Hethan Romund

Human Scholar of the Force and historian


A beautiful and intelligent woman in the prime of her life, Hethan has flowing chestnut hair and bright blue eyes. Her fierce personality and take charge attitude often lead her into trouble, but her honest care for others is just as quick to see her through and out of it.


Hethan Romund has devoted her life to recovering the lore and history of the Jedi Order. Though this has on more than one occasion caused her to run afoul of the Empire, she has made it her personal goal to ensure that as much of the history surrounding the Clone Wars and the fall of the Jedi that can be saved is saved. Sadly, the Empire was thorough in its “purge” of the Jedi, and it is often years between discoveries.

Her experiences has led her into contact with a great many Force Sensitive people in the galaxy, those that would have been taken by the Jedi Order had they existed in an earlier time, and though she is not herself so gifted, she does have much knowledge of the practices of teaching that she tries to pass on to those willing and able to learn.

Hethan Romund

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