Rav Naaran

Human Fallen Jedi


A human who appears in his late twenties to early thirties. Dark hair frames an olive-complexioned face. He bears numerous scars from countless battles, and his eyes hold a frightening distance to them, as if he is not looking at you, but through you.


Even before he engaged in true battles in the outbreak of the Clone Wars, Naaran was a master of the lightsaber and a relentless foe to pirates, criminals, and anyone else who preyed on the citizens of the Republic. His skills in battle were honed by constant fighting, and his stubborn streak was tempered by the adoption of tactical discipline. The Jedi took to his wartime position like few others in the order, and soon became depended upon.

Long before the closing of the Wars however, at about the midway point, Naaran’s behavior started to become erratic. Perhaps it was the seemingly endless tide of battle droids, or the mounting losses of the war, but something caused the noble warrior to grow weary with seeking a peaceful end to encounters. He began to use a regimen of overwhelming firepower to eliminate the enemy, and ceased to accept surrender, preferring to not only end the threat, but completely remove the possibility of the threat re-emerging.

As time wore on, this merciless behavior began to distance Naaran from even his own troops, his view of them slowly changing from soldiers to merely assets, ammunition to be expended in the fight against the enemy. He eventually saw them to be little different from the droids he fought, and so casualties began to soar under his command.

Rav Naaran

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