Eren Garai

Human Proctor at Phelar University


Standing a striking 6’ 4" University Proctor Garai is rarely seen without his trademark smile and a deep seated interest in all that happens in the University. His head shaved to allow for a cybernetic brain implant, the only hair he sports is a neatly groomed goatee.

Commonly seen in a variety of stylish suits straight from the core worlds, he is never seen without his identity badge, marking him as the senior and most distinguished member of the faculty.


Eren Garai has been the Proctor at the University for as long as anyone can remember, a fact that is slightly less significant in the light that the entire university faculty was rolled over about 5 years ago. Garai had the fortune of being the only member of the old guard who managed to continue on at the university.

Eren Garai

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