Cin Drallig (Deceased)

Human Jedi Master


Cin drallig was an average looking human, of average coloring, average build, and average height. All this served only to make his opponents underestimate him, a practiced nuance that left his enemies defeated before the fight even began.


Cin Drallig was tasked with training the young Jedi of the Order now to properly wield a lightsaber. His techniques and training formed the martial prowess of the Jedi in the waning days of the Order.

As the Clone Wars ground ever on, the need for younger and younger Jedi to fill the role of leaders in the Grand Army placed a great burden on Cin Drallig, as techniques that took near a lifetime to master needed to be learned faster and faster. Towards the end of the war, the weight on his conscience became unbearable.

When the call came for all remaining Jedi to fight at the Battle of Mustafar, he was willing, some say he even looked eager, for the end. He died on the field of battle.

Cin Drallig (Deceased)

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