Sheev Palpatine

Emperor of the First Galactic Empire


A aging Human with grey hair and sharp yellow eyes.


Palpatine served as the main point of contact between the Republic Senate and the Jedi Order. As the Jedi Order is tasked with the defense of the Republic, it was Palpatine’s duty as Defense Councilor act as an attache in order to organize the wishes of the Senate with the actions of the Jedi.

In this role, he spoke for the Senate when advising the Jedi Council, and for the Jedi when advising the Senate. As this position was not an elected one, he had been in this role for many years, advising multiple Senates and Jedi Councils through his moderate political ideals and friendly nature.

While most often regarded as a good humored individual, Palpatine was capable of fiery rhetoric when the ideals of the Republic or the Jedi Order were threatened, and his noble countenance lent a severe military edge when he was called upon to act in defense of the Republic.

As the Separatist problem grew, Defense Councilor Palpatine found himself more and more often called to arrange the defense of the Republic as the Jedi were scattered farther and farther across the galaxy. To assist in this, the re-institution of the Grand Army of the Republic was ordered, and clones were birthed to quickly aid the beleaguered Jedi.

With the official declaration of war, Republic law elevated the Defense Councilor to Supreme Chancellor of the Republic during wartime. in this role, Palpatine organized the defense of the Republic and commanded the Grand Army along with the Jedi Generals. For years, the Republic benefited from his command, taking world after world and adding their wealth to the Republic’s (along with the Senators who were placed in charge of these conquered worlds).

As the end of the Clone Wars came with the Battle of Mustafar, the worlds of the former Separatist Regime were merged with the loyalist planets of the Republic into a new governing body, that of the Galactic Empire, with Sheev Palpatine at it’s head as the first Sovereign Emperor.

Sheev Palpatine

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