The Jailor

Holographic Gatekeeper of the Dawn Temple


Appearing as a human Jedi Master from the days of the Old Republic named Alorra Siss, the Jailor shines with a golden light in the flowing robes of a Jedi.


The Jailor is responsible for the defense of the Dawn Temple. All defense lasers, turrets, and stasis mines at the Temples disposal are remotely controlled by the Jailor’s artificial intelligence program. Additionally, all security doors and cameras are controlled by her functions as well. She can remain omnipresent (as can the other Gatekeepers) through the many security cameras and sensors around the Dawn Temple, and operates as a sentient intrusion countermeasure program within the Temple’s operational system.

In the aspect of training the Jailor is responsible for the martial training of students. She is able to instruct students in the Force powers of Battlemind, Protect/Unleash, and Seek, as well the skills Athletics, Coordination, Vigilance and Lightsaber. Finally, the Jailor is versed in all forms of Lightsaber combat, and can teach the Talent Trees associated with Forms I-VI as well as the means to construct a lightsaber.

The Jailor

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