Human Cyborg Bounty Hunter


Blonde, green eyed, and beautiful, Kara has most of her body replaced from the neck down with cybernetic replacements. Half of her head bears remnants of burn scars from her ear to the back of her head. Many cosmetics surgeries have minimized these, but the hair has never regrown. To help cover this oddity, Kara has had tattoo work of ivy vines that stretch from her collar to her crown.


A longtime partner of Thrace, Kara’s history is one that neither talk of in public. Replacing most of her body with cybernetic combat enhancements, she operates as the pilot for the Containment Group.

Quiet, and prone to morbid humor, she is a skilled combatant in her own right. Her cybernetic improvements greatly enhancing a keen tactical mind, she is the primary planner for their operations.


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