn crusade? You and Padme have something good, I can see it. Why don’t you stay here, you don’t need to get involved in this war. The galaxy is losing its mind, and you two deserve a bit of peace.

PADME : looking at OWEN Obi-Wan needs us, Owen.

OWEN : Needs you? That damn fool doesn’t need anyone! All the Jedi are the same, pushing one damn idealistic crusade or another. They cause more problems than they solve. Hell, they trained Dooku and look at the mess he’s gone and made! We’re a war because of that nutball!

ANAKIN : Owen, I know you don’t agree with Obi-Wan’s ideals. I understand your viewpoint, I do. But Obi-Wan isn’t my just my master, or a fellow Jedi, he’s my friend, and more than that the closest thing to a father I’ll ever have. You and I, we’re Brothers of the Suns, and I’m asking you – please help me.

OWEN : obviously conflicted, OWEN eventually slumps his shoulders and shakes his head I’m not one for flying into warzones, but I’ll get you in and out safely on the Gambit. Finding that crazy wizard once we get there is on the two of you though. CUT TO

OBI-WAN stands staring out over a giant coliseum as DOOKU approaches from behind

DOOKU : The Geonosians are a primitive, barbaric species in their interests, but you won’t find a more industrious or technologically innovative species in the galaxy.

OBI-WAN : Are you part of this, Dooku? Have you fallen to the Dark Side?

DOOKU : sighing and coming to lean on the railing next to OBI-WAN No, and yet, yes at the same time.

OBI-WAN : turning to look at him What happened? Why did you leave the order?

DOOKU : In the years since I finished Qui-Gon’s apprenticeship I grew more and more angry with the Jedi’s inaction, their seeming willingness to let the Senate dictate events that weren’t always fair. In some cases very much the opposite.

OBI-WAN : But it isn’t our place to create the policy, the galaxy is the people’s, not the Jedi’s.

DOOKU : So I discovered first hand, after leaving. I found that I could do very little on my own, my voice only one of thousands no matter how sound my argument. As people proved over and over to seemingly desire self-destruction I grew frustrated. As time wore on, that frustration turned to anger. I felt myself spiral towards the Dark Side. When that happened, I became a source of hatred and anger that caught the attention of the Sith.

OBI-WAN : So you did know the Sith.

DOOKU : nodding I knew yes, that is why I wanted to speak to the Jedi privately at the peace talks, though all it did was start an argument with the Senators that wasted precious time.

OBI-WAN : I don’t understand.

DOOKU : I did catch the attention of the Sith, but by the time they contacted me I had went into hiding in an effort to clear my mind of this darkness through hermitage. I had finally broken myself of the hold my anger held over me when I was approached by a Sith Lord who claimed to be amassing power from within the Senate. This figure approached me to train me as a Sith as well, stating that the time grew near to strike. I accepted the offer, for if I could uncover the identity of this Sith Lord, I could save the Republic and show the Jedi that action must be taken in order to protect the Republic. I considered it my chance at redemption.

OBI-WAN : beginning to understand And since there are always two Sith, the assassin I slew on Alderaan came to challenge you to secure his place at the Dark Lord’s side.

DOOKU : nodding Correct. With his destruction at your hands, the Dark Lord will now seek to either secure me or destroy me and find a suitable apprentice.

OBI-WAN : reaching out to Dooku Come to the Council with me, Dooku. Together we can find the Dark Lord and end his plans!

DOOKU : shaking his head No. The Jedi are too entrenched in the rule of the Senate. If the Dark Lord is in control of the Senate as he claims, then the Jedi are powerless to investigate him. Only by knowing his identity can we hope to unmask and confront the Sith Lord.

OBI-WAN : I lost my master to this Sith Lords plots, I don’t want to lose you too.

DOOKU : Qui-Gon was just as loyal, but I must join the Dark Lord, Obi-Wan. Don’t you see? If I evade him, then he will not only remain anonymous, but he will append his time-table to prevent our investigation and cover his tracks. We will lose him. Moreover, he will find and train another Sith, spreading their influence across the galaxy. We have an opportunity to stop him here and now. My infiltration will shed light on his identity and stop a great evil.

OBI-WAN : But once you start down the Dark Path …

DOOKU : taking OBI-WAN by the shoulders Then my sacrifice will be worth it. Ending the Sith once and for all? I can think of nothing worth more. Now go. I have to prepare for what comes next. Remember, Obi-Wan, no one can know of my true alliances, should the Dark Lord suspect anything, all of our plans are for naught. CUT TO


PADME and OWEN sit at the ship’s controls as ANAKIN leans forward from one of the seats in the back. ARTOO and THREEPIO sit in the background

ANAKIN : There, that’s Obi-Wan’s ship.

PADME : And look! pointing There’s Obi-Wan!

The HUTT’S GAMBIT settles into a gentle landing alongside the JEDI STARFIGHTER as OBI-WAN approaches. The gangplank lowers and PADME and ANAKIN rush to OBI-WAN

ANAKIN : Master! We need to leave, now!

OBI-WAN : Anakin! What are you doing here? I thought I told you to stay on Alderaan.

PADME : We’re here to rescue you, Master Kenobi.

OBI-WAN : Wonderful job, your highness, but I’m not in any danger.

ANAKIN : Yes, you are … Supreme Chancellor Palapatine and an Army of clones are coming to level Count Dooku’s fortress!

OBI-WAN : spinning to look back to the Fortress in the distance Oh no!

ANAKIN : We have to go before we get caught in the crossfire!

PADME : Too late! Look! she points into the distance and the camera ascends to see the shadow of wedge-shaped STAR DESTROYERS in the sky. Hundreds of smaller shadows appear and descend as REPUBLIC ASSAULT SHIPS begin bombing runs on the fortress assisted by power laser blasts from the STAR DESTROYERS. The trio sit in silence as OWEN, THREEPIO, and ARTOO descend the ramp to join them. They all watch in silent horror as the forces of the REPUBLIC smash the fortress to bits. CUT TO


The SITH STARFIGHTER seen on ALDERAAN decloaks and lands. The gangplank lowers and a robed figure descends it to meet a kneeling COUNT DOOKU

DARTH SIDIOUS : Good, I see you have accepted that your destiny lies with me.

DOOKU : I have, my master.

DARTH SIDIOUS : Then arise, DARTH TYRANUS, and join me. Together, we will crush the Jedi, and rule the galaxy!

TYRANUS : I obey, Master. rises and the two board the SITH STARSHIP as the HANGER begins to crumble around them. The camera focuses on DOOKU, who looks at his wrist and clicks a button on his wrist comm. CUT TO

PADME, ANAKIN, OBI-WAN, OWEN, THREEPIO, and ARTOO stand watching the last pieces of the Fortress crumble

PADME : It’s horrible. What hope is there for peace in the face of such madness.

ANAKIN : wrapping an arm about her to comfort her At least the war will end now that Dooku is dead.

OWEN : shaking his head Not a chance. Being bullied by the Jedi is what started this mess. Military action by the Republic at large will cause Dooku to become a martyr and launch the Separatist into a full-fledged war campaign.

PADME : Owen is right, this will only stoke the fires of war. The galaxy has fallen into darkness… a soft beeping begins as OBI-WAN checks his wrist comlink, where a light is flashing. OBI-WAN softly smiles and looks up to the amassed forces in the sky

OBI-WAN : Not all is darkness. There is still light in the universe … looking to ANAKIN and smiling We just need to find it.


End titles


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