The Curator

Holographic Gatekeeper of the Dawn Temple


In the image of a long dead Cerean Jedi Master named Ki-Adb-Dahl, the Curator appears as a ghostly blue figure garbed in Jedi robes.


The Curator is responsible for the day to day operation of the Dawn Temple. All mechanical, electrical and sanitation operations are routed through the Curator’s artificial intelligence. The Dawn Temple’s janitorial and maintenance droids are operated by the Curator, as is the food processors and ventilation.

In the aspect of training the Curator is responsible for basic skills teaching, protocol, and history. He is able to instruct students in the Force powers of Enhance, Sense, and Move, as well the skills Knowledge (Lore), Knowledge (Xenology), Knowledge (Core Worlds) and Knowledge (Outer Rim).

The Curator

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