Owen Lars

Human Freighter Pilot


Young pilot with sandy blond hair and an easy smile that can turn taciturn as quick as a starship flies.


Lars is a native of the same settlement on Tatooine that Anakin Skywalker hails from. He became a pilot shortly after Anakin left, and plied his trade around the space lanes until he was hired to transport Anakin, Obi-Wan and the Senators to the peace talks on Alderaan. Anakin and Lars quickly became friends, though his opinions of Obi-Wan were less generous, as his uncle was the former cantina owner in Mos Espa and was forced to sell after a fight involving Obi-Wan caused too much damage for him to cover.

After the opening of the Clone Wars, the space lanes got to be too hazardous for him and he retired to his inheritance, a small moisture farm on Tatooine. There, he settled down with a wife and left the politics of the galaxy behind him.

Owen Lars

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