Aesa Aielia (Missing)

Mirialan Seer


Aesa Aielia was a Mirialan Padawan. Trained from birth by the Jedi, she was a member of Yoda’s Bantha clan of younglings prior to being chosen by Master Celeste Jade. After Master Celeste left the order, her close friend Luminara Unduli offered to take her padawan as her own. So it was that Aesa trained throughout the remainder of her apprenticeship under the wisdom of the Council member.

Possessed of a curiosity that often led her into danger, Aesa proved to be deeply connected to the Force, and highly attuned to the light side. Though her methods were unusual, the dark side seemed to recoil at her touch, dissipating and weakening its hold in her presence. So often had she proven her knack at ferreting out the dark side and redeeming it, that rumors of her connection to the Jedi Shadows of the Old Republic followed her for a number of years.

She, along with the other Padawans trained by the Council during the Siege of Alderaan, were amongst the greatest heroes of the Jedi during the Clone Wars, though little is known about what happened to her after the fateful day the Jedi turned on the Republic.

Aesa Aielia (Missing)

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