Kendrick Drall (Deceased)

Human Artisan


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Kendrick Drall is the eldest of the Padawans, but far from the least skilled. Gifted with an intrinsic knowledge of devices and machinery, Kendrick has spent many years perfecting the ancient ways of the Jedi Artisan. One need only look to his mastery of the double-bladed lightsaber to see evidence of his talents, the first of the order to do so in a generation. Add to it the fact that he formed its hilt from the fruitwood of Kashyykk and you begin to understand the skill that he possesses.

He, along with the other Padawans trained by the Council during the siege of Alderaan, were amongst the greatest heroes of the Jedi during the Clone Wars, though little is known about what happened to him after the fateful day the Jedi turned on the Republic.

Kendrick Drall (Deceased)

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