Abraxis Tyrell (Missing)

Sullustan Starfighter Ace


Episode 1

Episode 2


Abraxis trained under Master Tiin all his life. Many claim he was born in the seat of a starfighter, and Master Tiin knows that isn’t far from the truth. A spacefaring people, and ones that are at home in a freighter almost as much as the Duros, Sullustans are reknowned for their skill as co-pilots. Abraxis’ mother went into stress induced labor while she was manning a gun turret for a freighter that was under attack.

Despite the stress of his birth though, Abraxis was a quiet and calm individual. That is, when he wasn’t in the cockpit of his starfighter. He, along with the other Padawans trained by the Council during the siege of Alderaan, were amongst the greatest heroes of the Jedi during the Clone Wars, though little is known about what happened to him after the fateful day the Jedi turned on the Republic.

Abraxis Tyrell (Missing)

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