Tam Cameron

Human Artisan and village elder


Once a member of the Jedi Order, Tam Cameron was assigned to a small, outer rim farming community to serve as a local marshall when the Jedi were still considered a police force by the Republic. The world, known as Danterim II, was sparsely populated having a few million settlers, and for the most part we all clustered around a single, large city, Magyar.

A tranquil world, and far from any regular trade route, Danterim II fell into obscurity decades ago, and soon Tam’s updates and standards reports began to get fewer and fewer responses, until eventually he stopped even getting acknowledgements. After a particularly harsh winter, Tam was forced to pickup the plow to help the colony make the grain they needed, and soon, he just stopped submitting those reports.

A decade later, at the Clone Wars, no one even remembered Danterim II, and Tam himself didn’t even remember what it was like to be a Jedi in service – the last twenty odd years were spent on Danterim being a farmer. So it was that Tam never fought in the Clone Wars, and never knew the fate that befell his Order thereafter.

Recently, however, Tam encountered the Empire. The Empire was far different than the Republic before it, demanding that the food stores of Danterim be emptied to support the troops assigned to it’s garrison for the planet’s “protection.” Tam may have forgotten his time as a Jedi, but he has never forgotten what injustice was. After a futile attempt to resist the overwhelming might of the Empire, Tam fled the colony after it was reduced to ashes and the citizenry taken prisoner for “rebellion.”

Contacting one of the few names off planet he still remembered, Hethan Romund, a scholar who interviewed him a few times on his recollections of the Temple on Coruscant, Tam journeyed to the planet Spintir, where he thought he would meet Hethan and begin the path back to being a Jedi. Unfortunately, when he arrived, he found Hethan was in danger, and her allies were collected in a desperate attempt to rescue her.

Tam Cameron

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