Val Isa (Deceased)

Twi'lek Jedi Master and Artist


A pink skinned twi’lek of slight frame, Val Isa was the epitome of grace. Her eyes were a clear purple, always twinkling with a secret light.


Thousands of years ago, soured by ceaseless warfare, Jedi Master Val Isa gave up her lightsaber for a paintbrush, trading the life of a warrior for that of an artist. However, a vision of a Jedi Temple covered in blood compelled her to re-purpose an old Hammerhead class starship into a mobile hospital and temple. Her goal was to ensure that no matter what might befall the Jedi, their traditions would live on.

Meanwhile, the Mandalorian warrior clans took up arms against the Republic. They struck deep into Republic territory, annexing planets in the Outer Rim and ravaging planets in the Core. Val Isa tried desperately to avoid the confllict, using her starship now named the Sanctuary to gather lore from the various temples around the galaxy and chart the planets whose mineral deposits might provide kyber crystals for future generations of Jedi lightsabers. As the violence worsened, however, she attempted to hide her ship in the Koler system, however a Mandalorian strike force discovered and assaulted the vessel. The attack left the ship a half-destroyed hulk.

Val Isa perished on the Sanctuary but her spirit somehow lived on in a talisman she had worn around her neck. The talisman moved from place to place through fate and happenstance, seeking a brave and worthy person to carry on the legacy of the Jedi.

Val Isa (Deceased)

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