Castis Trell (Missing)

Nautolan Shii-Cho Knight


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The youngest of all the Council’s Padawans, Castis Trell was also the most deadly. Widely regarded as a lightsaber prodigy, she far surpassed Master Cin Dralligs instruction within years of her arrival at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. She quickly came to the attention of Mace Windu, who was widely regarded as the premiere lightsaber warrior of the Republic age. With no one else who could match her (except for possibly Yoda) prowess, he decided to instruct her personally. After seven years of tutelage, Castis faced her Jedi Trials, one of the youngest to ever do so.

Skilled in many forms of lightsaber combat, she lagged behind her fellows in her mastery of more advanced Force Techniques, preferring to focus on more direct disciplines than esoteric ones. She, along with the other Padawans trained by the Council during the Siege of Alderaan, were amongst the greatest heroes of the Jedi during the Clone Wars, though little is known about what happened to her after the fateful day the Jedi turned on the Republic.

Castis Trell (Missing)

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