Lyrin Martel (Missing)

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Tyrell was fierce looking, but in an instant was able to don a demeanor and garb that was nondescript and easily forgettable. Rash and outspoken, Tyrel had an undisciplined demeanor that hid his true talents. Some believed that his outspoken and rambunctious behavior was a carefully developed ruse specifically designed to make it easier for him to disappear when he wanted to.

Whatever the reason, Tyrel was a master at stealth, subterfuge, and slicing, which made him a valuable asset whenever someone needed to be researched and tracked down. He, along with the other Padawans trained by the Council during the siege of Alderaan, were amongst the greatest heroes of the Jedi during the Clone Wars, though little is known about what happened to him after the fateful day the Jedi turned on the Republic.

Lyrin Martel (Missing)

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