V'brel T'bat

Chadra Fan Artisan and holonet vigilante


V’brel T’bat had been picked on since the moment of birth. The runt of his brood, he was almost devoured by his clutchmates, had it not been for V’brel’s almost instant mastery of his fangs and extremities. With the assistance of his mother, he survived the encounter, though he never forgot it.

As he grew, he found himself constantly at odds with those bigger and stronger, but when he first encountered the holonet, he found the ultimate tool to even the odds. Always naturally dexterous, he found typing to be second nature, setting multiple clerical records in his school. These traits would serve him well when he began his career in slicing, as V’brel can code faster than nearly any of his peers. Between his natural intuition and his physical dexterity, V’brel’s holonet identity “The Batman” became a force against oppression, and defender of the “little guys” of the galaxy.

It was only after meeting a scholar named Hethan Romund that V’brel came to the realization that much of his talent stemmed from his natural aptitude in the Force. With Romund’s assistance, V’brel began searching secured holonetworks for Jedi relics and knowledge of the Force, which he then forwarded to Romund to secure. It was on a recent such slice that he received the message from Hethan indicating she was in trouble. Now, V’brel has met others on the planet Spintir to help save his friend.

V'brel T'bat

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