Mandalorian Bounty Hunter


Wearing red and black Mandalorian battle armor, Kryze is the frightening “muscle” of the Containment Group. Skilled in both ranged weapons and the weapon of the Jedi, the Lightsaber, this fearsome warrior engages his prey on their own field of battle. Rarely speaking, and never seen outside his armor, Kryze is a mystery – even amongst his allies.

Tasked with the actual apprehension of the targets the Containment Group tracks, Kryze has become adept at using a lightsaber in addition to his other weapons. This fact alone makes him a terrifying opponent, as a Force user on the run has little advantage over such a knowledgeable opponent.

Where Kryze came from is a mystery, however, as not even Thrace and Kara have any idea as to his background, and if they do, they certainly aren’t talking. What is known is that he has been operating as a hunter of Force users for about three years total, and it was only a year ago that he joined forces with Thrace and Kara, after a hunt in which they were all hired turned bad and they were forced to team together for survival.


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