Celeste Jade (Missing)

One of the Lost Twenty and former Master of Aesa Aielia


A human with auburn hair and piercing green eyes, Master Celeste was the calm in the midst of the storm. A resolute warrior, and brilliant diplomat Master Celeste never lost her calm focus.


Master Celeste was Aesa’s first instructor outside her youngling experience. Celeste took Aesa to the far parts of the galaxy on her quest to restore lost knowledge and recover ancient artifacts. This star spanning experience taught Aesa much about the galaxy and the history of the Jedi and Sith, but it also brought the pair into a working relationship with the Trade Federation.

It was on one such trip that Aesa had the misfortune of discovering the Trade Federations plans for the construction of a droid army. Master Celeste and Aesa were forced to fight their way free after a failed assassination attempt, but when returning to the Council, they were not believed. Despite her close friendship with Master Luminara Unduli, Celeste’s judgement had been clouded in their minds, for they had discovered that Master Celeste had developed feelings for a human noble in the Outer Rim named Aberdine Jade.

Despite her desire to remain a Jedi, Celeste was unable to turn her back on Jade, and so she relinquished her lightsaber and left the the Order, only asking her friend to take on the mentorship of Aesa, so that her padawan would not pay for Celeste’s mistakes.

Celeste Jade (Missing)

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